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  1. ronin

    Bel canto

    I didn't receive any emails back so i decided to buy a new ice board myself, i fitted it the other day and it sounds amazing again, i was wondering if the new board would sound the same as the older one but luckily they are perfect together. Thanks again..
  2. ronin

    Bel canto

    Thank you, ive sent him a pm... i feel lost without my amps
  3. ronin

    Bel canto

    I've been doing a bit of research and it look like Bel use the ICEPOWER1000ASP board ? if they are the same maybe i could just buy 2 x replacement boards and swap them . has anyone done this ? thanks
  4. ronin

    Bel canto

    thanks for that ive emailed them but nothing yet
  5. ronin

    Bel canto

    Just found a problem with one of my Bel Canto Ref1000M monoblock power amplifiers it seems like one of them has lost a quater of its power, (gutted) it can be leveled out using the balance control on the pre amp but i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.
  6. ronin

    Bel canto

    Could you tell me who deals with bel canto in the uk, sales and repairs / problems, thanks in advance.
  7. ronin


    For reference here is the uk service department Karma AV Marston House Unit 9 Marston Business Park Tockwith York YO26 7QF Office: 01423 358846
  8. ronin


    Cheers i was hoping to get a mail of to the uk distributer tonight, I'm missing my amp already and it only broke today lol
  9. ronin


    Hi i have a problem with one of the channels on my Halo A51 but i cant work out who repairs them, im in kent but the parasound site is saying a company called multi room ? And a yahoo email address, a bit worried about sending my pride and joy just to anyone,, thank you kindly for your help,,
  10. I managed to make contact with a guy called Fred who has a ekco radio for sale so im a happy bunny,and picked up some nice nordost xlr's
  11. 3 of us going ,, hope to find a ekco radio
  12. Im not using valves but im using bel canto mk1 mono blocks with my 23's , I also have to hand my brystons and parasounds but the pmc seem to love the bel cantos, I mainly listen to jazz /classical/@ yello lol,, vinyl and flacs ,not sure if it helps
  13. Thanks for the advice and humour. Its so easy to break these things, still time to start saving.