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  1. Small speakers are usually inefficient; that is how they get relatively deep bass, trading efficiency for bass extension. And many have large magnets, which makes them ideal candidates for high damping factors. That may be why the amp suited the speakers. But anyway, limitless power at low frequencies will also increase headroom and apparent "size" of the sound. At least that is my (poor?) understanding of it. I had a pair of old small Mordaunt Short speakers, and a new huge power amp gave a huge amount of controlled bass. Sadly the amp was faulty and had to be returned.
  2. Bear in mind that bridged amps really don't like low impedances. If your speakers drop below that the amp might struggle.
  3. linesrg, Certainly, but that doesn't stop you hearing other things.
  4. So sorry to hear this. I just hope you and the rest of your family are OK.
  5. Isn't it the other way round? Capacitance. for example, seriously affecting ICs, particularly from cartridges? I'm too busy to Google it for myself.
  6. That's no lady, that's my wife. I jokingly said that to a waitress in our regular cafe a couple of days after we married, and she clouted me round the ear!
  7. I was out for a ride with some friends several years ago, and when we stopped I noticed the key had bounced out of the ignition. Luckily the bike was still running, so i rode slowly back for the 10 miles it took to find it. It was undamaged, having fallen between the wheel tracks of 4 wheeled vehicles. But 10 very slow miles on a Fireblade is not recommended. Nor ever forgotten!
  8. As you know, I'm lucky like that too. My sneaky trick is to get her to choose the veneer/leather fronts, etc. of the speakers I make.
  9. Granite does ring, although not usually as badly as glass or marble. I would suggest slate.
  10. In my defence, I rarely know what day it is! And there are those who spend hundreds on directional fuses.
  11. Is this really a good use of their resources and limited manpower in this crisis? I know you're bored, but really?
  12. Fixed the fence, made a new back gate, moving flagstones to straighten the path. But in between, adding extra output sockets on the type 26 pre for subwoofers, investigating the best way to add a balance control to it (my room pulls to the left, no matter what speakers or amps I use), going to swap the Quad 2805s across, just in case they are also unequal, putting the 01A PSU on the 'scope as it a sounds a bit off, ditto the 01A pre to chase down the hum, setting up REW to dial in the double Ripole subs. And then tomorrow...