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  1. Good point that Spider makes. I gave a old HMV 45 of Well known classical tunes 10 mins bath, and its new found dynamics at volume attracted the house host to actually sit and listen ! ( hana sl on OL arm /much modded techy). Many classical LPs on markets are little used so a decent buzz clean and they are good Decca/DG recordings recommended.
  2. JohnnyH I use. Velvet Vortex to clean vinyl from dubious sources. I remove mould by damping surface ,put a teaspoonful of fairy platinum wash up on rub around quite firmly with a pan cleaner soft spongee ,leave for 5 mins , rinse off under tap , then. spin in the VV machine 5/10 mins, rinse in bath deionised water. Air dry.[The Ilfatol or similar rinse aid is necessary in VV ]
  3. No need for machine . Use standard mix on microfibre cloth along grooves both directions . Cloth may make static but ultrasound will destroy that . .
  4. Yes Maverick sorry re typo ( I pad intuitive and I didn't spot) KeGworth .I've just used Spiders design on a 100p market stall copy of Billy Idols 'White Wedding' . It simply was just all crackle and stylus sticking gunge. Now it's playable (with acceptable wear noise) impressive . Used alcohol based cleaner spray on cloth to get worst off, then Velvet vortex 5 minutes at 35 degrees ( I warm some of the fluid when in hurry in pan - this batch is Ilfatol based ) in utility room .then plain deionised in a separate rinse bath .air dry . I Quite enjoy doing this procedure .-as radio 3 /4 entertains . I'll bring it today - sounds great under my AT Shibata 95sa . Interesting to hear on Freefalls rig with its see- thro rubber band spinner and higher resolution Hana SL . Saw weather on telly - Lady Freya is visiting! Hopefully in the night ! ( bit of ambiguity there ) 😳
  5. Addendum. Maverick - hoping to meet you at Keyworth show .
  6. Ooooow flattery!! At 70 I've forgotten more than I know now! Am currently researching my past ancestory in attempt to find the lost gems!! ( there might not be any!!).
  7. Rinse aid - as used in dish washers is a similar chemical to Ilfotol ( cationic rather than anionic surfactant. - neutralisers static charges well) and windscreen washer fluid has good formula. There was a suggestion once, that it contained types of alcohol which could affect vinyl - I've not found this to be an effect in practice over many uses at the exact recommended dilutions( carplan ) If you consider the car paint work to be a good guide to effect then you may agree that it's a safe wash for your multi thousand pound car so fine for a £20 vinyl . However these are marketed with colours and fragrances added . Ilfotol and others are 'purer' . One way of checking for residue is to drop onto a mirror in dust free air and wait for evaporation to leave a smear or not. This check can be used for any item that comes close to the precious plastic . Including dampened platter mats/ stylus cleaner etc . And tap water. ( sometimes that is significant enough for the diamond to register after multiple applications - often its carbon from the water cleaners at the reservoirs ) deionised water is better on test and cheap. One advantage of tap water is its chlorine which kills bacteria and mould growth on LP which can fill and soften the tiny treble indents. I use a second bath after the ultrasound with plain deionised water before drying . My abused/market stall vinyl is first cleaned with an IPA mix on microfibre cloth before ultrasound ing . Result is a resurrection of original .
