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  1. navigator

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Pic shows the filter after 3 LPs . Black black muck . records were just playable and now are most enjoyable . My mix is deionised water gallon from Boyes discount store with half teaspoon of Ceanel ( anti fungal/ detergent wash) no alcohol in this as I've already tried to clean with usual IPA/ ilfacol by hand using microfibre vcloth and failed . Ultrasonics really find the job!
  2. navigator

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    Golfs an interuppted walk so it's exercise . There's a bit of exercise with vinyl I guess. And it can be very social !
  3. navigator

    Hifi....Too Expensive??

    Hifi - too expensive ? OP . Well it is for me -If I were just to want new. I don't do credit either ( daft idea for anything that will lose value quickly ) and trend / fashion is simply silliness on my income. Fortunately there's lots of old kit and I like to DIY so when Sam Vimes writes of the key connection to room then I agree and run some old monitors English made BW DM2a got via an easy deal and revamped sounding VG in my room. Fact is that in UK small producers make few items so individual item price Must be high or why bother for peanuts. In modern times fashions are changed rapidly and ' technological improvements ' powerfully marketed to continue interest and new sales. It's sometimes difficult to hear any advance in actual sound quality for huge cost in cosmetics . But without change there cannot be a manufacturing system ( capitalism ) And status sells ( ego stroking )--so brands that can also deliver do get recognised and price amplified of course . I did buy a new cartridge whose price shortly after dramatically increased due to super performance based on good results 'in the field '- so I cannt buy another because the % price increase is way over my income increment . So Yes Hifi is too expensive!
  4. navigator

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    Batty - enjoyed your post re ' journey' with t tables. I've had similar even a ' saved from skip ' one . It was a DD which ran well after fettling. I mounted a Rega Carbon very exactly ,an Achromat and took off all ID on table then demoed it at a gathering of wammers . Only played tracks to its strengths - rock- and folks shocked when I announced its source! OC 9 does respond to a heavier arm .On my kit ( OL arm) I add lead under the arm tube near head until I get arm / cart resonance to 9 or 10. I use adhesive 'lead on a strip' used for Window decor- MCoil sounds happier in heavy cut grooves with 3 g added down there getting total weight around 20 g for it to bury vibe in. Tension in pillar to arm base fixing is a factor with significant effect ( assuming a decent level of resolution in line up) Too tight seems to reduce dynamics and bass heft Too loose matters much less except whole arm moves out of alighnment!
  5. navigator

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    Ron - yes I was dubious of any advantage of the anti cog circuit. Perception of the strobe shows no change and the effect is subtle . Commercial devices are expensive ( for me) so a friendly geek stuck his meter and oscilloscope into the gubbins and muttered darkly about variations of drive power to the' cogs'as the platter magnet moved so his circuit reduces the 'dips'. I have insufficient knowing to question what this is or any possible effect this might have on actual sound. But I can say it's ' smoother' clearer and more detailed in such as cymbal decays and harmonics. It's a tiny effect so easily described as ' subjective' ie unproven. I would not pay much for it. However removing the transformer( and any resonating plastic )Does work and is cheap and easy. .Along with a different mat (blown acrylic with weight / heavy dense ' rubber' /or Soundeck style/ even craft foam sheet ) . I use an MCoil Hana and found the arm base to be a key factor . Hard wood is good ( oak nice)
  6. navigator

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    Agree Col there are poor DD and pulley style and rim drive and there are good ones in each category. The element factor of time as in longevity is out of fashion lately but matters to me that satisfactory performance is given whether it's cold hot high humidity and over decades is my measure. Long lasting Enjoyment is the key afterall.
  7. navigator

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    That's the way Ron . Incidentally I detected the plinth vibration ( resulting in my mods) by gently touching and sliding my damp index finger on it whilst heavy bass played. Human senses made us top dog on this planet long before electronics but I saw the Townsend accelerometers / platforms in action at NW show and of Whittlebury show. - the floor was concrete with thick carpet and every foot shuffle penetrated. Tools are v useful . Sorbos were affordable for me. 50 mm . Table can do Sideways yaw and sway on sorbo and that's not good. More elaborate design feet minimise those vector forces and may have advantage. I also widen the hole radius of the controlled layer damp mat so the spindle does not short circuit the layering and maxing it's break to the resonating circuit . In hifi the details matter . Maybe it's OCD ! But I love fettling . Keep rocking that vinyl guys
  8. navigator

    Turntable drives: accuracy, detail or energy?

