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  1. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    Not an "official" test. But, over 30 years ago, something sounded wrong after I had reconnected my speakers. After much checking, I realised I had reversed the speakers' polarity. When I re-reversed them, normal service was resumed. I make no assertions as to whether this is audible on complex programme material. In my case it was kick drum, the classic test, and totally accidental. What it has done is stop me being dogmatic about the inaudibility of phase, or polarity. The speakers were sealed box, which would have helped. Edit: I have just realised that would have been about 5 years before Douglas Self published that article. IIRC, at the time the whole idea was regularly derided.
  2. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    That's what ears are for!
  3. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    I subscribe (in general) to the idea of subjectivism for what, and objectivism for why.
  4. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    OK. But now the door is open for others to repeat his experiments to see if the findings are consistent. Which would be good science.
  5. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    Not seems to think, but actual tests with actual measurements. Which is (or should be) how the scientific method should be used. But, yes, not kidding yourself over the looks, etc.
  6. awkwardbydesign

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    You might want to rethink that.
  7. awkwardbydesign

    01A Preamp Builders Unite!

    Thanks. I had a cheap local supply, so I gave it a go. Just need to respray the lacquer on the pre to match the sheen on the PSU. And it still works! I just tried it; the only possible fly in the ointment is microphony. If I tap the chassis I can hear ringing through the speakers. which may impact the sound at high volumes. We'll see.
  8. awkwardbydesign

    01A Preamp Builders Unite!

    I like the slightly softer sound of the 26, but the HF roll off in my room is a bit too much. In a brighter room it would probably be fine. The hum I get with the 01A, which is cured by using a TVC on the output as the volume control. makes a direct comparison difficult. When I used the TVC on the 26 it softened the sound more than I liked, but it makes the 01A useable. Now it has its own PSU I will be able to chase down the hum without losing the use of the 26. The 01A has too much gain for my power amp (1V for 250W output!), so any hum is amplified too much without the TVC on the end to attenuate it. At the moment I am using the analogue pre-amp section of the Benchmark DAC, which is pretty good in its own right. Later today I'll probably connect the 01A and see what happens.
  9. awkwardbydesign

    01A Preamp Builders Unite!

    Since I made the 01A pre, I have been using the type 26 PSU with a switchable output. But I decided to make a dedicated PSU, with matching birds eye maple veneer. I simply copied the other PSU, so the voltages would be the same. But being senile, I wired the umbilical socket like the plug; that is a mirror image! When I got weird voltages on the Coleman filament regulator I did a continuity check and discovered my mistake. Assuming I knew what I was doing was obviously wrong. Luckily the HT fuses had been pulled, so that was OK, 115V at the anode. I PMed Rod Coleman, who gave me a test procedure, and it was then that I realised I had been using the wrong value of resistor for the dummy filament. Changing to the correct value (17 ohms) gave me the right voltages, so no harm done. Except to my self esteem! I haven't connected it all up yet, but it should be OK now. I just need to make a second umbilical cable, and then I will have two completely separate DHT pre-amps. I just need to make a new PSU for my Concordant Excelsior clone and I will have 3 valve pre-amps. Just because.
  10. awkwardbydesign

    DIY mains block

    At least it wasn't a silly question.
  11. awkwardbydesign

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    Good idea, as the WigWam bake-off scene died around here! And that was the main attraction for me.
  12. awkwardbydesign

    45-0, 45-0 volt, 500VA toroidal transformer

  13. awkwardbydesign

    DIY mains block

    Are all your amplifiers plastic?
  14. awkwardbydesign

    DIY mains block

    I have to admit to being puzzled that someone who can make (or design) a box like that can't manage a very simple wiring job.
  15. I made a Lecson AP3 clone many years ago with this, but it had some hum, so I never used it. So the transformer is unused apart from testing. It includes the metal top plate and rubber pads. At the moment the equivalent is £82 from RS (inc free postage), so I am asking £30 plus £9 P&P. If you want to pick it up I am in Plymouth.