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  1. hifidez

    Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    My first MF encounter was a 'friend' who was 'kind' enough to lend me his The Pre-amp plus a Dr Thomas power map. How nasty was that? At the time I was using a pair of Tangent SPL1 mini monitors (really good and inexpensive) and a Trio KA1500; the Trio was well reviewed and was definitley considered to be 'hi-fi'. The MF pairing showed the Trio to be a hard, clangy and wirey litlle devil. Totally lacked any subtlety. By the time I could afford to upgrade, MF were into the A1 era. I auditioned the A1 at Hampshire Audio, alongside the B200. I bought the B200 and was in love. Had 15-ish years of use out of it and never felt the need to change until a second breakdown caused it to take out a speaker bass unit in a pair of IPL kit jobs I had built. Needed a a cheap stand-in for the amp as I wasn't well off then (Kids!) so went back to a Kenwood (Trio) KA3020SE, because I could pay for it weekly from Kay's catalogue. Again, a well reviewed amp, but it was far from subtle. Then I had a pair of bridged Rotel power amps (RB971?) - PLENTY of drive, but a bit PA-ish in presentation. But. finally, I got back to MF with the purchase of a nearly-new A3.2cr power amp. Happy again :-) I even had the 3.2 re-capped and overhauled by the well-known JS Audio. Wow. Recenly sold the A3.2cr to a fellow Wammer but I am VERY fortunate that he wanted to part with it, so I was able to take it back. It will at the core of my office system in the very near future. Other MF gear owned? X-CAN v3, X-DAC v3, V-DACii, V-PSUii. And still in occasional use: V-90 DAC, V-CANii, V-LPSii
  2. hifidez

    CD player upgrade advice please

    I wholeheartedly agree. A stunning piece of kit. Check out the Stereophile review. I have one which I won't part with, even though I don't need it any more. Too good to let go.
  3. hifidez

    Spendor Owners Club

    Afternote.... I have been recovering from a nasty little virus which means that I am running out of energy by lunchtime each day. I am spending most afternoons listening, via satellite radio, to whatever BBC Radio 2 broadcasts. Even through this compromised transmission medium, I am continually amazed at my D7s ability to 'do' spoken voice as well as their ability to bring to your attention things in the mix of well known recordings you hadn't noticed before. And when a bass line does 'swing low' it does it on its own without muddying the oicture overall. 'Bass focus', as I said.
  4. hifidez

    Spendor Owners Club

    I would love D1s in my office but I'll stick with my LS3/5a clones. I still means, though, I have speakers which far outclass what 'ordinary people' would have in their main systems. But back to the D1... I had an extended listen to the D1 at Bristol '16. I enjoyed chatting with both Philip Swift and Terry Miles, Spendor's designer. The hotel room was the usual size and the speakers were placed well away from the walls so no surfaces nearby to boost the bass; Spendor were happy, obvously, to demonstrate them in this fashion. And, as you observed, I thought 'were is the bass?'. But after a while you realise the bass IS there. But so clean and free of cabinet colouration. Cabinet colouration of some sort is sort-of expected? If the bass end isn't helped along by a nice hump around 100 - 150hz, or if the cabinet walls aren't joing in and humming along with the music, are we programmed through years of listening in this way, maybe we are conditioned expect this to be so? I remember that after while my ear adjusted and all the musically important low end detail WAS there, and, furthermore, there was bags of what I call 'bass focus'. I.E there is proper stereo separation at the bottom end which is again results from the low cabinet colouration as well as Spendor's own formulation of driver cone material. My D7 does the same thing. In spite of its size and an easily measureable bass extemsion to a tad below 30Hz in-room, one's first reaction is again 'where's the bass?'. You have to relax and allow the speakers to 'present the music to you'; you have to be a passive listener almost and not one who tries to analise things. Just let the music flow over you and listen to the perfomers and not the 'hi'fi' I have never had bad speakers (apart from maybe a pair of Quad 11Ls, and that could have just been me) but the current Spendor D range ( I haven't heard the 9s) needs you to listen through the sound image 'into' the performance; they invite you to 'watch' what's going on as well as hear it. Hope that makes some sort of sense.
  5. hifidez

    Spendor Owners Club

    We're in the Spendor thread so do I get a point for saying 'Spendor? No? Ok. I've no idea what yor budget was. Have you gone for the excellent D1's ? They look very good indeed. But Spendor do three mini monitors now - any one of them likely to be very satisfying.
  6. hifidez


    BD1's only problem was that 10" platter. Could never look as cool as a 12". Did it matter sound-wise. I used to think it did, imagining a different sound at the outer edge tracks where an LP wasn't supported. Probably imagined it.
  7. hifidez


