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  1. I have an HP Envy. Paid a fortune for it. Course I spend a lot of time on it and wanted something that would last me for quite a few years. (I have a wiz bang PC that I do anything heavy on). And it's rubbish. Speed is brill but it started to fall apart after a year. Never dropped it, but the bolts that hold the screen hinges in place are screwed into little brass inserts pushed into plastic holes. And the plastic cracks under the stress of opening the screen. They MUST know this. They MUST open and close the screen a few hundred times on a pre-production prototype and think, Oops, broken. Oh, what the hell. It'll get through the guarantee period. I have drilled 9 (NINE!) holes from the keyboard through to the back cover and inserted bolts all the way through. Not pretty. I call it my Franken-laptop. And the mouse pad has worn away which is very weird. Sound is excellent though - Beats Audio for what it's worth. Oh, and previously I had an HP laptop that overheated dreadfully, always 90 degrees plus at the processor. Blew it out with compressed air, disassembled the whole thing, made no difference. That model was notorious for it. And the power brick always got too hot to touch. Of course, I vowed never to get an HP again..........
  2. No, no problems at all. I leave mine on 24/7 and suggest you leave yours on for a day or 2 before your next listen. I think Quad recommend 24 hours (or at least a few hours) before listening. It is strange that both speakers are afflicted. As others have said I would be looking at everything else first.
  3. I have the same speakers. When you say you don't keep them powered on, how long before you start listening do you turn them on?
  4. Keith - I've been to 4 of Chantel's gigs. Even, and I'm sad to say, pm'd her after one to tell her how much I enjoyed it (along with 12 friends I had dragged along) and I got a nice reply agreeing with me that their best song (Robin Trower's Daydream) was her favourite as well. I think that her first CD "Like No Other" is better than the second one - more bluesey and not as middle of the road "soft rock". I have photos somewhere of me with my arm around her.
  5. I have castors under my Quads and my large subs so they can be pushed back against the wall when not in use. (I know! I leave them out, but Mrs H pushes them away almost every day). The castors fit the threaded holes in the speakers' bases, so no modifications were needed. However, we have tiled floors - I'm pretty sure they wouldn't work with carpets.
  6. Dave Jones riffling though a UK Tandy catalogue from 1980. After inflation, prices today would be more than 4 times those shown. We paid an awful lot for very ordinary hi-fi from Tandy. And not to mention computer printers and disk drives! LINK
  7. I'm on the Isle of Mull but can post you mine for a lend. Depends how urgently you need it, but maybe wait a few days to see if there's someone more local to you?
  8. If some promised software/hardware is a deal breaker for you, there is no reason why you cannot tell the retailer, in writing, that the contract is made on the condition that xxx is available no later than say 12 months from the date of purchase. If it doesn't appear then the contract is void. That would concentrate their minds. The trouble is the manufacturer has nothing to lose by not honouring the promise of a future upgrade - they've already got the cash in their sticky hands. Software upgrades can be particularly affected. The marketing department decide what would be a great feature and "forget" to ask Moss and Roy in the basement whether it really is feasible.
  9. Humax remotes are very good as I can testify when I took the washed and tumble dried bedding out of the washing machine. Shaped like a banana due to the heat, but still works.
  10. Viz and Private Eye. Pretty childish really.
  11. I can't remember if there's some sort of protection in the 405.... The thump might be tripping that. And if you power it up without the pre, there's no thump so it doesn't trip. What happens if you power up both but without the interconnect, then plug that in? TBH, I don't think there's electronic protection, only a fuse, but if you're getting a power light sometimes, it shouldn't be hard to troubleshoot. Plenty of circuit diagrams on the internet.
  12. Your contract is with the store. And the credit card company if you used one. Argos have to get it repaired, replace it or refund your money.