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  1. Upgrade Turntable or purchase a record cleaner

    what cartridge are you using on your P2 and how old it. I had a similar dilemma (about 3 years ago) with a entry level Pro-ject TT, I upgraded the cartridge by spending about £300, in the knowledge that it I wanted to go further with a new TT and arm, then my new cartridge would be the starting point for cartridges on my new TT....In fact I went significantly further in TT/Arm/Cartridge to get to the point when vinyl playback gave me the tingle. I am mostly of the opinion that it is the transducers (speakers and cartridges) that make the biggest improvement/change in how a system sounds. I still use a manual RCM although I have always intended to buy a vacuum RCM I have never quite got round to it as the manual machine does just fine.
  2. An audiophile restaurant?

    already did whilst it is more bar than restaurant, the food is nice, the sound system sounds nice, but their choice in music is variable.
  3. Kef subs- are they all unreliable crap??

    xls200 are £329 new and the little Gemini which may suit is £224 new. Both from BK I see a new Gemini going for £199+P&P on ebay
  4. Kef subs- are they all unreliable crap??

    just save some pennies and go to BK how much is cheap?
  5. Your Pet Photos

    Marley was fascinated by a distant relative Marley sunbathing this bed was only intended for one cat!
  6. Any builders here?

    let us hope he is reflecting
  7. Vet fees

    our last two cats lived to 18 years and 21 years respectively, both were treated regularly by the vet for cuts, sprains and other cat illnesses - didn't seem to affect their longevity.
  8. Any builders here?

    Mr Abbott you need to look inwards and ask yourself some big questions. You regularly come here and ask for help and opinions, and many highly qualified and experienced people give up their time to help you. Yet almost every time this happens the thread degenerates in the same way. There is only one common denominator in all this.... you need to reflect on how you react to things you don't like, don't agree with, or just don't want to hear.... You are behaving like a child. As for saying you dont want to talk about building regs, well how stupid can you get. Any project such as yours is intrinsically tied up with planning and building regulations, taking and understanding advise from experts here will allow you to develop your ideas in the context of the regulations and may help you have a more understanding relationship with the professionals you employ. To ignore the free help of professionals is both arrogant and ignorant.
  9. Any builders here?

    why didnt you say this before - so you tell the architect/builder team what you want and they will design something that complies with all the regulations. My neighbour wanted an extension with a particular feature, but it could be done within the constraint of the regulations - so they had to revise their plans.
  10. I saw them in the local college, very very little sound transmission (there were young children running around and creating mayhem next door) so they can't be that pricey.
  11. Any builders here?

    he rarely listens and is stubborn - just read back all the threads he has posted.
  12. interestingly only yesterday I was in a modern version that was divisible into three, and the sound transmission from one to the other was zero, the moveable partitions were amazingly solid.
  13. thanks 2016-10-29_12-10-42 by uh_simon, on Flickr
  14. Any builders here?

    are you building an anechoic chamber? Are you interested in leather flooring or red velvet wallpaper, for when you study is built? Let me know, I might have some left over from furnishing my extension
  15. Ta - the Mrs likes that one - so we have two nights in the Bridal Suite!