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  1. Hi All with regards to the belt , i had a gentleman who had fitted the pylons and is very happy with them but he uses a Tachometer , and is not happy if the speed in not virtually 33.3 , he sent this email with regards to the belt he is using, i have sent him a new belt , ,but i don't think he will need it , I think I have got the speed down perfect now, can't believe all it took was cleaning of the sides of the platter were the belt drives it. So simple! A little dust or oil is enough to cause fairly major speed fluctuations, cleaning the platter is a tweak I recommend for all belt driven turntable owners. And you never hear anyone mentioning it. They obviously don't have tachometers attached to their platters. Once my speed stabilizes after a minute or two after turning on the motor, I am now +/- 4/1000th for a entire record side. That's pretty damn good for a $5K record player. i would always do the above now , after all it is easy to get oil off your fingers onto the belt, pete
  2. i had this from a new convert , Stuart ,, Well, following the implementation of Peters upgrades inclusive of the new suspension pylons, here is my sixpence worth. As you may have previously read, it has been a very enjoyable & educational few weeks as I stumbled across this thread almost by accident & full credit & thanks to Pete for his time & vision in raising (what I thought was an excellent product) to a whole new level. I won’t dissect the Michell Gyro / Orbe & highlight their historic manufacturing errors of which we all know now (it sure was an education for me). All I can do is share my experiences & if I go over old ground, please forgive & skip. The motor housing upgrade for me was a revelation; I upgraded to the DC with HR PS & was never happy with the motor noise (after all we are not talking small change). Since installing the cistern seal, I have silence which extended to the platter & given a more clear but calm reproduction – defies logic to me how it works, but it does. I changed the bolts in the arm plate from steel to nylon, I also changed the bolts which secure the arm to the arm board from steel to nylon (if you do this, do not forget to earth). Again to a lesser extent the noise floor has gone down & relaxed the presentation. The 3 Bearings to the suspension towers changed to Delrin with sorbothane pads. Main bearing changed from steel to Zirconia Oxide ceramic. Bearing oil changed to Audio Origami ptfe version. Following the above changes (& very little money expended) things were beginning to be positively noticeable & very quickly. Audio image more focused, separation of instruments, more information – I thought “this guy is on to something here”. I left things to settle in for a few days before I ordered the was supposed to be a couple of weeks but I could not hang on. Following the order & speedy delivery I installed the pylons & left to settle for a day. Well I was in for a pleasant surprise, there was MORE of everything. More air & space around the instruments, bass control, a nice mid range but how much information was I missing (& I thought I had most of it). Acoustic instruments, especially Violin, Cello & Guitar wood resonance can be heard, almost tangible. The amount of information came straight out from the background, scary stuff on some compositions (I will list another time). Female vocals were a joy to listen to whomever the artist. All I can say this upgrade is a no brainer – I have previously implemented all of the Michell upgrades one by one, but none have made this much of an improvement. I will round off by saying thank you to Peter for all of his hard work which has certainly paid off to us the Gyro / Orbe owners. PS: anyone know where I can get a “quality “ replacement drive belt.........................
  3. i had the same problem , complained to eBay and was told they cannot force the seller to sell, strange answer ,but they would keep an eye on the seller and put him on a watch list ,and give him a call, after all they get paid off the seller and not the bidder , they are always on the side of the seller until the completion , then they are on the side of the buyer ,has eBay now become the ESTATE AGENT of the Auction World, where offers can be accepted and then with drawn at a later date,
  4. i am glad all the hard work has paid off , and yes it is Truepoint -audio you buy them from but i still own them outright pete
  5. their is an orbe SE 'r' on hifi dave ( radlett audio ) has this at a reduced price
  6. there were loads of adverts last week using pictures from dealers on eBay , all were scammers , and the ad was a classified ad with an email address attached , if it was one of those you can kiss you money good bye , i think i saw at least 50 , offering hifi lower than the dealers , from stolen elite audio add to Obrian adds, all the adds used an email address to contact , them , if you paid by bank trans the bank may help , but ebay will not want to No , all the adds gave a email with a name and a email address good luck with trying to get your money back , elite audio add was taken for the luxman l-505 uk and reduced to 1700 if the add includes any contact information and it is not a dealer walk a way ,dont contact them off eBay to save fees, leave it well alone, you will not be covered by paypal or ebay , never let some one pick it up , all ways send to the paypal address, and keep the tracking number , it is far toeasy for them to buy the item pick it up and then say they never had it , you will not have a tracking number , Cash is king ,
  7. ikea kallax storage from one cube up ,
  8. hi tarzan they are stable , how ever the platter is back in truepoint getting the holes put in , so i can fit the weights , this would mean the platter will be heavier than the orbe , it may be too heavey i i will not know until it is back , having the extra weight of the platter has made the deck more stable for speed with the 2 belts , run it for 3 days and nights , the speed registered was 33.3 , it never changed, thanks for the double pulley tarzan , michell web site says something cool is coming , ( lets see ) it was big , but now cool pete
  9. well you never know, Michell have been saying there is an upgrade for a year ,with a mk2 cusis on the list , but i fear the prices will kill it off , in my own opinion, what ever it is i suppose it will end up being over priced, i.e BIG price,
  10. it could be just that i am fooling my self after paying for the platter material , which is back at Truepoint getting the 6 holes put in the under side, to give the platter more mass with the weights off my gyro platter screwed into it , , it may mean it is totaly useless, i just dont no , and i should get the invoice when it is done, in the mean time i am looking for a used orbe clamp ,the cost of this is getting out of hand , TruePoint are not cheap , i noticed The Michell web site says something BIG is Coming ,and all the information has been removed, i hope it is a new deck or the gyro totaly revamped, pete
