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  1. Have a Great day and make lots for the charity. t ​ am about 14 hours flying away from UK and will miss the show this year. Always the best on the calendar. Looks OK For Next year unless I share an exhibit - put me down as a volunteer - Including the curry night The BEST Show of the year Have a great day All of the best Newboy
  2. Sorry I have to say I shall not be able to help this year as I shall be in NZ sorting the family home . Next year you have a volunteer unless I exhibit and you may have a helper in my Missus!! Have a great show:nuts: which I really am unhappy to miss. BAH BAH.!! Newboy Rod
  3. All being well I shall be there on Sunday - looking forward to catching up with a few people and having a listen to what might be on offer.
  4. Newboy

    Best show yet?

    .... "Scalford is a one off" Every time every year I cannot say how much I appreciated the Show at Scalford - James you are "The Man of the Match" with a great team behind you thanks to all who took the trouble to make things superb. Tremendous efforts brought tremendous sounds to so many smiling people on the day. It has all been said before and I heartily agree with the spectacular outstanding sounds from all who participated with their equipment and shall not be drawn on this except to say that all of the sounds I heard were very, very good indeed. May well be tempted next year - If I can find a share partner and some less weighty good sounding gear. Wel done Wig-WAm Grateful to have the opportunity to listen and learn from the terrific bunch called WAMMERS Special thanks to Crimson Donkey for the information - this CD is now on order
  5. Newboy


    I can help sell raffle tickets if needed - I shall be there on Saturday - It should be like taking Candy from a Kid they tell me???
  6. Can I bring a missus ? my existing will do ? If so could there be 2 more for a good curry - and a bit of a laff !! Sorry Steve that is for 2 people then which will be one extra ( +1) on top of my logged reservation !!
  7. Thanks and Hi to all who replied I shall eagerly await James opportunity to book at the hotel then book for 2x meals and 2x entrances. Look forward to seeing all of you there .
  8. Any chance of being on the list for a bedroom please . Have forever been a regular at this I really want to be at the hotel again at Scalford - Am willing to assist in with any (non heavyweight back challenging ) work . Including to help with share/equipment - Should I have anything which might be useful (just ask)? As a treat to the wife I would wish to spend Friday , Saturday and Sunday night in a double/ twin room with my missus somewhere on site please.
  9. Bob May I have 1 x Newboy please
  10. Bob Will you please print one for me I guess we pay for them on collection ? Tickets purchased really looking forward to the show once again - I promise I am coming - Just try and stop me !!!
  11. Sounds good to me! Hey - Grub, The odd lemonadeor two , Scalford, Bringing the missus so that will be two of us for sat shindig Count us in = NewBoy x2 Rod
  12. What a star you were ! I now know what my wife always told me about my globes - They were deemed to be a bit dodgy but my pair seem to work OK Hey what a fantastic idea ! - Providing great help to Wammers and passing it on to giving to a worthy chosen charity - A Big thank you from me and the many others who may not have been able to reply to thank you for your effort .Thanks againRod (Newboy)