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  1. Yep, me too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one in future should the need arise. Benchmark are a proper engineering company building products backed by science, great design and measurements. Some design notes here from John Siau: https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/14680625-the-ahb2-a-radical-approach-to-audio-power-amplification
  2. I have for sale an immaculate Benchmark AHB2 stereo amp; the quietest, lowest distortion Class A/B amplifier money can buy. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/benchmark-ahb2-amplifier/ -130db dynamic range! -20-30db quieter than reference amps costing many times more. -The perfect partner for any high resolution DAC with volume control. -Drive speakers with difficult loads down to 1.4 Ohms effortlessly at full output. -Buy a second AHB2 and run them in dual mono configuration. If your primary objective is to attain the highest resolution fidelity possible, then there’s nothing to touch the AHB2. Only selling this wonderful amp because I’ve gone fully active. Purchased 6 months ago from a UK dealer and in as new condition, boxed with sealed manual and warranty card. RRP £3200, grab a bargain! £1850 collection from GU20 or UK P&P at cost.
  3. Well its still here! This is a seriously good ADC for very little money. One last bump before Ebay.
  4. Immaculate Chord CPM 2600 integrated amp with electronics serviced and upgraded by Chord to 2650 spec in mid 2017. This is effectively the latest 2650 without the revised face plate and buttons in all silver with the expensive optional Integra legs with an RRP of £5500. I've owned this amp from new and It comes with the machined remote (the latest are plastic), and is supplied in a brand new Chord shipping box with original manual. £1650 plus UK. P&P or pickup from GU20 Please PM me with any questions
  5. Hi, yes it has optical, Coax and AES/EBU outputs. Also able to output a good choice of sample rates from 44.1 to 192Khz.
  6. The Mytek Stereo 192 ADC is a highly regarded analogue to digital converter used extensively in professional circles. This particular unit has been upgraded by Dr. Gert Volk of AGM (www.aktivgeregelt.de) including enhancements to the analogue path, clock and power supply (now TentLabs XO) at a cost of €500. You can read about the upgrade in German here (Use Google translation): http://www.aktives-hoeren.de/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6156&hilit=+mytek+adc It has balanced XLR inputs but you can connect an unbalanced source using RCA to XLR adaptors and disconnecting pin 3 on the adaptors then changing the jumpers to unbalanced. I’m the second owner having purchased the unit from a German mastering engineer. It’s in excellent condition with the exception of a very small mark on the top left of the face plate surround where a pinhead sized amount of paint has chipped off. I simply used a dab of felt tip pen to hide it but you could use a tiny dab of matt black hobby paint instead. It really is tiny. These no nonsense studio ADC’s have been around a while but are so good and transparent they’re still a current model costing approx. €1050. Boxed with original Euro IEC, manual and inserts I’m asking only £475 inc. UK delivery.
  7. The LVIII’s were the last of the Ittok’s and the Mk2’s with the longer arm tube, smaller stiffer head shell and integral arm rest were made in very small numbers and are as rare as hen’s teeth. Some regard the Japan built LVIII’s as being better than the early Scottish built Ekos 1’s and arguably only worth replacing for the uber expensive Ekos SE. I bought this arm from Cymbiosis in 2011, it having been serviced by Audio Origami and given a clean bill of health prior to the sale. It’s been used on an otherwise top spec LP12 and had sporadic use since I acquired it. The arm is in immaculate condition bar the usual tiny head shell cartridge screw marks which are hidden and the grub screw retainer mark on the barrel, again hidden in use. I don’t have the original box, which I understand few owners do as dealers retained them for some mysterious reason. It was supplied to me in an Ekos box as you can see in the pictures. Please note a T-Kable isn’t included in the sale. I’m really unsure how to price this arm. LVII’s seem to be going for up to £650 and the last LVIII Mk1 I saw for sale some years ago was over £900. I don’t recall seeing a Mk2 for sale so it’s difficult to price. Ekos 1’s now seem to fetch over £1k so a much rarer Ittok LVIII Mk2 could reasonably fetch a similar price? Maybe I’m better off trying to auction it on Ebay but I’ll try here: £975 Inc. UK delivery.