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  1. Hi I bought this precision linear PSU from RS components in Sept 2017. I have used it to power my modest audio computer at home, it gets used about once a week for a few hours. It did make the music sound better than my old analogue PL154 PSU. My reason for selling this PSU is because I'm building another computer as my current one is nearly six years old. My plan is to build a small server which needs a slightly more powerful PSU. Any questions feel free to pm me. Price new £330 inc VAT, for sale at £260. Item is in South Northamptonshire. Link to manufacturers website; Extract from the spec sheet and the reason I bought it; Output Performance Ripple & Noise *: Normal mode voltage: <0·4mV rms and 2mV p-p Normal mode current: <0·2mArms; <40uA on 500mA range. Common mode current: <5uA rms Load Regulation: Voltage - <0·01% + 2mV. Current - typically 0·01% + 500µA. Voltage specification applies for any load change, measured at the output terminals. When using remote sense add 0.5mV per 0.1V drop in the +ve output lead (max. sense lead resistance 0.5 W). Line Regulation: Voltage <0·01% + 2mV for 10% line change. Current <0·01% + 250µA. for 10% line change. Transient Response: <50µs to within 50mV of setting for a 90% load change.
  2. Gordon, those speakers are well made, veneer work is nice. I just finished building a pair of TG Ekta Mk II cabinets a few months ago but need to get around to finishing up the write up on them for WigWam. Initial photos are already on the TG website under Builders Responses. What level of kit did you buy from Jantzen Audio?
  3. Hi Selling my used room analyzer kit. In very good condition and stored in its hard carry case. From smoke and pet free home. The manual and software can be downloaded directly from XTZ's website. Note this only works with Windows operating system. I used Win 7. Details can be found in the link below, however, please note that the tall tripod shown in the manufacturer's pictures in the link below is not included. That can be purchased from XTZ direct, or you can use the shorter stand already included in the kit as standard. "If you are looking for a way to gain more insight into how your speakers interact with your room and what to do to fix any issues, the XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro kit is probably the easiest method out there." - Audioholics - Sorry, the little USB stick cap is missing. Price £160. Prefer cash on collection. Can deliver if you live within ten miles of Towcester. Would consider a swap plus cash for a clean working Sonore UltraRendu.
  4. For me the real enjoyment I get from attending is hearing the stories and learning from other fellow enthusiast on this forum. I started on the ground floor and during the day tried to hear as many systems as I could. Sorry if have not correctly remembered people’s names correctly below. I overheard the story from (The ReelBBC) who said that he met an ex BBC engineer and bought a number of studio tape reels from him. I like the choice of 1980’s music too. Intrigued with the stories from the Dr from Ecuador (The Sony Guy) who has spent forty years collecting and enjoying Sony hi fi equipment. It did sound nice and open, I hung around for a while. It started with his father giving him a Sony radio I think. I was impressed that he had brought so much kit with him and that he had photos of famous musicians enjoying their Sony’s. Tend to agree that Sony parts quality reduced around the mid 1990’s. I met a Kevin and enjoyed hearing about the design process for his first audio equipment stands. He had brought along the first few prototypes of his stands which are made from high quality American white oak and nicely machined aluminium frames. Best of luck to you sir with your new venture! (Lateral Audio Stands) Also liked the sound and look of the small white two way speakers, I then learned that they are made from solid Corian! Great work whoever built those. (IJ Russell) The other pair of unique speakers I liked where made by Jon. The technology in these is interesting and the fit and finish of the cabinet is as good as on any high end speaker. He kindly explained to me how he achieved the neat veneered dark oak edges. The magnets in the grill that locate on to the speaker bolts is a neat idea. I liked the sound of the system built by (Harv’s Bruv) Thank you very for playing Goldie ‘Inner City Life’ (featuring British singer Diane Charlemagne). Impressed with the clarity of the mids and low down bass on those vintage Spendors! We talked with another guy about the sonic benefits of a dedicated mains spur. I would like a quality mains filter too one day. It was nice to see and chat with Non Smoking Man again. Amongst a number of things we talked about, he kindly explained to me a bit about how mono records play differently from stereo ones. Nicely built and sounding single ended Italian valve amp playing, particularly enjoyed hearing a few tracks from the album Brothers in Arms. The JA, TQWT speakers sounded lovely. Thank you all for sharing your equipment and giving your valuable time last weekend.
  5. Hi, for sale is one used cable, manufacturers description is below. Sale price £25. Location is Towcester, Northamptonshire. If you contact me this evening and want to buy this cable, then I can bring it along to the show tomorrow The Trico is Supra's best Digital/Video cable. Application examples include composite video such as, DVD to TV/projector and digital surround sound from DVD to AV amp or all other digital applications where true 75 Ohm impedance is critical. Supra Trico is an interconnect cable of very low capacitance, insulated with PE foam which produces only 58 pF/m and makes the cable’s propagation velocity as high as 78% of the speed of light. The centre conductors are made of 7 x 0.36mm silver plated OFC copper. The silver plating of the conductor and screen enhances the cohesive properties of the cable, at high frequencies. Trico is double shielded with a braided inner screen of silver plated oxygen-free copper and an outer of bare OFC braid. The screens provide efficient noise protection. The cable boats very low capacitance, only 58pF/metre, and insulated with PE foam, leading to a propagation velocity of 0.78 light speed. The silver plated signal carrying inner conductor enhances the high frequency properties of the cable, leading to an extremely low level of attenuation : 0.6 dB per 100 metres at 1.0 MHz and just 7.1 dB per 100 metres at 100 MHz. Double shielded with an inner braid of silver plated OFC and an outer braid of bare OFC The two shields together provide efficient noise protection from external sources True 75 ohm characteristic impedance (+/- 1.5 Ohm up to 100 MHz) Very low capacitance
  6. Steve H

