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  1. Yes that was the year of your stacked 57's made up of tannalized timber frames Next year we used 63's I bought in Loughborough. Pearse picked them up on the way to Scalford.They had proper metal stands. Pearse used Art Audio Mono's with a meitner the first year and Lampi Big7 the next year. Believe it or not he now has Raidho C somethings and see here what he did to his 63's !! I use a Jadis DA50 whilst most people often to me anyway seem to use basic amps. Think that is a mistake.
  2. Hi Paul that was Sligolad, I was with him that year and the next year in a slightly bigger room but the bass in the second room was terrible. Followed this thread but hadn't commented. Have 57's and 63's so feel my opinion is biased! For me it would have to ESL's all the way. For the OP just take the advice above. Get a sorted pair either from OTA or Quad. Buy cheap and get them done or do what I did wait for somebody who does the work but then gets box swapping disease. They imho need a good amp and source to sound their best. I use subs and would recommend that. The room is important they can sound good in small spaces but you need them on stands and as outlined above if the room doesn't work you might need to spend money on bass traps etc to sort issues. Best high end bang for buck you will ever get for a pair of speakers if you can live with the looks/compromise of gut wrenching bass
  3. The Intona isolator is another albeit expensive option. Got one recently and had been using a battery/regen which was diy version of the Uptone Regen. The Clone regen is off for repair with a friend as it unfortunately stopped working when I got the Intona(just coincidence). I feel it makes a very positive difference. You can get a trial on the Intona from Purite audio. I intend using both the clone regen and Intona in my set up. Trialed it previously and a group of us all feel it improves detail, clarity,decay and generally just easier to listen tor all instruments in a track. That is a subjective view.
  4. But they are very cheap for a pair that one can just accept will need to go to OTA. I have seen pairs for £300-500 that will more than likely need the same work. At £150 that is a nice base price to work from I think anyway. For the Op you can take it for granted at that price you either spend the money and end up with a perfect pair but if you are hoping £150 buy you a good work pair you 99.99% will be disappointed
  5. I followed this thread a bit but really whats it all about? When you have a quick look at this review it makes you wonder:dunno:
  6. Agree completely and yes:D I have a 'shonky' box also as James lovingly called it. Funnily enough on this side of the pond we have some thriving polish hifi people. New speaker company run by a very intrepid polish 'engineer' utilizing speaker designs based on the Pure audio project design and also a software engineer who has designed a very nifty minimalist linux music player. But to get back on thread Lukasz's blog is a very enjoyable read
  7. My understanding is he is an electrical engineer who left a large company to pursue his passion. Products have a 5 year guarantee and service level is excellent. Very similar to the variety of very positive stuff I hear about Audio Note. A bit more reading material
  8. Found him the same route and it is entertaining and informative. He admits to being smitten with the Audio Note concept and his products have a similar feel. I love the bit about him sweating when he looks at the amount of blackgates in a particular dac(probably audionote) Certainly I feel anyway he does things in an unique way. Not afraid to make changes and adapt his stuff.
  9. Update Herman from Prima advised no prob with the prologue2.
  10. Little Dot Mkiii or maybe a Schitt of some sort. Little Dot should be available in your price range secondhand maybe need a bit more for the Schitt.
  11. When I was interested in 2.1sig dac I ended up asking here on prices didn't realise Jack sold AN at that point. It was frustrating with the model numbers trying to figure out exactly what people where selling. But one can't deny AN are a bit special as a company.
  12. Wtfplay minimalist Linux program running on ram on a heavily modded pc.No nice graphics with this:)
  13. Can't make it over this year but best of luck to all who are displaying kit I am sort of aware of the huge effort involved having helped out over the last two years. Hope the show goes well and the new park and ride works out well.
  14. tonerei

    Spendor d7

    Haven't compared the size but are they a replacement for the A6's or A5's? They seem based on the A5 2.5 driver design but look similar sized to the A6 but a lot more expensive. I assume Spendor have upped the game with the quality of these compared to the earlier A range? A6's are really nice but imho need a really good source and amp to sound nice. Suppose you could apply that to most speakers:doh: