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  1. Bloody good DAC for the money this. You certainly won't get this quality for £200 any where else. Glws
  2. They are not white and they are not red...sent from my pals acc....mad-moon.
  3. I heard one of these a while ago and was most impressed with the sound quality. I was even more impressed when he told me it was a DVD player as well. It sounded like an excellent dedicated CD player. Glws
  4. I've got my Ruark Equinox and are by far the best speakers I've ever owned. B&W 804S, Castle, Roksan, etc. The Equinox are just so perfect, the drivers gel so well and they do decent bass on their own. I use 2 subwoofers though, a Rel B1 and a Rel Strata 5 and they all go together so well. These will sound lovely, Glws
  5. Very nice, I'd have this myself if I didn't have so many already. Glws
  6. Hi Baz, Thanks for the speakers, got them set up and sounding rather nice. Hope to deal with you again, lovely chap. Cheers, Vince.
  7. As above in perfect workong order, re-terminated with Furutech type Rhodium plated locking plugs. This was originally shotgun (2 to 4 terminations), but it is vastly superior in 2 to 2 terminations and good quality jumper cables if speaker has 4 inputs. I've been using this on my seldom used 2nd system, complete overkill, so I've decided to sell on. All the connections have been cleaned with Caig DeOxit and Treated with Caig ProGold. I am the original owner and I bought from Lintone Audio for over £1100 and have been informed that it is the same cable as Mavros, just a name change. I would like £375 inclusive of post for this very high end cable and payment by Paypal friends and family or bank transfer please. I will inform buyer of postage details as soon as I get them. Thanks IMG_0001 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0002 (1) by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0002 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0004 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  8. Absolute stone cold bargain.....stunning cans that really shine....given s good signal. They won't make shite sound good. I drive mine with there own Oppo HA-1 headphone and and a Myriad Z40 headphone amp. They sound great through both, but they let you hear the difference in sound quality. The Oppo amp is 3 times the price of the Myriad and so it should sound better. My point though these won't be disappointed. I'm tempted myself, as a spare pair as they are no longer making them. A future classic and a stunning headphone. I also own a pair of Sennheiser HD800s, a considerably more expensive headphone. Yes of course you can hear the sound improvement, but you never feel robbed listening to the Oppo's. Glws
  9. As per title, couple of inches short of a metre in excellent condition. Good quality 3 pin plug and a Rhodium plated IEC, all connections have been cleaned with Caig DeOxit and treated with Caig ProGold. £40 inclusive of postage. Excellent power cable that is high current but can be used for low current kit as well. It can also be used to power a mains block. It will be posted as soon as payment is received, Paypal friends and family please. I will inform buyer of postage details as soon as I get them myself. Thanks. IMG_0001 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0003 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0002 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  10. Price drop to £100 for CD player only, before ebay