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  1. duncan7263

    Primare i30 Integrated Amp

    price drop
  2. duncan7263

    Leema Stream and Pulse remotes

    PM sent
  3. duncan7263

    Primare i30 Integrated Amp

    price drop
  4. duncan7263

    Primare i30 Integrated Amp

    yep, keeping the Tucana. Just planning to sit back and enjoy the music.
  5. duncan7263

    Primare i30 Integrated Amp

    my speakers are Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grand. In the last year I've had NAD M3, Cayin A88T, MF M6i, Primare i30 and Leema Tucana. Some of these had serious grunt. The last one is the keeper. I could add lots, the key things I have learnt (apart from some emptying of my wallet) is it is very important to match amp and speaker, and that external looks are not necessarily related to sound quality (which is a shame)
  6. Primare i30 Integrated Amp. In immaculate, unmarked condition. Perfect working order. Comes complete with box, packaging, remote, manual, brochure. Includes Isotek high performance mains lead. Demo welcome - near Winchester. Collection preferred, but will post. £SOLD
  7. duncan7263

    Replacement XOver for Naim SBLs?

    I'd get the soldering iron out, replace the caps first.
  8. duncan7263

    Wanted smooth natural tteble

    I've had NHS hearing aids for a couple years, and have age related hearing loss at the higher frequencies. When I had the hearing aids (Oticon Spirit Synergy) first fitted they change the frequency to boost hearing to a more 'normal' profile. This to me sounded as though the treble was pronounced and screechy, and whilst my brain adapted to the echoey speech and the unbelievable amount of background noise that you haven't noticed for years (which your brain just filters out after a while), the high frequencies were still a bit intrusive. At the follow up 6 weeks later I got the profile amended by the audiologist, dropping slightly in the higher frequencies. This made a big difference, to me it was a more balanced sound, and still enables me to properly follow conversations. I also got them to activate the volume control - they don't do this to start with as they want you to adjust to the new hearing. At first I was concerned about how hearing aids and hifi would mix, i.e. high quality hifi sound feeding low quality hearing aids = no point. My solution is to listen to the hifi without HAs, I just turn the volume up a bit (I'm lucky as I have a dedicated room), BTW I have found the NHS hearing aids to be excellent and don't see the need to switch to expensive private ones.
  9. duncan7263

    ATC SCM40 Amp Requirements

    ATC recommend the SIA-2-150 amp for the SCM40s, it's rated at 150W, you should be fine.
  10. duncan7263

    For Swap / PX - Stormaudio ri-70 integrated amplifier

    winair550 - OK - thanks, I had not realised there were issues with a previous sale, folks here are usually unstintingly helpful and honest. GLWTS.
  11. duncan7263

    For Swap / PX - Stormaudio ri-70 integrated amplifier

    winiar550 - I fully realised that the the one you have here is the same as the one on ebay when I posted my earlier message (suggesting you might want to drop your price) as I felt it was not really in the spirit of the WAM asking more here than fleabay. I had given you an easy 'out' of your situation. Yet you are still asking more on here, £899 (presumably you will have to cough up a sellers fee and paypal costs) and £50 delivery as opposed to £40. If you are serious about selling it (and I'm sure that there is interest here in buying it) then a little more respect to the folks on the wam would help.
  12. duncan7263

    For Swap / PX - Stormaudio ri-70 integrated amplifier

    you might want to consider dropping your price a bit, there is a very similar one on ebay for £899
  13. duncan7263

    Wanted - KEF Reference 201/2

    I was looking last year and there were a couple below 1500 (not by much) that were 'b' grade stock, in the end I went for an ex-dem pair that the dealer confirmed weren't. Only because psychologocially, I would be sitting listening to a 'b' grade pair and thinking would an 'a' grade pair sound better (I think it's purely a cosmetic difference). One thing that pushes the price up is whether they come with the bespoke stands (which I would recommend) are we entering 'two channel' debate territory - mods?
  14. duncan7263

    Changing tone arm

    agree on the Akito, I had one and the bearings were made of plasticine and the SQ wan't that good either...
  15. duncan7263

    Hifi News Show, 1st, 2nd November

    An interesting show, and lots of very expensive kit that sounded good, plus some that sounded OK. Not having been to a show before, the thing that impressed me most were the exhibitors, they were friendly and willing to talk about their own kit, plus enter into good discussions about competitors in a very balanced and open way. Plus one for the iFi demo, after lots of mega buck kit, it was nice to hear a system that was affordable (valve amp plus speakers for £1200) that easily lived with stuff that cost £12000 or £120000. The last bit of the sentance is only a Statement of course...