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  1. if you have a Synology NAS for streaming purposes then all you need is the correct cameras. Synology NASs come with CCTV management software with IIRC licences for two cameras. I am using my NAS with 5 HD IP cameras with a 21day rotation. Can view on my mobile, can set up movement detection so they email me when movement is detected. With cameras think about the lens you might need, whether it is a wide angle or not, telephoto or not and whether you need IR for night vision etc.....I use cameras from Hikvision and Axis, and all have been very reliable.
  2. solution: despite the drivers being replaced and the covers, one of the new drivers now has a very small knick in it from one of the cats......
  3. in my experience they don't reply to emails brilliantly. They are better if you are emailing a specific person rather than a general email address. - ring them up you should be able to get an answer over the phone......I found phoning them gets a quick response, and once engaged they are pretty good at answering emails....
  4. throw them away they sound dangerous.
  5. typically the biggest bang for buck comes from upgrading transducers - how old is your cartridge and how much use has it had, Speaker technology hasn't fundamentally changed over the years, yes there might have been some small changes in the materials used and design techniques, but they have little impact. What is wrong with the sound your system produces? is it lacking to your ears? How do you position your speakers? against the wall, in an alcove, on stands or on wall brackets.... I'd say we need to know a lot more about what you dislike, your room and your taste in music before anyone can recommend changing the speakers. You could throw your money at an amp - I have never like the sonic signature of cyrus amps very much. I like the recommendation of an RCM an excellent upgrade if you listen to a lot of an RCM and a new cartridge.......
  6. It is how the notion of a NAS started - NAS = Network Attached Storage, just storage you can attach to a network. they work like a shared volume. Early ones ran a very cut down version of Linux and worked just like a shared drive that can be mounted. But the ever astute hardware companies decided if they built them with a processor and memory combo that could run a full version of Linux would be a saleable object. You don't need much processor power to act as a server like this, HDD throughput is usually the biggest bottleneck, and SSD can help here, but not always. NAS are ok at what they do, but they are heavily compromised devices. No not necessarily - this depends on the requirements of the end user. What you suggest isn't always what is best. I wouldn't even both cleaning the existing win7 installation. Just backup data, install Win10, and restore data.
  7. CCleaner is all you should need. Don't bother with Norton, it is bloatware, and it leaves stuff behind when you delete it. Highly unlikely to be a MB hardware fault, if it was machine would not boot. Highly unlikely to be high temperature problem - yes it is a good idea to keep the case dust free, but in all my years of designing processors and their motherboardsI have only ever seen heat problems on poorly designed cases, overclocked CPUs - both of which caused the machine to shutdown rather than hang. I am currently running my i7 with a failed heat sink fan with no problems. If it is hardware related then SSD would be my first port of call, followed by the power supply (I have seen more hardware hangs caused by failing power supplies than anything else, especially where the 5v or 12v lines go out of tolerance. Bad sectors on a HDD should NOT cause a modern OS to hang. Unlikely to be memory problem. I have to say your SSD sounds too full for comfort. If it was me I'd just install Win10. Follow the instructions someone posted earlier. It is hugely more stable that Win7. These days I use my master i7 desktop for ripping and a NAS to serve music. For some this is the best solution, but I can see circumstances where using the desktop PC as a server might be better, and then the NAS is just a datastore - noting not all NAS's have the processing power to serve.
  8. our NAF has two power switches and a start up sequence...... first switch for the heaters then a few minutes later the main power switch. That's after switching on the valve CD player to allow it to warm up nicely...... oh and the AN DAC
  9. my local b and q cuts for free without a trade account.
  10. corners of my room as tight into the corner as they'll go so that the toe-in is such that the music image crosses at the prime seat on the sofa. They are on lead-shot filled AN/E stands. You can see them here, although the toe-in angle is hard to see. WP_20160227_18_36_13_Pro by uh_simon, on Flickr (that is the external crossover on the floor next to the speaker in case anyone was wondering)
  11. now the list is as follows 26th May - Unthanks - Barbican Centre 28th May - Specials/Toots & the Maytals - Hatfield Forum 2nd June - Gorillaz - Alban Arena 3rd June - Field Day festival - Victoria Park, London for half day (mainly to see Death Grips) then 3rd June - Depeche Mode - London Stadium 9th/10th June - Brighton Wildlife - Brighton 21st June - Kraftwerk - Royal Albert Hall 8th July - Wireless Festival (for Skepta, Wiley, Sean Paul et al) - Finsbury Park 16th July - Folk by the Oak - Hatfield House 21st July - Toots and the Maytalls - De La Warr pavilion Bexhill 30th October - London Grammar - O2 Brixton 6th December Gorillaz @ The O2 The madness of last weekend when we went to two gigs in weekend spreads this coming weekend with 3 separate events in two days.........
  12. see here great 5.1 AV receiver in as new condition with room correction - £580 collected from AL10 (bank transfer only)