  8. Fascinating write up of a legendary recording. Much obliged for your posting.
  9. Mono was mentioned briefly on here and the sound can be a good listen . I had a think and realised that phase is easily messed up by multiple drivers and stereo kit so mono sounds more natural easier on the ear tho less exciting. More expensive speakers have accurately matched drivers - some engineered to nth degree . If the powering kit also preserves the phase then they will sound out any depth recorded in even asymmetrical room arrangements. Asymmetry reduces the size of any particular major room node tho adds smaller ones overall making for cleaner sound . It is easy to test this ( must be with Tweeters firing at the ears for direct radiation and making those audio clues for spacial arrangement . Excess reflections off hard objects ( remember that bare floor) can beat the ears compensation mechanisms but we are inherently good at ignoring them ( think party crowd scenario) . Aside :::: there was a mention of sorbos re cost / value ratio . I've experimented with these because my floor is v bouncey under speakers. So - slab on floor with 4 hemispheres hardish sorbo on it and under each tower . Same position. Difference was tighter cleaner bass and sound . Why I wondered? And how come staging wasn't ruined when boxes could easily wobble when bass hit? Possible reason that box panel resonances were reduced by Sorbo and bass vibe was controlled. I play loud mostly and some loss of stage was noticed then - presumed new system was overloaded so returned to heavy mass idea and spikes.
  10. The position of the bass cone (and the vent) within the space given to it in your room is significant.Blackmetalboon makes a good point. You can work out the height of the ceiling and its frequency of most resonance and then it's wavelength ( off net) and then ensure your cone is not centred on one of that frequencies nodes . My speakers cone and vent is well away from the reflecting floor. The same technique can be used for the length and width of room and distance to a rear wall . Small variations can be astiounding. Clean bass or less bass will change your perception of mids ( which are already there) ,less panel vibe thro less bass will improve tweeters performance too. I saw Townsend platforms -shocking just how much gets thro usual feet even off a concrete floor! Actual effect on all solid state kit ? Turntables yes.
  11. These psychological illusions of sound can seem very solid ie as if the performers are present in room in the best systems but only if recorded, and if accurately reproduced. Some factors such as ear condition and their position make big differences so even a turned head will change apparent positioning imaging depending on quality of tweeters and their solidity of fix ( no vibration of box/ stand ) . As usual it's source that matters primarily--it has to pick up the cues . For vinyl the cartridge stylus azimuths must be exact and firmly held , and cd laser readings nicely handled. Streamed needs accurate stable electronics (not necessarily exotica) , and steady mains . When our ancestors lived in jungles full of predators those with ears that pinpointed the danger lived so we are rather good at sorting out spurious reflections and nailing the placements if a good cue is offered.
  12. I don't use anything extra on the labels . Perhaps I'm not so particular- I've got multi cleaned vinyl from 60's with labels as new. Maybe they are made differently now but certainly they are very resistant to water damage . Soaking for long periods might be a problem I guess . The tank fluid level should not be higher than centre groove. I use kitchen roll to dry XS off after rinse bath before air drying.
  13. Pic shows the filter after 3 LPs . Black black muck . records were just playable and now are most enjoyable . My mix is deionised water gallon from Boyes discount store with half teaspoon of Ceanel ( anti fungal/ detergent wash) no alcohol in this as I've already tried to clean with usual IPA/ ilfacol by hand using microfibre vcloth and failed . Ultrasonics really find the job!
  14. Golfs an interuppted walk so it's exercise . There's a bit of exercise with vinyl I guess. And it can be very social !
  15. Hifi - too expensive ? OP . Well it is for me -If I were just to want new. I don't do credit either ( daft idea for anything that will lose value quickly ) and trend / fashion is simply silliness on my income. Fortunately there's lots of old kit and I like to DIY so when Sam Vimes writes of the key connection to room then I agree and run some old monitors English made BW DM2a got via an easy deal and revamped sounding VG in my room. Fact is that in UK small producers make few items so individual item price Must be high or why bother for peanuts. In modern times fashions are changed rapidly and ' technological improvements ' powerfully marketed to continue interest and new sales. It's sometimes difficult to hear any advance in actual sound quality for huge cost in cosmetics . But without change there cannot be a manufacturing system ( capitalism ) And status sells ( ego stroking )--so brands that can also deliver do get recognised and price amplified of course . I did buy a new cartridge whose price shortly after dramatically increased due to super performance based on good results 'in the field '- so I cannt buy another because the % price increase is way over my income increment . So Yes Hifi is too expensive!