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    Kondo expert, ob is calling

    GAT + LP275's
  2. The CDS3 and CD555 are nice. I use a Rega Isis Valve in preference to both of those though. Lots of digital sources pass my way but the Isis has yet to be dethroned for sheer enjoyment. It seems to have an amazing synergy with CJ/Avalon ad well. I did used to run a CDS3 though, a very nice player but it can be a little laid back outside of a naim system.
  3. I was so impressed with the rack that Kris took the demo one I bought back and I ordered 2 custom built racks to my chosen specification. They look great, sound great, very well built and unlike 95% of racks out there, they are perfect for large footprint equipment. No affiliation, no trade links, no hidden agendas .... just a happy customer and a great person to deal with.
  4. rich

    Phono Stage Bake Off

    Hi alan, which spec was the Tron ? may i ask where it came from, was it a loaner from GT audio ?
  5. rich

    LCR Phono Stages

    The Thrax orpheus is LCR as well. Very expensive but it's supposed to be rather good !
  6. rich

    'ob1' What a thoroughly nice bloke

    Reportedly its the stage that folk upgrade to from all the ones you mentioned in your first post.
  7. rich

    'ob1' What a thoroughly nice bloke

    add the Thrax to your shortlist
  8. Apart from the obvious necessary stuff like the tune, the musical drive and interplay .... a 3d holographic world, infinitely layered around you and full of dense floating notes replete with form and shape, endlessly pleasurable in their texture and tone, like they are actually caressing your body. The kit I have now does this in a way that i've never heard before with other electronics.
  9. rich

    linn streamer vs cd player

    The KDS/1 was a bit lean and wallpapery and it seemed to bring lots of details and high frequency percussion very much to the forefront which for me was a bit distracting to the tune... very accurate and precise though and great timing. The Isis on the other hand sounded less accurate but like a beautiful full bodied Montrachet with bags of note shape and density and overall a lot more sense of immediate presence and 'here and now'.
  10. rich

    linn streamer vs cd player

    I bought myself a klimax ds/1 which is the best streamer they make but my rega isis valve was more enjoyable and engaging so it stayed and the linn went.
  11. thought this was very interesting from Roy Gregory, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing it here: " As a long-time user of the Groove SRX, and having had both the Allnic 3000 and the ARC Ref 2 in the system as well, I'm perhaps uniquely placed to comment on the differences between these units. Marc is spot on with his description of the virtues of and contrasts between the two tubed contenders. There is an undoubted sense of solidity and presence with the Allnic, space and dimensionality with the ARC. The Tom Evans design is a cat of quite a different colour. Unlike the other two phono-stages under discussion, the Groove SRX is a solid-state device throughout, with a circuit that features multiple, independent stages of the super-quiet Lithos regulation. The result is a level of detail and dynamic resolution, a blackness to the background and a precision and stability to the placement of images that betters either of the tube designs. The Groove is about transparency and a reach out and touch sense of immediacy. What it lacks is the colour, the dimensionality (especially the substance of individual images) and that uncanny "atmosphere" that both the Allnic and ARC possess (although the Master Groove - that's planned for imminent review - might extend those properties). It also lacks the ability to switch replay EQ curves - vital if you listen to older recordings, especially classical and jazz; irrelevant if you only listen to relatively recent rock or pop and 180g re-issues. You don't list the rest of your system, so it's impossible to get a steer on where your sonic preferences lie. I'd suggest you ask yourself the following questions: Does the crisp, quick precision and rhythmic drive of the Tom Evans appeal - or the warmer weight and solidity of the tube designs? Are your record shelves weighed down with early Deccas, DGG pressings and a selection of original Jazz discs? Finally, have you heard any of these stages yourself? The answers will tell you what you should be seeking out. One last consideration; if you don't need the EQ curves, but do fancy hearing a tubed alternative to the Groove(s), I'd take a serious listen to the Aesthetix Rhea, a genuinely versatile and highly musical tube design."
  12. rich

    Valve CD players

    I absolutely love my Isis Valve. It's seen off some pretty strong competition lately. I upgraded to it from a Naim CDS3. The full tone, the texture and sense of flow is magnificent and its tunefullness is highly compelling. On some albums its quite extraordinary that you are listening to CD, you have to pinch yourself. I heard a very expensive tube Zanden recently as well but it didn't seem as rich and delectable as my isis. Would still love to try a Burmester 089 or 069.
  13. rich

    Lots of gorgeous gadgets

    modded mbl ?
  14. rich

    Kill it, kill it with fire!

    Probably long dead already but my most hated items are from the distant past ... Audiolab 8000 and Musical Fidelity A1 Two of the most appaling sounding amps i've ever heard yet were hyped up beyond belief almost on every single page of most hifi mags at the time. The BMW M3 of the Hifi world ....
  15. rich

    Kill it, kill it with fire!

    Spot on fella.