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  1. 👍 Interesting. Hope for a further report.
  2. Wow, lots of progress! Looking good. but what is the final crossover hardware solution?
  3. Anyone opened the season yet?
  4. I did not like the new format at all. The new lighting is much less atmospheric and I do not like the 'co-hosting' that is being pushed in. The artists in the first two episodes were not that interesting either (to me), so overall a thumbs down from me so far.
  5. Anyone has a powered USB hub lying around?
  6. I use scm7s as rears, scm c1 as centre, a pair of 50As as L and R and a C4 sub. works really well. The small passives sound the same as the big actives, except they cannot reach the same high spl, which is not a problem as most of the time the volume is not high enough to hit the limit of their performance. of course I would prefer all the speakers to be active and hope this will come one day.
  7. AlmaAtaKZ

    Catalina OS

    Was Catalina upgrade for Roon 100% problem free?
  8. AlmaAtaKZ

    Catalina OS

    If anyone is using Remote app to control iTunes music (like I do) - Remote app does not work with the Music app in Catalina! At all. With upgrading to Catalina yesterday I have lost the ability to control music playback from my imac to everywhere around the house, which was the family's main way to listen to music, it was in heavy daily use. Apple support confirmed that there are no options but: - wait for update of Remote app (but no info on when or even if it will be updated) - roll back the OS Apple support agreed this is not a good situation to be in and offered me ... A free iPod Touch So, if you use iTunes and Remote, hold off upgrading to Catalina.
  9. I like the pocket system challenge - must include separate stereo speakers (not headphones), amps if not already in speakers, source if not integrated, cables as well as power supplies, control and of course entirely fit into one’s pockets.
  10. Similarly to Kii 3, Dutch and Dutch etc, Genelec now has a solution with directivity management - see page 10 here: A complementary multi-driver bass module to be used with 'the ones' 3-way speakers.