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  1. Thanks for clarifying that. My offer was going to be too low now that they are MK2's sorry GLWS
  2. Hi Found this link which has a lower price than the price you paid. Are you're the same? Just want to be sure before I make an offer Cheers Paul
  3. What DAC's are in the DPA? Cheers Paul
  4. Very little info on the net about them I can find 93Db sensitivity but that's all Do you have the frequency response and the nominal impedance for them? Cheers
  5. How do you connect the amp to the x overs?
  6. How much and where are you? Ta
  7. Sweet. I'll take them Will PM you to sort out collection. Dirty old cash ok for you?
  8. Can you post some pics they work 100% and just need a bit of paint etc? Cheers Paul
  9. How much for the 3's? Too many speakers? U sure?
  10. Gotcha, Thanks for the car can make the distance...I hope lol
  11. Are you selling some?
  12. Have you got the 5's? Way too much for me
  13. Distance is not a problem...I got a car Not the 4's or 5's.......may consider PMC's