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  1. AlmaAtaKZ

    Amusing registration numbers

    Saw one this week end - WW II SPY A few blocks away two cars parked at a property - 2B and NOT 2B
  2. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

    👍 looking forward to the camparison
  3. AlmaAtaKZ

    All you need is a few circles

  4. AlmaAtaKZ

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    Well, keep doing it! I also had a set back - missed 7 weeks of excercise after a small operation and a strong cold. Surprisingly, I also lost 3 kilos in this period. But I restarted exercising this morning and I am determined to continue. Monday is park circuit training and another one on Thursday. So, get on your bike!
  5. AlmaAtaKZ

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    How is it going, Parcelmonkey?
  6. Challenging a wammer to strip is less challenging than to watch him, I would think. You have not thought this through!
  7. Any of the ideas standing out so far?
  8. AlmaAtaKZ

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Yes, but it's the 50s (never kept the 100s).
  9. AlmaAtaKZ

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    I remember you had a sexy Dynaudio set up... is it still around?
  10. AlmaAtaKZ

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Hi, Jax! I was wondering where you disappeared to! Hope you are all right. Welcome back!
  11. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

  12. AlmaAtaKZ

    AVI Active Speakers Owners Club

    Looks like AVI is working on a 3-way active model.
  13. A rare opportunity!
  14. I would put together a collection of several most modern and advanced high performance speakers and subwoofers. And have a go at making a few myself using the best available drivers, powerful amps and an unusual cabinet and finish.
  15. AlmaAtaKZ

    FS: Benchmark AHB2 Power Amp (Black)

    Love Benchmark gear!