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  1. Fixed the fence, made a new back gate, moving flagstones to straighten the path. But in between, adding extra output sockets on the type 26 pre for subwoofers, investigating the best way to add a balance control to it (my room pulls to the left, no matter what speakers or amps I use), going to swap the Quad 2805s across, just in case they are also unequal, putting the 01A PSU on the 'scope as it a sounds a bit off, ditto the 01A pre to chase down the hum, setting up REW to dial in the double Ripole subs. And then tomorrow...
  2. Can you tell just by looking at a photo if it is an original model, or does the serial number tell you? Are the black crinkle finish ones all originals?
  3. I haven't been out (apart from local exercise) since I was told not to. Nor will I, but if couriers are happy to pick up from my home I will continue with sales And I am still buying tools that I need on ebay, or delivered from Toolstation. My drill died, and my gate was broken. So life does go on, just differently.
  4. Damping factor is simply the ratio between the amp's output impedance and the speaker impedance. Some say that anything over 100 is irrelevant. And that some speakers don't actually like a high damping factor. I will leave any details to those more knowledgeable.
  5. I really hate those who can afford Simon's amps! Sheer jealousy, of course, as he has been really helpful to me for no financial gain. I used to know him when he were a young 'un, working at the Music Room in Manchester many years ago. He was clever then, too.
  6. In that case tell them they can only have two! Yes, it's amazing how entitled some people are. I hope store managers are going to back up their staff, and kick out the abusers. But I'm not holding my breath.
  7. But then their friends and family couldn't attend the funeral!
  8. The reason the Range is staying open is because they sell food and non-prescription medicines. The DIY bit is an extra. If the person went there for essentials, is it really wicked to buy wallpaper while he is there?
  9. Two out of three here, and the third may be on the way. My skin is getting very dry, and I don't sleep as well as I would like.
  10. Have a look at the specs of each amp. I'm guessing the loudest (VTL) has the lowest input level for max power, as I suggested. Either that, or the logarithmic taper on the potentiometer is different. I have 4 preamps and they are all different.
  11. Are they integrated or power amps? Loudness differences are often more to do with input sensitivity than output power. If one amp outputs max power at 2 volts input, and another at 200 mV input, the second one will generally be louder, even if it is lower powered. But would easily overload!
  12. Apparently it is. Which is why we may soon have draconian measures and penalties imposed.