    Updates please

    “Thanks to the organisers and those who shared their systemswith us today. I took away today that I have to learn more about digitalactive crossovers. The speakers I enjoyed listening to most today was the LinnKatan in room 202 followed by the little Harbeths P3. The produce to my ears, asound that is fast and clear. I could have stayed much longer to enjoy themusic and conversation.
  7. Steve H

    Spare components

    Hi Edd and Serge, see you on Sunday with the bits... Traviata, welcome to collect one evening. I will look out for you pm
  8. Steve H

    Spare components

    Hi I have a number of used components that I would like to give away Some of the parts are 8 Capacitors, BHC, 4700 uF, 100vdc - 55/085/56 LL 1 Toroidal transformer two 120v primary to two 9v secondary. short wires, D3001 2 Elna Silmic II, 470uF, 50v 4 Clarity caps 1204B, 2u2H, 50v dc 2 NewClass D op amps, 8 pin DIP single If your interested please pm me for more details. If you could cover the postage costs that would be appreciated or I can bring them along to the show on Sunday29th Scalford Hall.
  9. Steve H

    Starter system, £400. What to to upgrade?

    Hi Johnny I would recommend you attend the wigwam show in March 2014. The reason is that as you walk from room to room you can quickly compare what you like and don't like about the systems you hear. I guess its a bit like wine tasting. You can't learn much from sampling just one, but if you have say a dozen lined up, then you start discovering your preferences (and getting pissed, ha ha) I guess you know about the general sound characteristics of how amps sound. In my view valve amps sound soft, warm and open. Solid state amps are a little faster sounding, clearer. Digital Class D amps, ah well lets not go there I agree with others comments above, some trial and error maybe needed to find that happy marriage between speakers and amps, however if you know what 'flavour' of sound you prefer then your off to a good start towards hi-fi heaven
  10. Hi Guys Really appreciate all your advice and support. Those of you who have been through a similar situation know how stressful it can get. I live just south of Northampton, happy to travel to get my amps tested and fixed. Once they are sorted I will be selling them on Hi Fi Wigwam Any engineers out there available to help sort these out? Will need an invoice to help with claim Regards
  11. Appreciate your note and offer to recommend a good electronics eng, I live just south of Northampton.
  12. A summary of my experience using EBay to sell my gear Two month ago I listed my used power amps as a private seller, auction listing and made it clear that I did not offer refunds. They were working fine on the day I shipped them. Next thing I knew the Buyer rather than contact me to say he needed some help or had an issue decided to open a case against me within just two days of receiving the items. He made a number of claims that I now know where false. The main one being that one of them did not work. (They need to be tested by a prof electronics eng soon to verify) Despite many emails via EBay platform EBay as they usually do ignored the facts I presented and decided the Buyer was right. After this I offered to do him a favour and contribute towards the repairs if he could send me a copy of the engineers report he said he had. He thanked me and agreed to keep them. To my surprise seven days later the amps arrive back at my home!. I did a quick visual inspection and could see he had removed two of the expensive (New Class D) discreet op-amps I had upgraded. These where just chucked together in a non ESD bag. Worse still he had unsoldered and moved some of the capacitors and left white muck around the wires. Last week I opened a case against him for trying to abuse the refunds policy, which I doubt EBay will take much notice off. Today EBay refunded the buyer in full and are now demanding I refund them in full despite my earlier case not being resolved. So I’m left being £550 out of pocket and two amps that probably don’t work. There is no evidence of smoke like he claimed, just the musty smell of his flat. My only option now is to ask the Buyer to fund the repairs and write a letter of complaint to EBay in Dublin. I may also complain to the FCA and Watchdog. I have learnt my lesson now and I will always sell my used hi fi kit in the classified section of this great forum Before I print my letter to the MD of EBay, can anyone offer any support or advice please? Finally could any members based on experience recommend an experienced electronics engineer to test and repair these solid state power amps please? Regards
  13. Hi All I went yesterday for the 4th year in a row. Greeted by free CD's from Chesky Records and free Hi Fi mag. That's the value of the ticket back already I was in the market for a quality DAC and was really impressed with the sound and service provided by Audio Emotion. Up to 20% of most of their brands! I saved a fortune on the DAC I bought Also found Mike Valentine's seminar informative and entertaining! what a character. His live recordings using three M50 mic's to tape are awesome. For those of you there or going today, have a great time! Regards
  14. Steve H

    Visitors' transport options. No info on the web-site?

    Hi Graham Am coming to the show on Sunday for the first time. Will be driving up from Northampton with a spare seat Is there any chance there will be someone there who can give me some pointers on how to fix my solid state amp? Broke it by going one upgrade to far