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  1. Sunday 16th July - Little bakeoff at mine

    Hoping to be with you . Maybe a limited time ( medical orders!!)
  2. Sheffield, Sunday May 21st

    Many thanks Dave three rooms of variety in sounds and kit ,Bake off banter and food too .Those DIY kit transmission lines make serious bass but even better by the superb bespoke big 12" driver units on top floor paired with Revelator tweeters ( and mids) to give a lovely soundscape aided acoustically by the sloped ceilings. ' Night bird ' Eva Cassidy was memorable indeed. Great meet!
  3. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    I used the AT33 with boron cantilever and Shibata on my modded RB 300 ( as above) with terrific result . Currently preferring the aluminium cantilever of the Hana SL as its less ' clinical' ( err cold sharp accurate ?) than the AT . More ' warmth' ( not sure what these mean exactly but u get the idea) . Anyway the arm when properly set up is well good enough to show the subtle difference and a bargain buy now as when it was designed decade ago.
  4. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    Rega carts use three point bolt fix to their arms . It works well . I really liked their top MM Exact cartridge in the RB300. It's a bargain (but is more than £50!)
  5. Which cartridge, Gyrodec & RB300

    Rb300 arm can easily be modded as its bearing is good and well held by a solid pillar . Time and patience required tho. Total rewire back to amp with properly dressed lead /revise stub and counterweight solid fix near bearing/ stuff with closed cell foam/ apply outside collar at a third ish along /remove Spring/bolt lightly to plinth using constrained layer damping and of course ensure absolute azimuths zenith and alignment. Then chose your MC ( eg Hana) and SUT/amp. When funds allow. Until then 2m blue ot new style Goldring mm or if more comfort goldring 1042 or Nagoaka to suit . Denon 103 /r works good but better when hefty mass say 7 g is added at head ( or more to the arm tube as collars- with more at back to balance - use window leading strip to experiment) . Detail fiends will not be happy tho with its conical tip but those liking musical coherence and dynamic drive will. or get a higher level arm fitted.!! No fun tho .
  6. Mickyricky - I've got one - vinyl . If u keen fan - it's yours . Played it once only.
  7. That was a great show

    Rob5ft 19 - Sunbeams room had an easy listen clear balance achieved in a tacky room similar construct to your own. Hifi has many aspects and yours had some enjoyable ones too. Room 'correction' is not in most homes. Visitors to Scalford may like to hear the type of sound from more 'everyday' entrant kit ,that they can imagine at their gaff. This variety is an appealing attraction at this particular show.
  8. Scalford 2017 Photo's

    Well made Good price if you like some 'rich'bass emphasis in your repro. Some B W design similarities . Probably OK if not cornered and to synergise to other bass mean kit/room then they are a. Bargain .
  9. That was a great show

    The ears that know good sound are not changed by marque so please accept those that positively stayed a track as the real deal. I look forward to hearing you again in 2018 - good luck with your application . The show values ' young blood' . Rock on!
  10. Scalford 2017 Photo's

    What a family team you have Tim! Enjoyed your room a lot as well ! Thankyou all.
  11. That was a great show

    The post by Hifiwigwam says he will gets the " rushes" and edited film will be about 2 weeks.
  12. That was a great show

    Really enjoyed wandering around this year meeting enthusiasts . I was reminded again of how much work is needed to setup and get max sounds in difficult rooms . Well done all . And Thankyou all .My taste ( bright open quick and powerful) was exactly met by a half dozen demo rooms and close by several others --all very satisfying . Some classic banter too. Rock on folks!!
  13. SOLD B&W705 Speakers plus stands

    Stylish and super mids . Drivers are at higher level of finesse compared to the BW 600 series models. Needs a gutsy amp (100 w RMS if tranny) but can punch bass thro walls as we found at Scalford ( apologies to neighbours were required ). Lead guitar / acoustic anything / vocals all very well reproduced . Stands are superb build too.

    I was about when " swingers " were invented . There was usually a sign in their gardens! A big pampas grass with high plumes swinging in the breeze! Not noticed one in Robs but I'll see you later over this ---- oh and something called " Scalford?"
  15. What convinces YOU about evolution?

    The OP asks using words chosen to elicit emotion tinged answers. Personally I avoided joining the discussion for some time due to this very fact. However temptation grew and when I spotted 1/2 posts of apparent logic ( albeit- Human) I joined. However I'm discarding this thread as unsuitable if it fails to return to objective thinking and discards ' attitudes' . I offer the following though-----we are in an era of 'POST TRUTH'. Oxford dictionary- ' circumstances in which objective facts are LESS influential in shaping opinion THAN the effects of emotion and personal belief'. also by SAm Kriss ' you cannt fight an emotional argument with facts' . Another observation might be made from a simple survey of the contributors demographic /origins. My own requirement and expectation from the thread was silly I guess but with such large intellects contributing i entertained an idea that an vague convergence might emerge. For instance ID meaning intelligent design is an idea for modification (not for carving into stone) - the D of it is accepted . The ' I' is an invented human idea --- which we felt we needed as a ' guide protector' in a world whose future we ( unlike dogs etc) could imagine and fear. The 'D ' was in action prior to ' Big Bang' which probably modified design criteria quite a lot !! Those holding onto their belief systems ( science or any other) should regard them As walking sticks . We are bigger than this and the species future needs those intellects badly ---- well - that's my belief!!