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  1. I really wish I could, I truly do, I would love it. Circumstances prevent it though. Thanks, Vince
  2. Very pretty, would most likely be wife acceptable as they look funky. I would like to hear these. Hope it goes well at show. Glws
  3. krellmad

    Cambridge Audio NP30 streamer in black

    It plays Internet radio I don't know about others
  4. krellmad

    Isotek Sigmas GII in silver

  5. Very very nice, I'll wager they sound fabulous to boot. I kinda wish I was in the market for new speakers, (and had the money). Glws
  6. krellmad

    SOLD: Albedo Cermo Anti Vibration feet

    I bought a set of these off Nick yesterday and received them today. I've taken the stock feet of my Musical Fidelity AMS35i and wow. I was a bit worried in case they didn't work, even though I've the positive reviews. The music just seems so more musical, smoother, definatley digging deeper and tons of detail. I've been listening to the Streamer, a Cambridge CXN V2 and it is definately sounding more like analogue. Now I've been listening to my turntable, a Gyrodec SE with a Kontrapunkt B into a Primare R32 phono stage. Again wow, the detail is fantastic without it sounding forensic. Wish I could afford the other set now but the missus would castrate me. Brilliant bit of kit
  7. krellmad

    superfi gone under?

    What a shame, another one gone. Superfi used to have some cracking deals.....but it obviously wasn't enough to compete with the internet. RIP
  8. krellmad

    Cambridge Audio NP30 streamer in black

    Really nice sounding streamer this.
  9. krellmad

    Isotek Sigmas GII in silver

    I agree, they are totally silent and offer good surge protection. They also let your music sing without compression. 2 high current outlets for amps and 4 low current for front end gear/source's.
  10. Absolutely fantastic amp this and nothing will come close to it at this price. Lots and lots of power and sounds lovely to boot. It took a 6k amp to beat mine they are that good in my opinion. Glws
  11. This really looks the business and I'll bet it sings like a canary. Glws
  12. As per title complete with original box, remote control, airiel and power cable. It has a few marks on the top, nothing drastic though, but is 100% working order apart from not always switching off at the unit first press of power button. It switches straight on and switches straight off with the remote control and has been like this since I bought it, I bought reduced price because of this. It has never bothered me as I always use the remote, but I thought it only fair to mention it. I think £120 posted is a very fair price. I will post as soon as payment has cleared, (paypal friends and family please), and I will inform of tracking details as soon as I get them. Thanks, Vince IMG_0005 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0004 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0006 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  13. krellmad

    Isotek Sigmas GII in silver

    Sold - As per title in 100% working order with a coulpe of small marks on top and slight mark on front. This makes a massive difference to sound quality but it has been in a little used bedroom system, overkill. I still have another one in my main system that I'm keeping. It comes with an Auchman multi strand oxygen free cable with the screen connected to the earth pin in the mains plug. It has a Supra C19 iec fitted to the conditioner end. The new Sigmas are now a fiver short of £3,000 so at £620 delivered I think the price is very fair. I will post as soon as payment (paypal friends and family please), and I send tracking/postage details as soon as I get them. Thanks, Vince IMG_0007 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0009 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0008 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  14. krellmad

    SOLD: Albedo Cermo Anti Vibration feet

    You have mail Nick.
  15. krellmad

    Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

    I have a pair of these and can vouch for the sound's fantastic. They are extremely comfortable for long listening sessions as well. You'd have to tear mine from my cold dead hands to get mine. Fabulous cans!