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  1. Nothing in mind yet, but thinking cheap & old ! - starting a bit of backtracking down the HiFi slope as just not getting enough listening time
  2. found my post on the build, it's done me 5 years which must be a record
  3. I have a dual mono NC400 that's not getting out as much as it should (young family...), so I could be tempted to part with it. Let me know if of interest & I'll find some pics, Mike
  4. Sunday bump, feels good I'd also like to claim exemption for normal spirit rules on these - you are welcome to resell for a great profit, burn, use for hamster bedding, whatever you like basically as long as you take them all...
  5. Are you using the mojo just for headphones ? Might be worth trying it in place of the DAC XP if you haven't done so already.
  6. Had the lid off my new dac, AUDIO-GD NFB 1.38 to change the filter settings (done with jumpers) so thought I'd post a pic - definitely seems a lot of electronics for the money DAC and USB PCBs are at the top of the pic, underneath those are the L & R analogue outputs (again with a lot going on..) and then the lower half is the power supplies, 3 in total I think
  7. & Parasound have a few options for 2.1 with built in x-over
  8. The merging Nadac 8 channel would seem a nice way of doing it for computer sources (x-over / DSP on the PC), can't imagine it's cheap , but reassuring to know if you like the sub you have enough channels to add another 5...
  9. Bump, just because I can, I miss bumps...
  10. Dj Sports - Modern species, a nice take on that early 90's jungle & house sound
  11. After a long run with my primare pre and having recently sworn allegiance to the owners club I was then swayed by this Audionet pre with EPS on ebay, all settled in now and it's a lovely thing, just need to get over that nagging feeling that I've betrayed an old friend... bit of a tidy up and an evening of music & beer is helping....
  12. Plenty of winter reading here and don't forget the best thing about old hi-fi mags - you can actually afford some of this stuff now...
  13. +1 for Peter Tyson & the discounts, but take care with newer AV receivers and analogue inputs. My Denon X4100 sounded rough using an external dac into the analogue in's , after a lot of messing about and reading up it turns out all analogue inputs go straight into a A/D and this is never bypassed, even in "pure direct" mode. Might have been OK with a decent A/D, but seems the money was spent on 4K's , atmos's , audesseys & airplays...
  14. All in decent condition, collection only from just outside Oxford, OX3 9TJ
  15. MikeG

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    High res pics and details on the Panasonic website https://news.panasonic.co.uk/technics-announces-launch-of-reference-class-direct-drive-turntable-sp-10r/
  16. MikeG

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Another new Technics, my brushed aluminium fetish is going into overdrive.... https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=39869
  17. Sounds good ? Was eyeing up the pre recently ...
  18. MikeG

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    The DADmini DAC on ebay, very cute, ES sabre 9028PRO & £300 is tempting...
  19. A few from Cowley car show today, lovely cars & the sun even made an appearance https://flic.kr/ps/n72is
  20. Yes, seems to always be the way for me, same speaker and same sofa arm in the old house too Have been playing around with room measurement recently and doesn't seem to do much harm at least...
  21. Hifi has been back this summer after a few years in DIY purgatory. New listening room (aka lounge) all worked out nicely, I put a lot of thought into how to get a flexible set up in a proper grown up house (no longer allowed cables and computers everywhere...).The combo of silent media PC and foobar remote running on my phone works well. I did also have a sony tablet on a charger stand, but it died & apart from seeing the album art I haven't missed it enough to replace
  22. very nice, have added the 502 to gorgeous gadgets...
  23. MikeG

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    The new Weiss looks niice...
  24. This even managed to drag us away from Eat Static in Somerset & was a year or two before we knew what Goa trance was...strong selection from the start, but Hallucinogen's LSD was the one...