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  1. Millennium

    Song Of The Day

  2. Millennium

    Spice Girls: my daughter wants to see them....

    I paid about £140 or more to see Taylor Swift last year. It was just for fun though It's more expensive than it used to be. I remember paying £36 to see Avril Lavigne in about 2003-4 there.
  3. Millennium

    one word daily

  4. Millennium

    What are you listening to right now?
  5. hopefully worth checking on the HDMI standards or using good interconnects and an existant DAC for THX? Any thoughts? I have an AV10SE that needs looking and and multichannel may be fun one day. I'm not today boing to ask if anyone has vans PIONEER VSX-AX4AVi AMPLIFIER WITH FIREWIRE & HDMI CONNECTION 5 STAR AWARD WINNER COLLECTION ONLY COST £1000 NOW ONLY £250 COLLECTION GLASGOW WITH FULL DEMO >>!>>> >> DEMO WILL BE WITH PIONEER 868 OR 757 AVI PLAYERS
  6. Millennium

    Anyone going to try the upcoming Okto dac8 ??

    Apparently Logitech has a PC DAC coming out soon that is a game changer. It is likely to be MAC compatible. I await with bated breath...
  7. Millennium

    FS Falcon LS3/5A 15 ohm- £1550 posted UK

    appreciated Rabski. I can get an inkling of the speaker driver quality from a reasonable video upload, these days many mobile phones are capable of this. They are a stereo pair I would consider purchasing.
  8. Millennium

    FS Falcon LS3/5A 15 ohm- £1550 posted UK

    I was not aware that a forum was not allowing discussion. I simply asked for a demo video as a potential buyer and an example was posted by a member who was not the seller. Now that I know that the classified section does not allow discussion of actual purchase metrics I will do other things.
  9. Millennium

    What are you listening to right now?

    *laughs* I had a ticket for the last Dodie concert in London but I didn't go. Orla has recently been in Barcelona. I hope to see her some time. It's niche :]
  10. Millennium

    FS: Aqua La Scala Optologic MKII - Silver

    would buy. cannot afford. inside looks tasty (what's with all the complexity?? .... ?). Good luck with this sales.
  11. Millennium

    FS Falcon LS3/5A 15 ohm- £1550 posted UK

    Could you take a video of them playing say on your phone and upload it to youtube and link it? I am curious on these. I am not someone who blindly believes the BBC on this sort of thing myself (they use DT770s in their live lounge and my 990s are better; for example !! :))
  12. Millennium

    naim 555 ps s//h

    I am not a NAIM fan. I was browsing the classifieds and thought I would post this. When I pulled up the picture to reply with ,I was shock ed at how little there was to[o] it. My Primare has at least as good components.A 30.1 : I have one fuse left to swap outed.
  13. Millennium

    naim 555 ps s//h

    be advised - the electrosound psu + audiolab mdac is inpressing me at 2.4 v or so !!!
  14. there is still some debate about the commerial sale versus second hand and therefore personal use (home use). With this puzzle, prices are high and bitumen is almost all (in that the manufacturers price and spec to educate). Do your research and get what seems good. You will eventually grow to trust your decisions (I don'''t think IM there yet haha