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  1. AlmaAtaKZ

    What wireless routers are we using?

    Same set up as the op. If I had to change today I would go for a mesh set up. But would prefer a hardwired network.
  2. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

    Congratulations! The 50s are great! hope you get your pre outs or the cables sorted. The advice above is complete. If the outputs are active, then it is most likely the wiring in the cable that does not match the ATC input pin allocation. the volume bypass is not relevant here - it is to provide a fixed volume output from the AV receiver if you are using e.g. an upstream stereo preamp/integrated when combining stereo and multichannel systems.
  3. And they are back... I think the latest episode was the worst I ever watched.
  4. AlmaAtaKZ

    Active Speakers Reference Thread

  5. AlmaAtaKZ

    16 bit / 44.1 khz - is it all we need ?

    16/44 is certainly all I need. The limitations are elsewhere - mainly room acoustics, loudspeaker performance (this includes amp as part of the transducer system performance) and recording quality. The rest is pretty much perfect these days or at least way better.
  6. AlmaAtaKZ

    avi dm12

    No harshness in my experience. They are very clear and have good imaging.
  7. AlmaAtaKZ

    avi dm12

    The 10s and 5s I can recommend. Did not hear the 12s but they should be similar to the 10s.
  8. AlmaAtaKZ

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    To the OP Yes, standards do and should go up as you upgrade. But - They should go up before you upgrade. By educating yourself and by listening to better kit you understand what better sound is and what kit sounds better and then you upgrade to such kit. Upgrading without understanding is likely to lead you to confusion and moving in circles while loosing hard earned money.
  9. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC HTS7 Speakers

    Looked into these but bought normal 7s for my surrounds. It may be possible to install the on-walls at an angle if the surface allows (to sink one of the sides). Give ATC a call and ask. they used to make in-walls but not any more.
  10. AlmaAtaKZ

    Amusing registration numbers

    Saw one this week end - WW II SPY A few blocks away two cars parked at a property - 2B and NOT 2B
  11. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

    👍 looking forward to the camparison
  12. AlmaAtaKZ

    All you need is a few circles

  13. AlmaAtaKZ

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    Well, keep doing it! I also had a set back - missed 7 weeks of excercise after a small operation and a strong cold. Surprisingly, I also lost 3 kilos in this period. But I restarted exercising this morning and I am determined to continue. Monday is park circuit training and another one on Thursday. So, get on your bike!
  14. AlmaAtaKZ

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    How is it going, Parcelmonkey?