  11. The pylons are sold as a kit with the bearings by Truepoint , so no need to look around to upgrade that part of the deck any further with mag lev feet , they work stright out of the box, if you do not want to use the bearings just ask truepoint not to put them in and the price should be reduced , if not contact me and i will have a word, i dont supply or make them now, but will help if needed, The problems have been with the position of the suspension posts , are normaly out , i had an orbe in canada that had one post leaning out of perpendicular to get around that he simply removed the bush , which is there to help stop wow , removeing one bush does not effect the performance , the platter above is just some thing i have wanted to try , after all michell make one in black ,with a wacking great big hole in the center , the one i had made the main bearing is a slide fit into the bottom of the platter , which has made the platter 4.4 kg , orbe i think is about 4.7 , so not far off the same weight , as the orbe platter , The platter has just been sent back to truepoint to have 6 holes done in the base so i can screw the weights into it off my gyro platter to give it more mass, all i can say is that the platter wow did not move on the tachometer i have , although it is a cheap one from ebay , it stayed on 33.3, rpm through out the time the platter was fitted over christmas, i dont have any way of measuring the wow , but had an email saying with the kit fitted on a orbe in the usa , it was about .01 , which i cannot confirm , the platter seems to keep the wow stable, but i only have my ears, as proof , i am always trying to improve what has been done, the mad scientist who owns a gyro , the problem with the cost is they are all one offs , Michell make a lot of platters in one go and arm boards, it takes trueppoint a day to make a platter done on Center lathe by hand, it would be different if he could make 20 in a CNC, no large quantities means higher labour costs aded to the final price , which i am still waiting on , material of 50 mm acrylic is £90 , -£100, with out any machine shop costs, The same for the armboards depending on which board is wanted, so yes they are expensive it is something i have nothing to do with , i just think these things up ,draw them out and let truepoint make them and sell them if they work to keep my mad scientist costs down atb pete
  12. he sent me pictures of his deck it looks like the older version with the 3 screwholes that hole the motor on the chassis , the new dc version is held in a rubber sock, and not by a nut ,the motor is left suspended in mid air what i did was to add a seal to support the motor and the rubber ,
  13. i suppose you could modifi it using the rubber isolation bobbins , or use thick sorbothane, the best thing would be to contact michell when the holiday is over , it looks like a mk1 version , with the AC motor , if you use the bobbins you would have to drill 3 or 4 holes and add either nuts or bolts, for them to fit , i take it you are not in the uk , so i would also buy some grungebuster pads, and use them to replace the cork , atb pete
  14. nope i have not done anything to the ac version , it is an older deck that the motor is screwed to the chassis , the dc version is held in a rubber mount , but we added support to that with the use of a seal ,sorry i cannot help
  17. i have some 14year old oban , realy nice , just to sip and enjoy ,with one ice cube ,
  18. now with the acromat on , lost a little but of bass, but every thing else is the same, all the best to eveyone on Wam ,
  19. read this on the CAB try this , they will help ,
  20. hi Tarzan , i may put the double pully on tonight ,which you gave me , the speed is very stable , must be the mix of the pylons and the extra weight of the platter , or the feet that stop the deck from moving , some experiments need to be done first , with or with out the cork mat , which is 5mm home made one , a 3mm plane cork and a 2mm cork and rubber , glued together , which is being used now, any static is reduced to just removing the lp on the 180grm stuff , but none on the thin 1970 -2000 vinlys , it is hard to explane exactly the main differences in the 2 platters , one is it seems more speed stable, with the extra weight , but why the bass extension has gone up along with cleaner mids and better highs and voicing i just do not know why that should happen , it could be what i call the whish effect , i wish it is better ,so it is , i wish that all the hard work pays off, and it does , But most of all is i wish i could explane why this deck is now 100% better than when i stated, and why the orbe now gets better to listern too with tweeked parts from me, but most of all i wish every one a happy christmas and a happy new year ,
  21. Hi andy as the platter sits now with out the weights it weighs in at 4.17 kg , so to add the weighs it will be about the 5.1 5.4 kg , heavier then the orbe one, i have played several lps as it sits , but with a cork mat , the cartridge is new rebuilt sound smith and will take a couple of hrs to run in , but in the mean time , all i can say is that it digs the very last note out of the LP , i was concerned that it would have a lot of rumble but i cannot hear any, the center hole underneith is a good fit over the bearing , i have been listerning to radio kaos , roger waters , i thought i was hearing things , about fish , and at the end of the lp there is ahigh pitched tone that steps up and then the shock was it steps up again , i have never heard that in 10 years of playing that lp , the voicing is spot on , with the drums on phil colins in the room , more depth again which i thought was impossible , but the very last bit of the piano being played by kate bush of 50 words for snow blown me away , and that is only after 4 lps, The valleys , being clear in the voicing on the progress , the welsh singer in the room , but as it is only 50% there , i am still stunned , p
  22. with regards to the armboards , due to the weight of the rega they have to have brass weights inserted into the armbord to make up the 1kg needed , on the SME arms these are not needed due to the quality of the arm ,The Sme armboard i thought it was a litte bit boreing being just a piece of round acrylic , so i put a oak spacer on the top , and screwed the arm to that ,and the armboad it self ,held on the chassis with nylon screws , the jelco arms are different weights so we have to drill them the same as the rega version but leave the weights out ,to allow the owner to balance the armboard along with the arm , i did make one arm board out of carbon fibre but the cost was too much this has been shelved , or put in the draw , i had a large block of african ebony that was suppoed to be dry , how ever on making it roughly round and put into a bag with the chippings left for 4 weeks , it had cracked in several places , so that was put in the draw, p