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  1. https://jackfrancismusic.bandcamp.com/track/holiday this is my favourite one on the ep
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L1kKLlSuRc Here is a link to his EP please have a listen and if you like it it would be great if you could support an original new artist and download the ep. regards hifinutter https://jackfrancismusic.bandcamp.com/album/a-pinch-of-salt
  3. I have access to a machine that will cut thin materials very accurate ,has anyone made there own cork turntable mat ,will this be the same stuff http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/fred-aldous-cork-sheet-a3-x-3mm.html cheers for any advice
  4. Thanks serge great advice as usual.:)
  5. Has anyone used a switch box to connect 2 turntables to one preamp input . I always seem to get hum no matter what type i have tried and how should the ground cables be connected. ie. should they be earthed to the switch box or taken together to the preamp connection cheers .
  6. Hi keith ,yeah good, still , Imfs really singing well .Was just wondering about the effect probably leave well alone . I guess digital stuff would be more affected so not bothered about that only really listen to vinyl and reel to reel now anyway
  7. I am wondering about these filter /conditioners with six or 8 sockets or more sometimes ,has anyone used them or had experience with them .There seems to be a lot of cheaper Chinese ones.Anybody used one of those , any advice would be great
  8. I could possibly drop these off as long as it is not to far from the middlesbrough area
  9. I have a matching pair of crossovers and tweeters from my mission 733 speakers, i am only giving these on collection .They have 73-hfdom/std hunttington england written on the back of the tweeters . cheers hifi
  10. Both roku sound bridge m2000 and a smaller one, can't remember no . Stations are jfsr and jazz groove so far QUOTE=gintonic;2241456]factory reset and rescan for stations? What make and models? and what radio station?
  11. I HAVE TO AGREE,I SCORED 180 ON MY DART BOARD LAST NIGHT . That was really accurate and it was quality !!!:)
  12. I have 2 internet radios that are the same make (different model but very similar) but i can't get the same station on both any ideas why.I have one wireless and one wired but the wireless one can get them .I thought the wired would be better ! Am i missing something CHEERS HIFI:nuts:
  13. My faithful mullard gz34 in my leak stereo 20 has gone kaput , i have been looking for a replacement but they seem to be fetching nearly 100 pounds, wow !!. Are jj tubes ok as they sell for about 15 pounds . Does it really make that much difference with this valve and if it does can anyone recommend a good fair priced one cheers hifi