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  1. Thanks Guys! No problem Des, I will be pleased to have a chat with your son, I will head over to Syndicate 3 later. Some of the rooms are quite resonant, but there may be something we can do with speaker positioning to calm the sound a bit..... Cheers Steve.
  2. Hi everyone, I was planning to visit the show with friends but I now find I'm visiting on my own, so I'm happy to help out if anyone has any setup issues with their systems. I'm based in Melton and I make audio cables for a living (see for my background) so I can hopefully be of service if any technical issues arise. I'm aiming to be at Scalford Hall by around 9am on Sunday morning, but I will have the phone switched on from 8am onwards. Please give me a call on 07824 781607 from 8am on Sunday or email me at if you need any help. If you find that you are short of any cabling for your room setup and you want me to bring anything in from the workshop, please can you let me know before 9am if possible, so that I can bring the right cables with me. There is no cost for any help or cables supplied, but offers of coffee are always gratefully accepted Wishing everyone a safe journey to the show and look forward to seeing you all there, Steve.
  3. Hi, Has anyone found a good way of repairing chipped or damaged black vinyl trim on speakers please? One of my speakers took a few knocks when we moved house, but I'm not quite sure where to start with putting the damage right. I would be grateful for any suggestions! Thanks, Steve.