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  1. studiohertz

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    Sold. Thanks for interest.
  2. studiohertz

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    ... Uk adapter is also a option but not the best one...
  3. studiohertz

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    Hi Nopiano Yes, original lenght 1.8 metre long. I use eu( schuko) power distribution box rather UK ones. There is much more schuko cables on the market. Also You can ask electrician to fit one furutech eu wall socket. In my opinion is a good to have one eu socket
  4. studiohertz

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    Compare to diy (yarbo, belden)and russ andrews cable this oyaide sounds fluid, with a bit warmth, solid bottom end and musical midrange. I've compared this oyaide to Transparent Powerlink MM2x (rrp £2000) and yes, transparent is better( more detail, more air, better background) but just slightly. I would say they have similar sound. This oyaide is a younger brother of powerlink mm2x for much less. I don't see weak points in this price range.
  5. studiohertz

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 Power Cable in very good condition. Fully boxed. Lovely sounding cable for the money. Price: £268 Free delivery within UK Mainland
  6. studiohertz

    FS: Furutech FI-1363 Gold Mains Plug x2

    Sold. Thanks for interest.
  7. Hello For sale two decent mains plugs. Furutech FI-1363 G. Really good stuff Used condition, so light wear and tear. Full specs here: Price: £75 Delivered for Both of course
  8. studiohertz

    Sonus Faber stands

    I had amator's in past but without original stands...
  9. studiohertz

    Sonus Faber stands

    I'm pretty sure they are original from Electa Amator I
  10. studiohertz

    WTD: PMC OB1 / OB1i

  11. studiohertz

    FS: Amperex Bugle Boy / Philips MiniWatt 12AU7/ECC82

    Hi yes, they are really decent tubes. I've used them with unison research amplifier. They offer musical, fluid sweet non harsh sound. Worthing to pay extra £££
  12. studiohertz

    FS: Amperex Bugle Boy / Philips MiniWatt 12AU7/ECC82

    All sold:) Thanks
  13. studiohertz

    Onkyo + Q Acoustics + Audioquest set

    Hi I never update firmware on it. So probably be outdated. The internet services on original firmware are: Spotify, Simfy, AUPEO!, MP3tunes, and vTuner. Maybe newer fw give a chance to more streaming services. You can stream via Ethernet cable or WiFi. Regards
  14. studiohertz

    WTD: PMC OB1 / OB1i

    Hi Guys I'm after decent PMC OB1 / OB1+ floorstanders. Must be fully boxed. Let me now if You have a nice pair for sale. Thanks
  15. studiohertz

    Power Cords...

    For sale my diy power cord. Approx 1.6 metre length. Cable made from decent Yarbo SP-7000 , MK Silver Plug and C-037 IEC Price: £59 delivered to UK. Russ Andrews Cryogenically treated power cord with Russ Andrews fuse fitted. Wattage 320i IEC fitted by Russ. Lenght 1 metre (1.10 metre from end to end socket). Very good condition. Price: £89 delivered to UK.