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The information for this year's show is now live at www.thehifishow.comΒ or by clicking on the show banner below.

NON EXHIBITOR ROOMS NOW OPEN - Special Offer....Stay Saturday, join in all the build up excitement on Sat night and then gain FREE access to the show on Sunday



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  1. Kev m I've booked a room to stop over in sat ) Sunday not showing kit at show
  2. terryg1

    Quad ll power amps

    I somehow missed all your replys guys !!! Thanks so much for your advice
  3. terryg1

    Quad 22

    Thank you for your reply chat more soon I'm off work Monday if that helps
  4. terryg1

    Quad 22

    Based in Northampton guys
  5. terryg1

    Quad 22

    Thanks audioflyer I'm based in Northampton I think you are would you be willing to look at the 22 before the show ? Also thank you. Tecumseh' valley but quad at Huntington no longer offer a service for the quad 22 pre amp thanks for your. Reply tho
  6. terryg1

    Quad 22

    HUM πŸ˜• No help yet
  7. I'm attending Saturday Sunday give me a shout out if you nead a hand or 2 πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. terryg1

    Quad 22

    Afternoon all just got myself a quad 22 pre amp to run my quad 2 power amps it's working as such but I believe a good check over and service would help it sing !! Looking for recommendations if this is the right place to ask ( if not add min please move ) attending kegwoth satt/ Sunday could bring it along pm messages ok thank you
  9. Hi Paul yes I want a room have sent you a pm and contacted hotel direct there go my name down hopefully all good
  10. I'm attending Saturday and Sunday stoping over if anyone neads a hand I'm willing to help out guys / gals
  11. Hi guys and gals I'm stopping over Sunday night if you could add me to the list also willing to help on Saturday if required just ask when I arrive
  12. terryg1

    Quad ll power amps

  13. terryg1

    Quad ll power amps

    Would use the 22 control unit but can't bleleve. How much there selling for just wounded if any one could recommend alternative pre amps that I could use or will have to save up for a good 22
  14. terryg1

    Quad ll power amps

    Looking for advice just found out that my technics A8080 pre amp stage out put is not enough to drive my power amps appretly nead 1.5 v to get the best out of them ? Any help to track down a pre amp would be good 4/5 line in and a tape out please not to bothered about a T T input admin move if not in the right place thank you