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  1. HI António as you know i have the odyssey ,, which has been modified from the factory and then by me, ,i dont have the orbe platter ,, but the odyssey out of the factory has a longer motor tube by 10 or 12mm, to get the height for the motor ,, how the odyssey works is to use a spider inside a full orbe plynth ,, with the orbe platter in the region of £550 , i do not see the need to change over ,, the odyssey mods now are as follows ,, the motor has been made higher and heavier ,, to 3kg ,, with the addition of 3 spiders , two to the under side of the acrylic plynth so that is now roughly 36mm thick ,, the inner has 2 spiders ,, 24mm thick these are stuck together with 3m clear tape,,and also the 3 long pointed grub screws ,,to give the gap that is needed,, of course the suspension has been upgraded, and the bearing ball has been replaced with a ceramic one,, the arm board is the new pete's performance one, for a sme,, with a oak top the feet were changed to skate board wheels with a 1/2 bsf nut in the top , it does not move a mm,, pete
  2. Hi if you add the second spider you will have to put a spacer under the motor to get the belt to the correct level ,, you also need to leave a small gap between both spiders,, change the suspension to ones off an orbe ,, as the inner post is smaller ,, because it no longer holds the feet ,, the spider must be drilled the same as the orbes, add 3 bolts so you can fit the feet ,, the innter face in the spiders is 3 grub screws that go into 3 steel datum points in the bottom spider ,, there is no problems with the design of that all the weight is tranfaired into the 3 steel datum points ,, then into the spider and then to the feet ,, i have also been looking and reading about static ,, after being asked a couple of times, i think this site is the best to explaine what is the problem and how to get around 90% of it ,, it has nothing to do with suspension ,, creamic beraings,, etc ,, the early vinyl does not suffer from static but the latest 180grm stuff does. as with the previous post you need to check the ground wires are connected by using a continuity tester ,, pete
  3. The rega version is under construction , as the rega arm is a lot lighter in mass, i have had to work out how to make it to the Same mass as the original Michell one, I think it will have brass weights inserted and a wood top , but as yet they still have to be made, and are in the engineering company , who is working the mass out ,,
  4. now there is no static off the deck , I added a oak top ,, held in place with nylon m5 screws ,, the arm is screwed with longer m3 caphead screws with m3 o rings, one is longer than the rest, to earh the arm and chassis,, checked with a continuity tester , onto the bearing , to the sweep arm ,chassis ,arm down to the phono stage , and out to a russ Andrews router , then onto the house earth ,, now I think 95 % off static has gone,, the weight of the arm board is correct for the sme arm , stereo is fantastic , every last bit of music now comes out of the speakers with next to no distortion (In my own opinion ) ,
  5. so about 36 mm should do in thickness, 129mm dia,, with clearance fit center hole for the bearing , I will look into it pete
  6. hi is that to were the bearing goes into , ? is there a recess like the gyro , or is it just flat , pete
  7. Hi thanks , as you know there is a big Hole in the base of the orbe platter , I need to know the size and depth of that , so the part will fit in side, and not touch the very top where the bearing continues into the platter ,, I am guessing a round the 120mm x 30 ,, , ??? what I am thinking of doing is more of a doughnut to go over the bearing with a small clearance and double sided to the bottom so it can be removed, also so silicon grease the same as in the sme well, just a tiny bit ,, as the way the berig is you can lean on the platter and damage the bearing ,,, although this is just My opinion , pete
  8. ask Mr Moon , he has one on his now,, he has removed all the spacers, but put a rubber gasket on the base,, I have one that has been altered due to the testing by Mr moon ,,a small change was needed to the front part of the hole,, now the arm fits perfectly ,,, also the next one will be 35mm in thickness and a 1mm rubber gasket will be added to the bottom , I only had 2 made,, for sme,,, I will have one that is the old style rega in a couple of weeks,, around the 30mm thick , due to the cost of acrylic ,, Google 129mm diameter cast acrylic , 1 meter is anywhere from 700 -1000- pound's, if I use acrylic plate it is more expensive due to the extra cost of the machine shop time,, making square to round, I am also looking if the bearing can be supported better with out taking anything away from it looks, but need to know the size of the hole and depth of the hole in the orbe platter ,, maybe some one can help with this,, if you have an armboard to sell please send me a pm , I may be interested, I have 1 sme and one old style rega, been asked for a linn and a jelco , but do not have one to get the dimensions from , the weight of the sme armboard is now 30gm lighter but add the gasket it should weigh the same as the Michell,
  9. New acrylic arm board has been made, 30mm thick ,, drilled for SME , acrylic off evil Bay , just being tested by Mr Moon , next week ,,
  10. no need for the GP one or the Michell arm board just get one off these made solid cast acrylic , this is a proper arm board ,, which is cut for SME
  11. just had this email from Eddisons auctioneers , second auction of superfi and Eddies, stuff ,, watch out for the fees,,
  12. remove the paint on the underside were the bolt come's through,, so the wire will earth properly ,, I earthed the sme arm with a longer bolt as well,, and attached the same wire ,,