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  1. Logburner frustrations.

    I think I have been blocked as well.
  2. Logburners Spiel.

    gosh this has been going on for while - why didn't carry on from your old thread?
  3. Which 300b?

    they came with the amp which I got second hand and have had for about 3.5 years
  4. Which 300b?

    interesting thread, although I am nowhere needing to replace my matched quad of AN 300b's (although I don't know who makes the AN ones), they sound mightily fine in my Italian lump of integrated amp.
  5. in previous years - you just bring the paypal payment receipt. But that might have changed
  6. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    my experience was clearly different. Mind you that is all water under the bridge, my interest in HiFi as a hobby has waned, although not my interest in music. I settled on valves, and I am enjoying what my system does in my room.
  7. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    maybe - I think in any one system transducers make the biggest difference and the amp makes minor differences. I rarely hear huge differences between SS amps. So a speaker that disagrees with my ears, is never going to sufficiently be improved so it agrees with my ears by just changing the amp. I learnt this many years ago, by SS amp swapping time and time again, to get a pair of speakers producing a sound I liked in my room. In the end getting rid of the speakers solved my problem. It was a costly adventure. Valves are a different kettle of fish though.
  8. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    it is interesting how subjective these things are. I have heard both types of Yam speaker, albeit the NS5000's only briefly at the Indulgence show, and many many different NS1000s, and I haven't yet managed to hear something that pleases my brain. IMO both are way over rated.
  9. My Mrs is my partner in crime. She chose the speakers and amp. She coughed up the £5k for the speakers. Neither of us is house proud, we both dislike children, perfect.....
  10. thanks guys - yes it is a pity and we were looking forward to it, but my wife really didn't want to go - she is rather attached to our long weekend in Melton, and she didn't quite feel the same love for coming to Kegworth. We might though drive up and visit on the day - we'll see We will visit Harrogate again though!
  11. I can recommend We just released a room with a four poster we had booked for two nights for the show weekend, as we decided we won't be visiting.
  12. Radiogram Comeback

    isn't new. IIRC Ruark have been selling that for years. Oh and it sounds terrible I checked and it was launched in about mid 2013.....
  13. Mum's telly.

    Although on our main TV we do not use either Freeview or Freesat, (we are Virgin Media) but I agree on our all singing 4k 55" LG TV, SD picture performance is poor when compared to HD. We can only get local news in SD, and the pictures in look more grainy and colours a tad washed out compared to HD - definitely noticeable. As for HDR UHD all I can say is wow! Now we have had a spare VM box installed in our bedroom we have gone from Freeview to VM on a 24" bog standard HD ready Samsung TV, and the difference is marked. Again VM in HD is significantly better than freeview in SD.
  14. Floating floor.

    get a decent combi microwave (Panasonic) and you'll have the best baked potatoes in the world......
  15. what a shame they restrict the vote to Facebook. It makes it impossible for me to vote, as much as I would like to. But I wish him the best of luck and hope he wins.