    So many factors involved ! Which are crucial? The record press rooms use direct drive tables to test their stamping - often the Technics 1200 . That's a sort of recommend for a worka day environment but of course they after checking speed really not hi fidelity as at home. Like Greybeard I run that deck .its not a piece of decor but the electronic locking will go forever eg bearing wear is compensated. After experimenting I found that removing the transformer had a major effect ( for any arm / cartridge combo) . External Controller for the alleged COGGING ( unproven) did also help the delicacy of trebles . Sorbo feet too added to wall shelf but crucial ( after those) was the Mat .The 1200 plinth arm base combo is questionable so I figured key is to Break the cycling resonances in the run of diamond to -arm to -base to - plinth -bearing -platter- back to vinyl vibration cycle was key . A constrained layer damping mat ( soundeck) was my answer to make the Break .It also takes unwanted airborne vibe and stylus ' reverb' from the vinyl itself . the sound has non of the 'plummy 'bass of yore - it's fast hard and mean ( if recorded as such) . To return tthe platter to the designers original operating weight I add a record weight or hard rubber metal combo mat on top ( adjusting for VTA ) . There's always a knock on and it's that the increased clarity and transient attack shows deficiencies in other kit! And Yes I AM hoping for the £2000 new Techy . It's a bargain . IMO of course. and it looks OK too!
  9. Opinions are what make this site interesting IMO ( obviously there are limits tho courtesy is nescessary ) . Anyway I don't know how my old BW DM2a measure now that they sit on open frame stands with 3 cm of sorbothane pads between cabs and stand top. But I can say that they sound better to my ears with deeper tighter bass and more precise imaging. The cabs vibrate nicely when loud and the suspended floor under them does not . This seems to matter to the in room effect. Also it cost very little to experiment. Not sure how manufacturers measure speaker designs but I doubt that they employ a variety of possible end user stands. More likely it's more likely to be styled as an anechoic chamber I e suspended . Sorbos were my best shot at that.
  10. .If u find a trustworthy gardener then he is worth gold . They are rare in winter. My dad did folks gardens on retirement and there were tears from his regulars when he was unable thro health to continue. Be lucky Tim . Paul could do consultant work as and when he chose in the work he did before retirement. I took early retirement ( health) but regularly got approaches for short term work some desperate - until I was 68 . Actually I worry that we in UK are training so many on keyboard skills and not enough on how to make everyday life function.
  11. Red lever? I was thinking - Jeremy as in Corbin ! Oh ---retirement from gainful employment. Believe me - it's hard work retiring and all pay out not in! Tips - keep your money safe and try not to spend it ? Seems a lot now but in twenty years time it will be worth little. And get at least two engrossing hobbies .Hifi plus something crafty and something that gets you out ( gardening? Councillor? Computer / coding teaching for silver surfers/ university of the third age U3A whatever ) . See u at Keggy.
  12. Mr. Occ Think .has a more eclectic taste amazingly than even me . His ' Punk style Classical' was outside my experience . Rather good too. . So our offerings did stretch the host a little. I'd like to justify choices as due to 'maturity 'but opinions are likely to vary on the validity of that and might tend more towards an explanation arising from less flattering causation. Robs system coped well with well recorded genre and showed up the deficiencies in lesser quality sources just as a good hifi should - enabling us to ' look into' the sound stages . Very enjoyable all round.
  13. Many thanks to FRR making lovely hot food and warm welcome on a horrendous weather day when sledging was widespread. Such a variety of music from various sources rendered very nicely by a system synergetically happy with itself and its playroom. Thanks you to Dave ( Occassional Thinker) for his wide selection of genre- it's not often that folk music from 400 years ago can get an airing!! And much enjoyed. Hope u made it to home safely up those Yorkshire hills Dave . And hoping Rob can repeat his bakeoff when it's less white!
  14. ' ' Icicle Works album 'Blind' - I'll bring my copy vinyl - suitable for a wintery bake off !
  15. White things falling ! Still no possibility of snow balling tho.