    Now THAT's how to make good use of a £15 turntable. Interesting (and particularly satisfying) you thought the LP12 no better. My BD1/SME was used initally with a Trio (Kenwood) KA1500. Well regarded but hard and steely I thought. Then a Musical Fidelity B200 integrated. Very nice amp for its price with a competent phono stage.
  8. hifidez


    I have an SME 3009 S2 Improved Fixed Headshell. I bought it, back in the 70's, as a more-than-necessary upgrade from my BSR HT70/Shure M44E. The most popular and obvious choice in those days was the PL12D. I figured, for similar money, the SME at 40 quid plus the £15 Connoisseur BD1 turntable kit would be a much bigger leap. I was not wrong. Even at that time £15 wasn't a lot of money... and it bought you a great turntable. I asked my boat-builder father-in-law to make me a plinth based on Luxman turntable proprtions; I loved that low and wide look. Made from mahogany-faced marine ply it looked very smart finished in a matt white Formica laminate. I needed three nice and lossy vibration/feedback control feet. I used rubber doorstops from Woolworths which were, in turn, decoupled from the plinth with a couple of centimetres of neoprene. I soon added a Shure M95ED ("second only to the V15-III") but never really liked it much. I was very pleased when I could afford, firstly, the AKG P7E and then an upgrade to the P8E. I still have that SME/BD1 and plan to keep it. A few years back I re-cut the plinth to more normal proportions and gave it a synthetic mahogany veneer. Still works great. The AKG pickup bodies gave up the ghost ages ago but, now that top class pickups are no longer important to me, I can choose any from my budget collection of Nagaoka, AT and Grado. I've yet to try the Grado in the 3009 and suspect it won't be an ideal match but the AT and Nagaokas are really fine. The SME 3009 S2 Improved Fixed Headshell. First proper Hi-FI I owned :-)
  9. hifidez

    Watts - Quantity v Quality

    You are probably aware of this but just to mention that the Benchmark isn't a Class D job. Has more in common with the Quad currnet dumpers. Along with a clever power supply.
  10. hifidez

    Watts - Quantity v Quality

    I must 'raise a flag' for my Benchmark AHB2. Accurate; it amplifies with virtually zero distortion. Bomb-proof (squaddy-proof us a term somebody used earlier). Totally neautral... if that's what you want. Which I do. Cool running. Dynamic. Fit it and forget it. That's what an amp. should be in my opinion. And if a tad more than 100W per channel isn't enough for you (goodness knows why it wouldn't be) then you can 'monoblock' or bridge a pair of them for 380W perchannel (into 8 Ohms). HiFi guys aren't particularly partial to Benchmark amps. Because there's so little to describe? An amp. with no character? Whatever next?
  11. hifidez

    Headphone amp recommendation

    Have had my PM-3s for nearly 2 yrs now and have used them with a variety of sources and amps without problem. The only limititation I'm aware is that, when on a holiday flight say, the output from either my Sony phone or cheap Android tablet does not quite go loud enough. But by the pool, it's fine :-) At home, for high quality listening, I have used the 'phones plugged directly into my HP budget laptop; no problem. Dedicated headphone amps? Topping NX1 works well, Benchmark DAC2HGC stunning (as you'd expect) and I have had surpisingly great sound from a Behringer UMC204HD (£90 or less). My usual set-up with the PM-3s, however, is laptop plus Cambridge DacMagic XS, which is particularly satisfying. The PM-3s are unfussy, in my opinion, but the bass end, as you'd expect with any good quality amp, gets tighter and more musical the higher up the amp tree you go. My best results are with the DAC2HGC (as you'd hope for!) but the UMC204HD? I could live with this forever if my budget was tight. The PM-3s are so forgiving and easy to drive.
  12. insider9, Interesting. I find my Bronze 1s far from a bright tonal balance. In fact, I think they follow a growing trend towards, what I'd call, 'smooth and musical'. But that's all down to our individual perceptions of how speakers sound. I'm not disagreeing, as we all hear things differently; just trying to describe how the Bronze 1s present themselves to me, and in my systems.
  13. They come with foam bungs; mine are very close to back wall (as are my son's) and they are great with the ports closed. I'm tempted to say use them with the bungs wherever you place them. Tighter and more tuneful if you ask me.
  14. hifidez

    My set up

    Oppo PM-3's with Benchmark DAC2 HGC for home use. Portable listening is via laptop with DacMagic XS USB DAC/amp. Very happy.
  15. I have the current Bronze 1's in my second system - excellent speaker. Bought them after hearing what they did in my son's system. Very musical, smooth yet still detailed. Tight bass.