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    Rega P25
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    TE Microgroove
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    Tag Mclaren DVD32FLR
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    Tag McLaren AV32R DP
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    Tag Mclaren 100x5
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    IPL SM2
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    M stage Sen 680
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  1. How do you connect the amp to the x overs?
  2. How much and where are you? Ta
  3. Sweet. I'll take them Will PM you to sort out collection. Dirty old cash ok for you?
  4. Can you post some pics they work 100% and just need a bit of paint etc? Cheers Paul
  5. How much for the 3's? Too many speakers? U sure?
  6. Gotcha, Thanks for the car can make the distance...I hope lol
  7. Are you selling some?
  8. Have you got the 5's? Way too much for me
  9. Distance is not a problem...I got a car Not the 4's or 5's.......may consider PMC's
  10. Hi All, Anyone selling some IPL Transmission Line speakers? cheers Paul
  11. Sorry...Will do later tonite
  12. If I'm asking too much let me know
  13. Hi I have a Tom Evans Micro Groove which is set up for MM AT95e It has the Lithos power upgrade inside and the off board PSU. I took to Tom myself as I'm close and the upgrade alone was £300 I'n perfect working order and I'm looking to try a battery phono stage. Asking £700 delivered Cheers Paul Swansea
  14. PWS



    I have a rack for free if you can collect from swansea

    It may be a 5 or 6 rack tho

    1. BERK59


      Thanks but I am in Dagenham, Essex so thats a bit too far.

    2. PWS


      No Worries :)

      Can you wait till aug? I'm going to brands hatch sun 11th