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  1. Andy is a top guy to deal with would love the amps tho I’ve got 3 at the moment yes still got the Armstrong’s going to set them up at the wham show in March
  2. Andy is a top guy to deal with would love the amps tho I’ve got 3 at the moment
  3. Nice Andy very nice good luck with your sale I’ve got to much kit 🥊
  4. Sorry I have !! Well it is 05.15 !! 👍
  5. I hnave one as well realy good unit running via mo jo dac sounds realy good !!! Good luck with your sale sir
  6. terryg1


    Thank you so much for everybody’s help on my post bencat, will chat near the time maybe look at the bluesound, node or just go c c a via mo jo 👍👍👍
  7. terryg1


    Will probably try a cca, thanks again all
  8. terryg1


    Thanks lurch and amormusic. And everybody that replies so far
  9. terryg1


    Ok I'm going to be showing some of my very humble hi fi kit at the wam show next year in march I'm already flapping around as to what to use to get my music which tends to be via Spotify via my i pad or I phone I've got a pioneer stable platter c d player which I'm bringing along as we I'm just trying to tidy things up now ( best layed plans and all that ) yet again guys thank you for your support and help
  10. terryg1


    Thank you all for your advice do I nead to buy a caa ( 2) for the optical out and what if I want to use it away from my wi fi network ( I e next year in march ? ) 👍👍
  11. terryg1


    Afternoon guys and gals I'm looking to up grade my very humble Bluetooth receiver but what do I go for ? Thinking of spending around £300/ £400 new or used I use Spotify as my main music platform I've got a mo jo DAC so would that help the sound thank you for reading this post PM. Welcome 👍👍
  12. Apparently my I s o on my old I pad will not load the Crome page I think I nead to fill out the spread sheet why is it so hard to do things!!!!!! Is there a link add min could send me or could I pm my details of room required then go from there yet again thank you
  13. Ok will try as you know me and web sites dont get on !!!!!