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  1. gwernaffield

    SME IV with Michell Gyrodec setup issue

    m3 bolts
  2. gwernaffield

    SME IV with Michell Gyrodec setup issue

    Hi no the new version rega is 3 point only and is a different arm board , you can make a small 1mm thick rubber gasket to put under the sme , new rega above old rega and sme below
  3. gwernaffield

    SME IV with Michell Gyrodec setup issue

    Hi the ones on the arm board center are the m3 , 4 off ,, the outer 3 are m5 , the rega using a center nut on the early version , but changed on the new version , where the sme has 4 small m3 bolts, i hope this helps ,
  4. i suppose some will like them and some will not ,, but for the cost it is worth a try , ,,hope you had a good holiday ,
  5. Hi Huw how did you get on with this now, pete
  6. hi i am looking for a patch /extension cable for the michell orbe controler to the motor , the std one is too short ,, it needs to have a 6 pin din male and female, 1meter long regards peter
  7. The Tonearm cable off the sme 309 ,was held in place with the Michell Clip , or cable tie , take the cable out of it , this is picking up any noise from the TT, the sme cable seems to pick up any vibration near it now ,,
  8. seems daft that some thing as cheap as the mounts do such a good job , the only reason this was thought of was because of the SME 3009 using rubber grommets to put the bolts through , so what was good enough for sme,, was worth a try but turn it on its head, would put them in the kit but then the price would have to go up again ,just make sure the arm and chassis it still earthed or the dreaded static will be worse, i suppose the static can be due to the insulated ceramic ball, unlike the steel one, i pete
  9. hi mate i hope you are well, the pylons are now registered with .gov, i will look at getting a proper video done as you are correct this has been rushed , it was a quick job , the pylons will be made by a different company soon , with users wanting them as far as new zeland , canada , some very nice TT in the pictures all are not in this country ,,,
  10. nice one andy but i doubt it ,i had to remove the first one due to copyright on the pink floyd track , i have put a not on AOS about the Feet , for you , ATB pete
  11. i hope this video helps some of you regards pete
  12. gwernaffield

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    loads , , pete
  13. gwernaffield

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    here is how it is broken down on the fees just checked, Broken down it is as follows 100.00 hammer 20.00 – vat of hammer 15.00 – buyers premium 3.00 – VAT on 15.00 buyers premium Total: 138.00
  14. gwernaffield

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    don't forget you have to pick them up , i will check how the fees work out tomorrow ,, i normally pay a buyers fee of 20% and then 15% of that ,,, on some auctions it can be 30 % all in ,
  15. Static is a pain if it is humid in the room , i still can get some static , the thickness of the vinyl can give static , although i have reduced it by 98% i still get some,,, a lot less now the spring Pylons have been changed,for the ones i make,