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  1. krellmad

    Fuses - various

    Synergistic Research Black. SOLD
  2. krellmad

    Fuses - various

    I've finally gotten round to going through all my Hi-Fi bits and bobs and found quite a few fuses. I knew I had a few, but not this many. All are genuine and were bought off either MCRU or Analogue Seduction. They are as follows and price includes p&p. All are in 100% working order, have been tested and good overall condition. The have been cleaned with Caig De-Oxit, or Blue Horizon Clean It and treated with Caig Pro-gold. The SR black is a mains plug fuse and all the others are 20mm slow blow internal fuses. Synergistic Research 13 amp Black £90 new, accept £60 2 x Hi-Fi tuning Silver Star 3.15 amp slow blow. £28 each new accept £17 each AMR, All slow blow, 1 x 500ma, 1 x 1 amp, 2 x 2 amp, 2 x 5 amp, 3 x 8amp, 4 x 10 amp, £15 new accept £10 each Hi-Fi Tuning Gold, 1 x 5amp slow blow. £25 new, accept £15 IMG_0023 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0024 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0025 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0026 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0027 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0028 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0029 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0030 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr
  3. krellmad

    Cambridge cxn streamer mk1

    I own a mk1, in my 2nd system and mk2 in my main system and I love them both. Brilliant sound quality and the Cambridge Connect app is one of the best out there. The built in dac is superb and you can use its coaxial, optical, and usb inputs as well. A gift at this price. Glws
  4. krellmad

    Wharfedale Laser 60 speakers

    I had a pair of these years ago. I rewired the with QED Silver Micro cable and fitted decent binding posts and they really leaped in performance. A very easy to work on speaker, but still sound good as standard. Glws
  5. Not all Eltax were crap mind. The HT 2 bipolar rear surround speakers were very decent for the money. Also the Eltax Monitor 3 were very acceptable for the money. Of course this was years I climbed the Hi-Fi ladder, but as I remember they were a nice listen. I'm in no way saying that they would compete with serious, (and a lot more expensive), speakers. As for the rest of the range, some serious crap, especially the big floor standers that I heard. They were just disco speakers really. Will some one please buy these Raido's, before I do an armed robbery.
  6. As I said, when I heard them at the dealers...HiFi Sound in Stockton, I said then and there, that they were the best speakers I'd heard. I've heard quite a few as well. The vocals seemed to me to be the most you like. The bass was astonishing not just for the size, astonishing, full stop, so tight and fast. The treble was astounding. All in all....I rather like them. You could take the missus in PX, I'll make up the shortfall.....don't tell her I said that. Glws
  7. Would you consider PX one of my never know when you might need a spare.
  8. I heard these at a dealers and stated at the time that they were the best speakers I'd ever heard. Absolutely stunning looks as well. Glws
  9. Bargain for some one. Glws
  10. krellmad

    Synergistic Research Blue 13 amp mains plug fuse

    Advert put up twice by sold, thanks
  11. krellmad

    Synergistic Research Blue 13 amp mains plug fuse

    Sold, thanks
  12. krellmad

    Chord C Stream 5 metre ethernet cable

    Sold thanks
  13. As per title in good and 100% working order. The oil is there to suppress vibrations and there are 3 conductors of 100% pure silver. This is a surprisingly good interconnect as I've never seen the manufacturers name before. Very fast and detailed sound, it's a little bit stiff but not too bad. I cannot remember what I paid for it so I would like £30 inclusive of delivery please, I know I paid a lot more than that. Paypal friends and family please. I will post as soon as payment has cleared and inform buyer. Thanks. IMG_0006 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0008 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr IMG_0007 by Vincent Parkin, on Flickr