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  1. rallychief

    Onkyo + Q Acoustics + Audioquest set

    Ok thanks for that thinking about whether the limitations imposed by the age of the onkyo will work for me Cheers Chris
  2. rallychief

    Onkyo + Q Acoustics + Audioquest set

    re the eternet only question i see you have a tp link to go with it, does that limit file streaming to 48 khz cheers chris
  3. rallychief

    Onkyo + Q Acoustics + Audioquest set

    is the onkyo running the latest firmware and is it ethernet only for internet, also is spotify the only streaming service it works with Cheers Chris
  4. rallychief

    Moode Player

    Hi everybody just like to say here, that thanks to the brilliant help received from Ronnie over the Christmas period, I have a working pi3 with hifi berry pro spdif output board, running MoOde , I cant praise Ronnie to much for the brilliant help given, by e.mail and phone, and lending me a pi2 to play with, whilst waiting for the 3 and parts as my chrissie pressie. Would have made this post earlier, but have been quite poorly for weeks, with some horrible virus, plus up to my eyes with other things, so haven't really had time to listen seriously to the system,but will hopefully get back to it now and finish playing with the settings to see what's best. Without Ronnie I would never have attempted the project, Thank you sir you are a gentleman. Cheers Chris
  5. rallychief

    External or Internal DAC for Rpi

    Hi Bencat, thanks for your post, it should have been addressed to me though not Kev, it is me that was in fear of doing the Linux thing, Kev was replying to me, Ronnie is ringing me at some stage today ( What a gent ) i am just compiling a list of questions, or i will probably forget half of of them, need to write down answers to, or by the time the rpi arrives i will have forgotten the answers, the problem with old age, now where was i lol. Cheers Chris
  6. rallychief

    External or Internal DAC for Rpi

    Hi Kev, thanks for that, what with the encouragement, and the very kind offer of help from Ronnie ( man in a van ) and your post, I am going to give it a go, my son is giving me the pi3 for Christmas, and the mrs has ordered the Digi + pro, a case, and BNC socket from Hi Fi Berry, that could take a while though, also ordered a 16gb Kinston class 10 SD card, a hdmi lead, although prob won't need it, and some heat sinks, I have got an Anker 20000 ma 5v/12v battery pack I can use as a power supply till I get it sorted. Cheers Chris
  7. rallychief

    External or Internal DAC for Rpi

    Hi Ronnie, No don't have Pi yet, yes windows based laptops, I have for some years been using Foobar 2000 with Wasapi and at times KS, via the Jkenny mk3 ( hi face ) converter to Beresford dac / headphone amp, in a second late night system, my files are on several 3.5" powered hdd, my main system has been a CD Transport now dead, and the Buffalo ess sabre dac, i feel the time has come to move into the 21st century and put the discs away, the pi3 appeals as it is such a lightweight system, with very few of the myriad of processes carried out in a windows system, the Hi Fi Berry Digi+ does away with a cabled interface, also can be remotely controlled, no screen to drive, so another process shaved, has the potential to sound great, for relatively small money. But i don't understand Linux, everything i read makes it very daunting, and somewhat of a geek thing, which i am not, also not young, hence the fear, on the plus side, i am far from stupid and willing to learn, have to say i am put off by a previous posters statement, that forum members will expect anyone posting here to have "some" knowledge of Linux.. So to give it a go or not, that is the million dollar, question, what was the answer to the screen and keyboard questions for first boot by the way, should i bite the bullet. Cheers Chris
  8. rallychief

    External or Internal DAC for Rpi

    Thanks Ronnie, what do you mean by LogitechMediaserver installed on the piCorePlayer OS, is the piCore all ready on the pi3, or do you download that onto an sd card, then load to pi3, then delete that from card, then load LogitechMediaserver, the piCore then always stays on the pi, and other systems, such as Rune, MoOd, or whatever get loaded on to that, can you order the Digi + Pro with a BNC socket from new, what about using laptop with hdmi as screen for first boot, and do I need a keyboard. Cheers Chris
  9. rallychief

    External or Internal DAC for Rpi

    Hi everybody, been reading this with interest, as I have been trying to convince myself for sometime to bite the bullet and have a go at building a pi3 music player, but am frightened to death by the " if it doesn't work you have to modify this part of Linux to this instead of that" scenario. ok so I buy a pi3 that's easy, I have a twisted pear audio ess sabre dac, spdif coax ( BNC ) input only, so would want to use that, so IQ audio digi + or Hi Fi Berry Digi + transformer, their is only one IQ audio Digi model, ? would the Hi Fi Berry Digi + Pro be a waste as I only have native 16 bit 44.1 Wav files to play, what is the best software platform to get the thing working out of the box. ( Rune, MoOde, Volumio etc. my router is far away from any available screen, for first boot up, will the hdmi socket on a laptop work as input as well as output for this, do I need a keyboard for, configuring it, as I don't have one. See why I'm frightened, and I have probably missed several scary bits. edit like I forgot to say I have a Jkenny mk3 modified Hi Face USB-spdif converter, would this be better from usb out from pi3, instead of Digi + route, I have read that people have had issues getting Hi Face to work with Linux, It needs specific drivers to work in windows Cheers Chris
  10. rallychief

    SOLD For Sale Consonace CD player Ref 2.2

    Would love to own this, cash is short however, would you take a twisted pear audio ess sabre dac + cash in exchange, dac just had both transformers upgraded. Cheers chris
  11. rallychief

    computer audio advice needed

    I have a jkenny mk 3 modified Hi Face USB-spdif converter, which is battery powered and sounds absolutely brilliant, bought off classifieds here for £110 quite a while ago, probably can be got for less now, probably one of if not best affordable converter out there. Cheers Chris
  12. rallychief

    What is the best PC audio software?

    Hi Mike thanks for that, gave that a go, didn't like the sound or the gui, now trying to sort another issue, when Q10 Pro is connected to my Yamaha 3020 receiver, the arc is lost from my Sony tv, and Amazon instant video app won't work on the Q10, not an authorised device I guess, so can't get amazon sound that way ho hum. Cheers Chris
  13. rallychief

    What is the best PC audio software?

    Hi Mike, can you remember if the app was USB Audio Player Pro, or maybe Volumio. Cheers Chris
  14. rallychief

    What is the best PC audio software?

    Hi Cable Monkey, thanks for that, I believe it is currently running 5.1, their will be in the fullness of time an update to 7.0, which is in the beta stage currently, and not good for daily use apparently, no google store for example, so what can I do with 5.1, don't have a USB dac the Buffalo is spdif in only, hence the Jkenny converter. Cheers Chris
  15. rallychief

    What is the best PC audio software?

    Hi everybody, reading all this with great interest, have recently bought a Hi Media Q10 Pro streamer box, and fitted a 6TB drive in its own bay, transferred all my 16bit 44.1 WAV music files to the drive, was led to believe with Kodi set to pass through, it would deliver a bit perfect signal from its spdif output to my twisted pear audio ESS Sabre dac, this is obviously not the case, as it sounds dreadful, when I return to a laptop running Foobar into a a Jkenny mk 3 USB-spdif converter, all is again well with the world.. Question, is their a Foobar app or similar quality app, that could be loaded onto the Q10 Pro that would deliver, either a bit perfect signal to its own spdif output, or to one of its usb sockets then to the USB-spdif converter, then to dac, bypassing the Kodi interface, or something else ? Cheers Chris