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  1. , I'm actually struggling to remember when I last spoke to a dealer. I say the source, which I'm very happy with (purely Spotify via Chromecast audio), is that on paper it should be the weak link, though I'm not convinced, I'll have a see/hear what's out there (I fancy a Bluesound jobby) when I can be bothered , cheers Eddie.
  2. Exactly , though think if I change anything going forward it'll be my source first
  3. It's Rob's Sony TA-FB940R Geoff, a 'budget' wonder from around 15 year ago, from Sony's QS range, rather than their ES range. It seems to do all that I want it to do
  4. Yes, not a lot wrong with it, ta very much
  5. My latest speakers have made the biggest difference, this, tied in with using an 'inferior' amp (the 'cheap' Sony) that is a better match than the 'better' Quad I have. It's in part why I've gone a bit quiet on here of late, i.e. I'm just happy to listen to music and no longer concerned* about the hardware side of things. (* for now ).
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