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  1. How much you spending? I can vouch for Nigel’s ARTs and at the asking price they’re a bargain.
  2. Reading with interest and have a question. The row of Ethernet sockets in the back of the AirPort Extreme, do they constitute a switch or should I put a separate switch between the extreme and the Mac mini?
  3. Eagle333, I use TQ Black between my RI-100 and ARTs. I had to buy something else after an hour using my existing naca5 - like dragging nails down a blackboard. Obviously S Lumina in a different class to naca but it might be worth borrowing a pair of something different to have on hand, just to ensure you’re getting the best from your amp.
  4. I'd give Darran at Class A a call. As recently as last year he had spares for the Linn one box thingy and some parts might cross over.
  5. Indeed - I bought an interconnect mid-morning and was signing for it the following morning.
  6. Payment made and delivery address sent by email.
  7. mjw

    For Sale - Allnic H-1201

    Now sold. Thanks for the interest.
  8. Boxed and complete with the valve puller thingy. This unit is around 18 months old and is unmarked. As usual, examination and audition preferable (S81 postcode) but it has all its original packaging so could be prepared for whichever courier you elect. Asking £1350 ovno collected. Please PM all offers, enquiries and requests for further information or photos.
  9. mjw


    and drink plenty of water regularly (even habitually).
  10. You might consider the flavours that Gennaro Contaldo uses in his porchetta i.e. hands full of sage, thyme, rosemary, chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Rub it well into the inside surfaces then fill the body loosely with cooked chestnuts, dried apricots, breadcrumbs and chopped, fried onions. Cook it slowly under foil then, for the last 30 mins, paint honey onto the skin and let it brown. If you want crisper skin omit the honey and paint on a salt/olive oil paste but add honey to the pan juices and adjust them to make a thin gravy.
  11. I paid a fair price for a watch at Miltonaires in Liverpool, which suggests they might not pay as much but seemed very straight to deal with.
  12. Just had two bottles of Robbie Burns blonde ale to wash down a fish curry.
  13. I've only had the bladder one. I was really annoyed that my dick was the smallest and most flaccid it's ever been.