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  1. Millennium

    What are you listening to right now? Two Lone Swordsmen Wrong Meeting II Quite enjoying this one this morning, though my neighbours are getting really annoying. S****eads
  2. Amazing items here from an 'estate sale' (gent is leaving the country it seems). Collection or arranged courier near Portsmouth. Not me lol! Considering the Sudgen may let it slide I'm not really sure. Good stuff though! erm
  3. Millennium

    one word daily

  4. I went for two (2) of these in the end I like the 'pro description. I don't know if I like the Teac DAC at all, but they are 75cm and they may help
  5. Millennium

    What are you listening to right now?

    Evening all! I'm listening via youtube streaming (not the premium versions) It's churches - every open
  6. James With USB ASYNC you shouldn't need to worry about the cable too much, I find a ferrite bead (or several) does help a little, though it can flatten the dynamic range There is still a lot of experts who say that optical SPDIF is a better interface. There is a possible problem with a timing socket on not many devices. I am not expert on this. Good luck on your equip choicei
  7. Millennium

    one word daily

    Sunset .
  8. Hi sq225917 would you care to explain for ? the difference between impedance and resitance? I know! Also you didn't answer my question about connexxx
  9. Millennium

    SpendorD7-Mcintosh MA252 Hybrid-HarbethSHL5+

    Certainty imposing
  10. Millennium

    Advice needed on Tube Amplifiers

    On this topic, I have a WAD KT88 that's being fixed, I will pick it up next week, the gent who is fixing it has offered me a quad of JJ valves at a good amount. ~~ Could anyone suggest if the JJs will sound better than my current 5 Genalex (GL) valves? It's hard to tell from random online paragraph Best wishes Naveen
  11. Okay now. What's the best way to reduce input resistance? Locking silver connectors never removed? Perhaps lightly gold plated silver? I am new to XLR if you could suggest a good XLR connector (and I would assume they have less ohm s) I would appreciate the Wam!
  12. Millennium

    Mains cables

    I replaced the mains cable in my old HK A500 and it did help a bit. It was a suggestion on line. Around 2006 as far as I recallz Appreciate the post Uzzy.
  13. Millennium

    Micromega CD players

    Isn't DAC > Analogue meant to be solved? I watched a convincing video on it a while ago. I guess the DCs and Chord implementations are looked upon well, why are they so complex? In any case agreed with the above that you would want a digital output from a transport to a DAC (probably Optical or BNC/SPDIF + Timing or USB Async [bit nascent some time ago]). The DAC I will leave to you, I have no idea how many watts are in your area or the level of transparently of your playback forms.
  14. Thanks for the help peoples! I wonder, what gauge of copper cable would be more conductive than say a 2*0.8mm silver RCA interconnect, assuming the same length and perfect connectors? I appreciate that I could do this maths, it seems a valuable contribution to the Wamm if someone could let me know. Perhaps 2*1.0 mm diameter copper (let's say good copper not necessarily OFC+) (rather than radius)
  15. Millennium

    Audiophiles for audiophiles powercord

    Maybe in 4 months.