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  1. Hey everybody, My lovely pair of 11L in beautiful Bird's eye maple veneer are up for sale. My very 1st decent pair of Standmounts, with very little use and in really immaculate condition (drivers, grills, veneer etc.) Too many speakers at home and even if I'll miss them terribly, these have to go. All original package, grills, manual included. Will arrange postage to UK and they will be tank-like packed for shipping. Please make a decent offer for these. Pictures to follow tonight.
  2. These are gorgeous speakers, and without any doubt, keepers 'n' collectors edition !!!! I love their look as much as my current PM1s, even though the look is radically different (maybe not that much after all, certainly because of this familiar yellow cone :-) )
  3. What about a version 1 in Bird eye maple (mint) ?
  4. Bouba

    Wanted - quad 11l2

    Hey I also have a pair and can arrange to ship in the UK if proposed price is fair enough; finished in near mint bird eye maple high gloss. Comes with manual, original box and the protective sleeves. Please send me a PM if you're interested. Already have 12 speakers in the flat, so need to go, that's the only reason for the sale.
  5. hey Solid, just received a pair of Leema Xen 2 in sexy all black finish and spotted your comments about your new Omega babies bet they sound good but I'm absolutely convinced you tube nuts, should also love the latest generation of the Xen 2. you shall give them a try and share your thoughts
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, would take a look at them now, but yeah the app would have to be Ios compatible. However, regarding DS Audio from Synology, I uploaded it yesterday evening and was not able to push music to the Minx Xi, that app only allows to play music to your iOS or Android based device on which it installed, but not a hifi streamer for example (unless I'm missing something), the only renderer listed into the settings of the app was my Ipad. Bubble seems good indeed, but I confirm this is only Android compatible. The key feature I'd like would be controlling the Minx Xi through a remote included in the app itself, as I would when streaming the music to the Minx from my Mac Mini. Sadly, the apple app would control only itunes client and devices, not the Minx Xi. I read somewhere that Jriver should be a good alternative for doing that, except that the remote app is a separate application controlling its own Jriver multi media database JRiver. Which I don't want as I would replicate several databases on the same Nas, and this is definitely not the goal here.
  7. Hey folks, I just replaced part of my hi-fi kit (downgrade actually) with the following set up: a Cambridge Audio Minx Xi + NAS Synology DS215J + Mac Mini (connected through Bluetooth) + Emotiva ERC2 CDP(optical entry of the Minx Xi). I just set up the Minx Xi and the Nas 2 days ago and everything was really fine and impressive when streaming from the Mac mini so far. However, when streaming from the Nas, the Stream Magic application for controlling the Minx xi is really, really slow and even cause the Minx Xi to re-start when that later is playing in Shuffle mode. The timelapse for skipping to another song is just huge. when using the Minx Xi own "physical" Remote control however, no such issue. So I just wanted to know your recommendation for a UPNP/synology application that would enable controling the Minx Xi remotedly without waiting ages when browsing through the music Library hosted on the Nas. Any comment welcomes, cause this is now very annoying and I'm pretty disappointed and upset with Cambridge Audio ruining such a handsome gear with such a crappy application.
  8. Thx SS, and yes as soon as they land in my place, I'll give a small review about how they sound. Next on the list, will probably be the Kef LS50 (I sweared for years that I won't have any speakers finished in high gloss black, but I must admit these Mini Me gave me a heart attack when played Raphael Saadiq's "Sometimes", loved when paired them with with the Naim kit)
  9. Whaattt ??!!!! What's that soft lightning green batch I saw in this thread ?!! SS, WTF did happen since my last visit ? I do remember you did swear here Naim kit did suck ? Glad you change your mind, as I just ordered my first Naim kit myself, the Nap100 & little DAC V1 should reach Bouba's chateau in 3 weeks
  10. Solid, If I were u (u know I'm not fan of your pizza boy, but assume so...), I won't probably go for the Vincent SA T1 Preamp, for the money I do think your Tannoy and sexy black amp deserve much better than that. I had the chance to listen to it some months ago into a full Vincent set up along with 2 SPT-100 monos and a pair of Utopia diabolo. Nothing really special and 1st things that came to my mind were : muddy, veiled sound, not the most transparent sound I heard. Then we swapped the Vincent preamp and monos for Vincent's own SP991+ amp hooked to the Focal monitors and an entry level Classé preamp (The CP30 if I recall well) that was there for sale as second hand gear. And oh boy did this system rock!! Really entertaining!! So to sum up, be advised that the whole Vincent electronics range is really, really different from a range to another and from a kit to another within the same range, they all sound very differently. And frankly, I'd go for something else, like an Icon Audio, Unison Research as suggested or others And the Pics of the TAC (which is the twin company/brand of Vincent, belonging to the Vincent-TAC Group) you showed really looks like an Emilé Labs integrated.
  11. Hey guys, does anybody here could share album or pics of the entire bristol show as I couldn't be there I'll appreciate have some pics to see what's been demoed ? A link maybe ? thx
  12. Very sad they were stolen from their owner and can easily see why: they are fabulous.
  13. His testicles of course, you funky lil' monkey bastards get out... But seriously, these are thrilling piece of furniture, they absolutely seems gorgeous. Very good choice SS, even though I'm not ready to go floorstanders territory yet, I must admit, you have a great sense of tastefull bits homie, I love that. But to get them broken in, now please throw in a Raphael Saadiq dope sound, like one of his Stone Rollin' album, dopest sound ever Homie; (right Now ON AIR at Bouba's Manor and the Leema's combo just got my nuts 'n' foot tapping)