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  1. Opinions are what make this site interesting IMO ( obviously there are limits tho courtesy is nescessary ) . Anyway I don't know how my old BW DM2a measure now that they sit on open frame stands with 3 cm of sorbothane pads between cabs and stand top. But I can say that they sound better to my ears with deeper tighter bass and more precise imaging. The cabs vibrate nicely when loud and the suspended floor under them does not . This seems to matter to the in room effect. Also it cost very little to experiment. Not sure how manufacturers measure speaker designs but I doubt that they employ a variety of possible end user stands. More likely it's more likely to be styled as an anechoic chamber I e suspended . Sorbos were my best shot at that.
  2. .If u find a trustworthy gardener then he is worth gold . They are rare in winter. My dad did folks gardens on retirement and there were tears from his regulars when he was unable thro health to continue. Be lucky Tim . Paul could do consultant work as and when he chose in the work he did before retirement. I took early retirement ( health) but regularly got approaches for short term work some desperate - until I was 68 . Actually I worry that we in UK are training so many on keyboard skills and not enough on how to make everyday life function.
  3. Red lever? I was thinking - Jeremy as in Corbin ! Oh ---retirement from gainful employment. Believe me - it's hard work retiring and all pay out not in! Tips - keep your money safe and try not to spend it ? Seems a lot now but in twenty years time it will be worth little. And get at least two engrossing hobbies .Hifi plus something crafty and something that gets you out ( gardening? Councillor? Computer / coding teaching for silver surfers/ university of the third age U3A whatever ) . See u at Keggy.
  4. Mr. Occ Think .has a more eclectic taste amazingly than even me . His ' Punk style Classical' was outside my experience . Rather good too. . So our offerings did stretch the host a little. I'd like to justify choices as due to 'maturity 'but opinions are likely to vary on the validity of that and might tend more towards an explanation arising from less flattering causation. Robs system coped well with well recorded genre and showed up the deficiencies in lesser quality sources just as a good hifi should - enabling us to ' look into' the sound stages . Very enjoyable all round.
  5. Many thanks to FRR making lovely hot food and warm welcome on a horrendous weather day when sledging was widespread. Such a variety of music from various sources rendered very nicely by a system synergetically happy with itself and its playroom. Thanks you to Dave ( Occassional Thinker) for his wide selection of genre- it's not often that folk music from 400 years ago can get an airing!! And much enjoyed. Hope u made it to home safely up those Yorkshire hills Dave . And hoping Rob can repeat his bakeoff when it's less white!
  6. ' ' Icicle Works album 'Blind' - I'll bring my copy vinyl - suitable for a wintery bake off !
  7. White things falling ! Still no possibility of snow balling tho.
  8. Ta 4 add . I'll bring 2/3 vinyl for moving air ---- and a shovel for snow ? No shovel required here. Actually it's sunny and Nothing white under foot in my and your area. Forecasters obviously all live in white Kent or snowed up London so imagine the Beast is rampant everywhere. Rob enjoyed the North East snow as a young toddler with snow balling lessons at the play school - life did not halt for snowfalls then .
  9. Sunday 16th July - Little bakeoff at mine

    Hoping to be with you . Maybe a limited time ( medical orders!!)
  10. Sheffield, Sunday May 21st

    Many thanks Dave three rooms of variety in sounds and kit ,Bake off banter and food too .Those DIY kit transmission lines make serious bass but even better by the superb bespoke big 12" driver units on top floor paired with Revelator tweeters ( and mids) to give a lovely soundscape aided acoustically by the sloped ceilings. ' Night bird ' Eva Cassidy was memorable indeed. Great meet!
  11. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    I used the AT33 with boron cantilever and Shibata on my modded RB 300 ( as above) with terrific result . Currently preferring the aluminium cantilever of the Hana SL as its less ' clinical' ( err cold sharp accurate ?) than the AT . More ' warmth' ( not sure what these mean exactly but u get the idea) . Anyway the arm when properly set up is well good enough to show the subtle difference and a bargain buy now as when it was designed decade ago.
  12. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    Rega carts use three point bolt fix to their arms . It works well . I really liked their top MM Exact cartridge in the RB300. It's a bargain (but is more than £50!)
  13. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    Rb300 arm can easily be modded as its bearing is good and well held by a solid pillar . Time and patience required tho. Total rewire back to amp with properly dressed lead /revise stub and counterweight solid fix near bearing/ stuff with closed cell foam/ apply outside collar at a third ish along /remove Spring/bolt lightly to plinth using constrained layer damping and of course ensure absolute azimuths zenith and alignment. Then chose your MC ( eg Hana) and SUT/amp. When funds allow. Until then 2m blue ot new style Goldring mm or if more comfort goldring 1042 or Nagoaka to suit . Denon 103 /r works good but better when hefty mass say 7 g is added at head ( or more to the arm tube as collars- with more at back to balance - use window leading strip to experiment) . Detail fiends will not be happy tho with its conical tip but those liking musical coherence and dynamic drive will. or get a higher level arm fitted.!! No fun tho .
  14. Mickyricky - I've got one - vinyl . If u keen fan - it's yours . Played it once only.
  15. That was a great show

    Rob5ft 19 - Sunbeams room had an easy listen clear balance achieved in a tacky room similar construct to your own. Hifi has many aspects and yours had some enjoyable ones too. Room 'correction' is not in most homes. Visitors to Scalford may like to hear the type of sound from more 'everyday' entrant kit ,that they can imagine at their gaff. This variety is an appealing attraction at this particular show.