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  1. My wife is very fond of these.
  2. Further to my visit to Ken's, I tried to play music from my portable hard drive to his MF M6 Encore 225. It has several USB sockets, but it wouldn't play. I rang Henley Designs today, and was told the 225 will copy from a hard drive to the internal drive, but won't play from it. A pity, as I had more choices compared to the few CDs I could carry.
  3. Scalar waves. Not an unknown concept.
  4. I do hope no-one is taking the obvious wind-ups seriously. I know some of us are terminally gullible, but really?
  5. Can you not just try it in the different positions and listen? Every system is different.
  6. No, still looking for 2805s! The 2905s were simply all we could get to hear without too much travelling.
  7. We have just had a lovely visit with a very kind gentleman near Redruth to listen to a pair of 2905s. A friend of Colin (greybeard) and very accommodating. We were there for a couple of hours, and my wife (and I) loved the sound of the speakers. So I have to find a pair of 2805s within reach, and get my current Troels Gravesen TLs ready for sale. I will put then back to his original specs, and component choice. As I will just be trying to recoup my costs on these, about £1200, they will be a bargain for someone. But as they weigh about 100kg I won't be posting them! Has anyone used the Quads with Townshend Stella stands? These work well with other speakers, as I have discovered, but I don't know about the Quads. Although I can't see why they wouldn't work.
  8. Wonderweb is iron-on, as far as I know, so will be coated with some kind of adhesive, which could cause problems.
  9. And I often read of the problems with new output transistors not being of the same spec as the originals. And that is aside from the fakes, which afflicts certain small signal valves too.
  10. These work for me. Seventy years of age and 100kg speakers.
  11. Not yet. I thought you meant the Oracle was a copy. Your post wasn't very clear.
  12. Copy? An original, if you don't mind! I have had a Gyrodec, but prefer the Oracle.
  13. Because it's a poor copy of an Oracle Delphi?
  14. And pictures? Are they the inner tube, elastomer or spring version?