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  1. gwernaffield

    Eddie's superfi further auction stuff

    just had this email from Eddisons auctioneers , second auction of superfi and Eddies, stuff ,, watch out for the fees,,
  2. remove the paint on the underside were the bolt come's through,, so the wire will earth properly ,, I earthed the sme arm with a longer bolt as well,, and attached the same wire ,,
  3. Hi you need a longer m5 bolt and nut to fit the Earth ,, don't leave it off , or you will get static , also check with a continuity tester that the Earths are connected , unless gert has changed the length of the bolt ,, in which case you would need a nut ,,
  4. it is a good site with offers all the time,,
  5. yes I spent a fortune , on what records,, post is a bit High , but I saved a lot ,,
  6. yep the delivery charges kill any deal to be had
  8. The old AC motors have two sintered bearings. If they have dried out then they can be oiled but they won’t be the same as before they dried out, you might get a year or two before they will need doing again. You really need to strip the motor down to lubricate it because if you oil it from the top, it could make the motor noisy, as you will be lubricating the series of washers on the top of the motor and they can then begin to vibrate. You can try using something thin like ZX1 or WD40. The best thing would be to send it to us, so we can then replace the washers and circlip etc. and give it a good clean out and lubrication. If you are using a QC power supply with it, make sure you turn the QC off when not in use. The QC has a current path to keep the motor warm, over a long period of time this will speed up the bearings drying out. here is a reply from Michell ..
  9. I have the dc and never Done this to Any motor even the ac version , I would give it a good clean , as above but I have never oiled the motor Bearing and never had any problems ,with the motor ,, not even sure what the bearing /bush in the motor is made from , I use Mobil 1 040 w and zx1 super lube, in the main bearing ,, and use the speed trimmer on the HR power supply to set the speed,, change the belt every 2 years,, and oil,, never had a problem.. I think if you ask Michell you will get the answer you are looking for.. there is a capacitor that they change on the motor ,,, switch , as well. and the type of oil needed to oil the motor if needed ,, they will have the answers for you ,, or read this on PFM ATB pete
  10. hi the oil is for the bearing not the motor which power supply do you have ? ATB Pete
  11. hi have you ever changed the belt? ,, the service is a new belt and oil , and springs, After a while they loose there original shape,, not sure which drive motor you have,, Ac or DC ,, which power supply do you have??,, you can buy all the parts direct from michell , a belt is £22+ ,oil I use mobil 1 ,0 40w fully synthetic clean the main bearing using a earbud to get the rubbish out of the well,, ATB pete
  12. with all the problems that the deck had before they were even brought to life,, i would never use the springs, but if you want to go back i would recommend using a bush into the large hole in the spring retainer base to help stop the chassis moving ,,the bush being the same diameter as the hole in the spring retainer and a hole to fit the adjuster , pete
  13. Pete's performance pylons use a Lattice Truss Suspension System is now available made By True point engineering and audio,, as an after market upgrade for JA Mitchell turntables. A truss is a structure that takes advantage of the inherent stability and weight distribution of a triangle. In my LTSS, o-rings are employed to create just such a suspension, giving the system substantially lateral as well as vertical stability, while allowing for perfect balance alignment. Ever since the first truss structures were employed in Ancient Egypt and across the entire Roman Empire, this structure has become integral to modern architecture. We have proudly copied a proven structure design to improve the performance of the JA Michell turntable as an aftermarket modification by Truepoint Engineering and Audio amazing what can happen in a short time ,, with help from friends,, i no longer make them or trade them they can be bought from truepoint ,, a rename was done to stop what i was told was confusion over the name over the other brand as both said pylons,, it was thought there was confusion and people were getting mixed up between the names,, and buying mine by mistake,, a professional rebrand has been done to stop this,, i do not make them i do not sell them ,, but will send you to a chap that is making and selling them ,,who owns the engineering company and a audio upgrade company ,, i do not get a commission , or any payment which i am happy about , so i can carry on doing day to day things,, but will alway's help when possible,, pete
  14. same here , but a great way to check if the earth are intact ,,
  15. gwernaffield


    it was not really an issue,, i was just resetting every thing back up after cleaning the dust after yet another test of you know what ,, with some one asking about static before , i just used the continuity tester to check all the connections for the earths ,No mystical cleaning fluid used ,, but did find the Michell paint on the chassis has to be removed under the part of the chassis the bolt came through to make the chassis earthed as well,, using the continuity tester is the best way of making sure all the earths are connected,, down to the earth in the house,, and not to keep paying out for wires and cleaning stuff ( audio foo )