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  1. Octoberfest bake off

    Damn, you're just too good at spotting a scam!
  2. Octoberfest bake off

    And there I was ready to ask for your help in transferring my $26 million inheritance from Nigeria.......
  3. Octoberfest bake off

    May I have a ticket to the velvet vortex please?
  4. september bake, off gathering thing

    Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I need to get my industrial strength music out.
  5. september bake, off gathering thing

    As Dean hasn't signed up yet I should be safe.
  6. september bake, off gathering thing

    Too late, I've seen the thread..... Am I in time please?
  7. North West Audio Show (Cranage)

    Excellent, I now know which day to go. (Sunday )
  8. North West Audio Show (Cranage)

    Go on, I promise before I go to have my yearly bath....
  9. Birthday Bakeoff 27th May

    Thanks Des, look forward to seeing you again.
  10. Birthday Bakeoff 27th May

    Still trying to get my crap together. Is there any room left please Des? If not, the subs bench would be good.....
  11. Sheffield, Sunday May 21st

    Thanks for the last minute permission to attend Dave, much appreciated. It lived up to its name with some spectacular baking at the bake off, it has to be said......
  12. Great to see everyone and really enjoyed it, thanks. Cheers Rob Steve
  13. Foo Rant - An editorial on the state of Audio

    No, no, no! It's "how d'ya mean?"
  14. Audio Note Dac Prices

    Yes, very happy with it despite the fact it's a second hand older one with smaller output transformers than the current version. Hope the queue goes down quickly for you.
  15. Audio Note Dac Prices

    I believe Jack at BD Audio is still an Audio Note dealer. Could be worth PM'ing him.