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    TE Microgroove
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    Tag Mclaren DVD32FLR
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    Tag McLaren AV32R DP
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    IPL SM2
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  1. Do these have standard phono inputs as well as the 5 pin din?
  2. PWS

    WTD: IPL Acoustics TL floorstanders

    Enjoy Mate
  3. PWS

    WTD: IPL Acoustics TL floorstanders

    I could be interested if the OP isnt
  4. Hi


    I could be interested in your IPL's

  5. PWS

    WANTED Rotel 981

    Hi All, Looking for a Rotel 981. Happy to collect. Cheers Paul
  6. PWS

    SALE AVI Lab series DAB Tuner

    No longer interested. Only so long I can wait.
  7. PWS

    SALE AVI Lab series DAB Tuner

    Hi Is this still for sale?
  8. PWS

    Wanted - Rotel 981

    Still looking
  9. PWS

    Wanted - PMC DB or IPL Bookshelf

    Bump Still looking. Would like DB1i's as my first choice. Cheers Paul
  10. PWS

    Wanted - Rotel 981

    Hi, Looking for a Rotel 981 Have one already but want to run two as mono blocks. Happy to collect or pay postage Cheers Paul
  11. Hi All, Looking for some PMC or IPL bookshelf speakers. Happy to collect. Cheers Paul
  12. PWS

    Wanted - IPL Speakers Non TL

    I use the mini dsp to split the subwoofer signal...nice bit of kit. Are you using the mindsp to reduce the peak?
  13. PWS

    Wanted - IPL Speakers Non TL

    I did a lot of googling and found that build thread...very nice. I made a pair of SM2 Ribbons in Nov last year. Was going to go to TL's but as I use dual diy 15" subs I dont need the low end. But this next pair will be direct stereo so fancy some TL's now. I'd be EQ'ing them with the stand alone audyssey unit to resolve any room issues so think they should sing. Will be powering them with an old school Rotel 981...may get a second 981 and go mono block for them...should be enough power on tap