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  1. Ah! I thought for some reason the cases were some new ones - mounted on the speakers!
  2. And we should believe you without pics?
  3. And to add to that - the latest (discontinued) airport express is airplay 2 capable (after update of software) which means you can use it to build multi-room systems amd stream to multiple zones directly from iphone (or from itunes on a computer) alternatively, you can buy airplay speakers, but make sure you check for airplay 2 (not just airplay which is the previous generation)
  4. These speakers are very rare beasts!
  5. I enjoyed the Kegworth visit for the 2019 show and taking part in the suitcase challenge. Considering visiting again this year.
  6. I used to have a Q100E with my first proper system. Had it for many years until finally sold and replaced with an ATC sub to match the main speakers. Used to dream about the Studio model - not sure if there is an equivalent in the current range.
  7. I am after a GoPro (or similar) to use on a two-week trip. I do not have enough use for it otherwise to justify a purchase, but this is a once in a lifetime trip so I really want to capture some videos and make a clip of this holiday. Any Wammers have one I can borrow/rent/ buy? Would appreciate. p.s. The trip is early-mid February.
  8. Well, I had a setback of two months unfortunately due to small injury and gained 3 kilos , but I already started to recover - Running and strength training through the Christmas break and restarting the usual park circuits from January.
  9. I would not be without a sub. but make sure the chosen sub can match or exceed the speakers in performance e.g. have the required extension while having low enough distortion at the required spl otherwise you will not be adding clean sound in the region below your speakers but may be just adding boomy sound (partly) overlapping with the speakers
  10. ATC can replace the tweeters, replace ageing electrolytic capacitors (re-cap the amps), replace ‘software’ (the flexing parts of the drivers) and re-test and re-calibrate for performance. Maybe they can re-polish the cabinets, not sure.
  11. The anniversary versions have the amps on discreet elements (as opposed to using integrated circuits). This design has slightly lower distortion.
  12. I operate mine using remote control sockets. The are inexpensive and come in radio or infrared varieties. I use infrared as I program the commands into a universal IR remote, so I do not end up with an extra remote control unit. It is not recommended to leave electronics always on as it will reduce their life (one of the effects of temperature) and the idle power consumption is not negligible. They do not have proper stand by mode unfortunately which would have negated both the temperature and the high idle power consumption issues. Remote controlled power sockets should not have any effect on sound.