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  1. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

    It was good fun. I had to ask a group of builders to help me carry them.
  2. AlmaAtaKZ

    ATC Owners Club

    I have lots of side by side pics on flckr if that helps I had them for cmparisn for abt two weeks and the only difference in sound is that the 100s are a bit louder and have a little more bass extention. Otherwise they will sound identical.
  3. AlmaAtaKZ

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    Not a challenge as such, more of a special feature... We may need help from manufacturers/dealers for this - A side-by-side demo of: - D&D 3c - Kii3 (with or without the bass module) - Grimm Audio LS1be with bass module - Another well-known high performance 'traditional' speaker e.g. ATC SCM50A or, say, Genelec 8351 SAM That would be a great shootout demo and a great visitor attraction.
  4. AlmaAtaKZ

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    Can the thread be moved to the 2020 section?
  5. AlmaAtaKZ

    FS: Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold + Voltikus

    This is dream level gear!
  6. AlmaAtaKZ

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    Oh, magic! Already there! Thanks!
  7. AlmaAtaKZ

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    100kB limit!? I am a bit agitated re Bytes limits at the moment :-)
  8. AlmaAtaKZ

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    My room (12) at the end of a side corridor was at least one room away from the nearest live room and with the door closed it was indeed very quiet. But it is smaller.
  9. AlmaAtaKZ

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    Almost. There is a large blank square in place of the pic.
  10. AlmaAtaKZ

    great show!

    I did not realise how that reads! I was gluing the stands!
  11. AlmaAtaKZ

    great show!

    Yes, I remember greeting one of my guest with my back side! Trying to finish squeezing the epoxy out before it went hard :-)
  12. AlmaAtaKZ

    great show!

    Yes, definately remember that! Have the rather special speakers sold?
  13. AlmaAtaKZ

    Next show - Ideas for 'the challenge(s)'

    - grumpy old man's childhood dream system Just realised all systems probably fall into this category
  14. AlmaAtaKZ

    Kegworth 2019 - Suitcase Challenge

    Cheers, Knipester! Isn't it time to change your avatar pic?!
  15. It's springtime. Time to fire up that grill!