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  1. krellmad

    Oyaide Tunami GPX V2 power cable

    I would dare to say that this will be beautiful sounding cable. Glws
  2. Bargain for top of the tree cans. Glws
  3. krellmad

    Furukawa mains cable with quality plugs

    I forgot to mention, the conductors are 3 x 2mm solid OCC copper core and cable is fully shielded
  4. Furukawa 2.0mm mains cable, 1 metre long including cable inside of plugs, 90 cm outside. It is finished with a very high quality nylon braid. This was a MCRU Mains Cable No. 1, that was originally £700, but I have changed the plugs for cheaper, (but quality). I have kept the supplied plugs for a project of my own. The IEC is a Furutech FI-15 and the mains plug is a MS HD POWER silver plated plug with a silver plated fuse. This cable will have enough current to power anything in your system to extremely high quality. The cable uses OCC and is OFC. OCC is Ohno Continuous Casting and is oxygen free. I have this one spare, so rather than sit in a drawer I'm selling. Very high end cable. I will post as soon as payment is received and would like Paypal friends and family please. I would like £150 please, which is well below the cost of the parts.Thanks IMG_0002 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0005 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0003 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0004 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  5. krellmad

    FS: Dynaudio Audience 70 speakers

    I can't believe these haven't been snapped up. I know exactly what you mean about Gumtree, loads of alleged interest with loads of questions. Then Zero. I think they must get off messing around and wasting people's time. Glws
  6. An absolute gift at this price.
  7. krellmad

    FS MSB Platinum S200 Stereo Amplifier

    Wanna bet!
  8. I have always lusted after a pair of these. Haven't got the funds or I would be giving them a new home. One day........Glws
  9. krellmad

    FS MSB Platinum S200 Stereo Amplifier

    What voltage is the "Lady" who is delivering. Just in case I needed a transformer for all of the functions. Glws
  10. krellmad

    SOLD Townshend DCT300 rca 1m

    Re PM'ed
  11. krellmad

    SOLD Townshend DCT300 rca 1m

    PM sent
  12. krellmad

    Chord Cadenza 1 metre pair