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  1. Ed Howarth

    PVR advice please.

    Humax remotes are very good as I can testify when I took the washed and tumble dried bedding out of the washing machine. Shaped like a banana due to the heat, but still works.
  2. Ed Howarth

    What magazines (paper ones)...

    Viz and Private Eye. Pretty childish really.
  3. Ed Howarth

    Quad 33 was working, now isn't - any ideas?

    I can't remember if there's some sort of protection in the 405.... The thump might be tripping that. And if you power it up without the pre, there's no thump so it doesn't trip. What happens if you power up both but without the interconnect, then plug that in? TBH, I don't think there's electronic protection, only a fuse, but if you're getting a power light sometimes, it shouldn't be hard to troubleshoot. Plenty of circuit diagrams on the internet.
  4. Ed Howarth

    Returning a faulty item to Argos...

    Your contract is with the store. And the credit card company if you used one. Argos have to get it repaired, replace it or refund your money.
  5. Ed Howarth

    Hot Rats live!

    Me too. Thought we would try the side balcony overlooking the stage for a change. Front row. Was remembering a previous gig when they did their encore, house lights came up, and everyone began filtering out. Like my dad always used to do (just wait, no hurry to get out, Lad), we sat until the crowd had dispersed. And then Dweezel and the band came back on to go through a couple of numbers, just a bit of a rehearsal, house lights still on. Only a handful of us sitting and watching. A privilege.
  6. Ed Howarth

    Hot Rats live!

    Oh, I agree. He wrote the odd tune. An amazing breadth of styles.
  7. Ed Howarth

    Hot Rats live!

    10.00 am
  8. Ed Howarth

    Hot Rats live!

    Leeds! Oh come on, it's a ferry and several hours plus overnight stay for me, and I'm not even questioning whether to go.
  9. Ed Howarth

    Hot Rats live!

    Seen the young pretender twice in Manchester. Last time doing the Roxy tour. My faith prevents me from saying he is better than Frank as a player but........ Hot Rats is right up there in terms of listenability and probably the best for those wanting to find out what all this Zappa thing is about. But any record you listen to won't help you understand any other. That's the intriguing thing - and the annoying thing. Anyway - he's in Glasgow as well!!!!
  10. Ed Howarth

    How to confuse your Brain.

    Yesterday I googled how to expand all branches of html code. Press CTL-ALT- RIGHT, it said. Nope, that turns the screen on its side, CRL - ALT UP turns it upside down. Anyone else getting ideas of a prank forming in their brain?
  11. Ed Howarth

    Quad 405 2x been hacked about. Info needed!

    OK, I'll bite..... Is there a mains rocker switch on the rear panel? I see a fuse holder. Is this connected to anything? There are circuit diagrams available for this amp. And final comment before anyone else says anything..... Either sell it as seen, or get someone who really knows what they're doing to look at it. It might easily kill you.
  12. Ed Howarth

    YooToob Video

  13. Ed Howarth

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Sorry. Only came to this thread late. A visual check of glass fuses isn't enough. Sometimes the fuse wire burns out right at the end where its view is obstructed by the metal band. And there aren't necessarily skid marks on the inside of the glass. Always check with a meter or, failing that, a torch battery and bulb. Why did they go in the first place, is the big question though.....Glad you're sorted.
  14. Ed Howarth

    Norther Lights tonight - Top Wam Tips ?

    We get auroras quite often on the Isle of Mull. In my opinion, a photo with a building/sheep/deer/rocky outcrop in the foreground is much more betterer than without. And a building with some faint artificial light in/on it shows the colours of the aurora to be so much deeper and interesting. I suppose the skill is getting the exposure correct for both - or photoshopping the building in afterwards @Tony_J knows all about these things.
  15. Ed Howarth

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Just in case anyone is interested (I think they are) Room 20 had units that were movable.