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  1. I use a dedicated radial circuit with a single switch to turn everything on or off. She can manage that.
  2. My point, posed as a question, is that a pot IS a voltage divider, not a variable resistor, at least in this configuration. I know they can be worse than fixed resistors, but a good switched attenuator could be the best option. But that wasn't my point.
  3. Is a potentiometer not a voltage divider?
  4. The diaphragms can stretch too.
  5. My hearing is deteriorating (I'm 71) at different rates for each ear. The positioning of performers is moving as that occurs, and as the changes also vary with frequency, some instruments tend to wander. Live sounds stay put, as they come from a single source. I have always had a peak at 6-8kHz (the usual tests go no higher, so my peak may have extended higher. Not now though), so for years I have argued that different people hear differently. It's been amazing how much denial that has generated!
  6. Ted Jordan used to advise fairly extreme toe-in, but his speakers had a large HF peak.
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless your attention span is too short to watch a 5 minute video?
  8. Rear brake shoes and wheel bearing. Paid for a pair of 12" drivers for my DIY Ripoles.
  9. Some of my valves are nearly 90 years old.
  10. Zerostat. Still works well. BTW, "squirrel tails" are probably signwriting brushes.
  11. Or Ripoles, which is what I am building. and
  12. After nearly 50 years as vegetarians, my wife and I were diagnosed with pernicious anaemia, AKA B12 deficiency. Too late for dietary correction, so it's B12 injections for life now. We had no idea this could happen, especially back when, so be careful. And I also don't like militancy, we do what we do, and let others do the same.
  13. Well, if you just use music to dance around your handbag, how would you even notice?
  14. At 70Hz (which is where I aim to crossover from my Quad 2805s to the Ripole subs I am building) the wavelength is 16ft! So a few inches probably won't matter.