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  1. The bass panel arrived back here today. I had to pay £10 for the postage, which is curious, as Steve said there was a rare fault in the Mylar they used. Apparently a very small tear as it came off the roll, so totally their responsibility. Oh well, I paid it anyway. As for the replacement dust cover and grille screws from Quad, a saga of courier curiosity. They were arriving via DPD, but luckily I noticed they had the address wrong! Right postcode, wrong house number. I had no email or text from Quad confirming my order (as I had requested) so no final cost advised or address details. I then asked for it to be sent to Matalan, which is the local pick up point. A text then said IAG don't allow that, but they could deliver to my correct address the next day. Next day a text said it had arrived at Matalan! So I had to go and check. Sure enough there was a small box. Should have been two! Eventually the second part arrived here today, but the courier tapped lightly on the front door (there is a very visible bell push, but for some reason a lot of couriers don't like to use it!), and if I hadn't actually seen him through the kitchen window I expect he would have gone away again. I have run out of the will to actually install it all.
  2. The 10 cheap tips I ordered arrived today. They are of a smaller diameter than the original, but the heavy duty tip still works OK. At least I can now solder speaker terminals.
  3. 3" driver and shipping cost!
  4. My Innuos Zenith 2 uses a Teac CD drive and has a 1TB SSD. And my grandson sent all his pictures to the iCloud and has now lost them all!
  5. How long have you had it? Reliability is always the worry with cheaper gear.
  6. They're back, but only online. The main use of Maplin for me was the shop!
  7. That's the one I had. I had to replace the iron as it wasn't sensing the temp, and now it's done it again. At least the bits will fit the Hakko, but I had run out of large ones for it anyway.
  8. The Hakko came with a fine point tip, which is no use for soldering to RCA plugs. Not enough heat transfer, even cheating by using the side. I have ordered a bunch of cheap different sized tips to try. The single genuine ones cost more than these ten, so I will try them before splashing out. At the moment the old 25W Antex is doing the job.
  9. If you use bitumen as an adhesive or sealant, be aware that the readily available solvent based types will take forever to evaporate, and the the fumes can be destructive to rubber or plastic, Speaker suspension for example. I used some to stick bitumen roofing sheets to marble shelves, and it took literally months for the smell to finally go! Water based bitumen paint, on the other hand, will do a similar job and dries quickly and safely. Just don't drop the open tin, as cleaning it off walls and shelves is no fun.
  10. I found a shop in Stockport that sells old or damaged tins of Dulux paint. Especially smooth Weathershield, which I have used to paint all the kitchen cupboards I made, and all the record and bookshelves, plus I have just done the bathroom ceiling in white. At around £10* for 5 litres it is cheap, very tough and easy to use. Limited colours of course, but white, cream, magnolia and a funky dark brick red are all useable. Oh, and I even used it on the outside of the house! There may be similar outlets elsewhere, but this one is on the A6 near Stepping Hill hospital. I went there again a few weeks ago while visiting in Manchester. *It used to be £5!
  11. It looks really sad with two panels missing! I had to remove the panel above to get the bass panel out. Remarkably easy, but lots of little wires to unsolder. I am discovering more than I ever wanted to about these things!
  12. I have just bought a Hakko FX-888D from Amazon. But although I can adjust the temperature up and down, I can't access the presets. It should be straightforward, and I've followed the instructions, but can anyone who has one tell me if theirs works OK? Before I contact Amazon. EDIT: I have just found a video. It's way more complicated then the instruction sheet claims!
  13. I will be interested to hear your opinion when you get them. I make my own, and find them very effective. At the moment I am making a set for a pair of Quad 2805s, and they will be tricky to level. You may well have to place one set further from the edge than the other.
  14. It turns out to be a bass panel, but OTA say it is under warranty, so I will unsolder it and post it to them. The dust cover I will replace myself, including the clip-on mounting strip, which will have to come from Quad.