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  1. awkwardbydesign

    Electrostatic HB3s. Sort of!

    Electrostatic cabinets veneered and painted., granite slabs cut to fit inside for ballast, IEC sockets fitted. Crossovers need sorting and fitting, as do grilles and binding posts. These will have plain black fabric over steel mesh. Slowly getting there.
  2. awkwardbydesign

    Electrostatic HB3s. Sort of!

    Looking through my grille cloth box, I came across this. And I thought, why not? No tweeters to get obstructed, and the backing net is very open anyway, so I stuck it onto the new grille frame. I have some black cloth, so I can always change it. The 'static panel housings are nearly done, just the veneering to do, and some granite slabs to cut for ballast.
  3. awkwardbydesign

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

  4. awkwardbydesign

    Electrostatic HB3s. Sort of!

    Freestanding "cabinets" sat on the HB3 cabinets. I want to be able to move them back and forth to time align, as I don't yet know what crossover slopes I will be using. And I will probably have to use some absorption* behind them, as the bass cabinets like to be close to a rear wall, and 'statics don't. * Or possibly deflection/diffusion. Suck it and see; it's not as though I actually need another pair of speakers.
  5. awkwardbydesign

    Electrostatic HB3s. Sort of!

    As I have a pair of SEAS 10" drivers, as used in Heybrook HB3s, and some MDF, I decided to make up a couple of cabinets for them. They have been sitting idle since the late '80s, as have a pair of Shackman electrostatic panels, so I thought, let's see if I can combine them! The Shackmans will (allegedly) go down to 500Hz, and the specs on the SEAS drivers look clean up to 3kHz, so I am going to see if a 1-2kHz crossover will be feasible. i already had the MDF cut to size, so £20 for some beech veneer and iron on edging is all I've spent so far. Some old (Cardas?) binding posts fit nicely, and I have grille cloth. I had made curved panels for mounting the Shackmans several years ago, and as long as the 'statics power up I should be good to go. Hopefully! The cabs are now made and veneered, but it may take a little while to complete them, so don't expect daily updates.
  6. I've just looked at this thread, and my question is, why the question? Will it make a difference to what you hear (or don't)? I know there are plenty who won't hear anything they can't explain, but is that you? Personally I am content with what my ears tell me, but many need reassurance by scientists. Good luck.
  7. awkwardbydesign

    FS: SEAS tweeters

  8. awkwardbydesign

    Please explain - passive crossovers and mulltiple amps

    A passive crossover depends on the impedance of the load to set the crossover frequency. So no, the speaker crossover won't work between pre and power.
  9. awkwardbydesign

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    OK, yeah you win. That IS ridiculous.
  10. awkwardbydesign

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Picture or it doesn't exist. Cmon, you know the rules. Is it worse than the Meridian?
  11. awkwardbydesign

    Kingscote audio in devon

    Ah, no. Admittedly I haven't looked for the shop recently, but next time I'm there I will.
  12. awkwardbydesign

    Kingscote audio in devon

    There's Tavistock Audio.
  13. awkwardbydesign

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    And then an 01A to follow it. Bronze Faraday cages around the valves to reduce hum.
  14. awkwardbydesign

    Valve info

    Bear in mind, that if you use a normal tweeter you will still need a large capacitor in series with it to block DC or any switch on pulses. I was using a Jordan 2" driver that works down to around 100Hz, so I didn't need one.