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  1. KevinF

    Rega RP10 Turntable and arm

    Deposit paid, so now sold, pending collection and balance at the end of the month.
  2. SOLD, deposit paid. Owned by me for a little over a year and in good overall condition. Available with the stock copper-wired RB2000 arm, or, for a negotiable additional sum, a RB2000 wired in Ikeda silver with a short capitive phono lead in Audio Note Vx and P-plugs. I have the original packing. There are some minor scuffs on the perspex lid that would polish out, and one of the rubber bands that locate the secondary plinth is missing. I am in north Devon. £1,300 + carriage buys it. Circa £3100 is the new price.
  3. KevinF

    Border Patrol

    You are in good, what I like to call 'thinking' company. As you observe, we don't know how to measure all of what makes a box sound the way it does. Trust the measurements for what they might usefully tell, but trust your ears as well, is the mindful response. I gather from G47 that your day was illuminating. I am not in the slightest bit surprised at your conclusions.
  4. KevinF

    Border Patrol

    Aahhh, but you do realise, don't you, that since the difference in sound that you heard cannot be measured, your subjective judgement is valueless...or so the measurebators here will assert. Enjoy the music? Heaven forfend! You are using the wrong sense organs. You should be listening with your eyes.
  5. There it is. The OP never wanted advice, just a third-party endorsement of a decision already made. So far, so forum. No endorsement = no engagement with advice. I have asked someone to kill me if ever I post here again. Kill me. Dead.
  6. I am no expert, but the current generation M6 Phono uses 5670 tubes, not 6072As. And those who have suggested that the OP gets his M6 looked at are correct, in my view. The sound he describes suggests a problem.
  7. KevinF

    SALE Yamaha CR1000 Receiver

    Price reduction by £60 to £300 dead. I am not using it, so it makes no sense to have it sitting around.
  8. KevinF

    Contact details for Dom

    Many thanks Karl.
  9. KevinF

    Contact details for Dom

    Would appreciate it if some kind soul here could PM me Dom's contact details. I see he has left Watch Religion. Thank you. KevinF.
  10. KevinF

    Sending messages to ET - a good idea?

    Perhaps we are viewed by other inhabitants of the galaxy as the noisy, dirty, disputatious neighbours with the broken washing machines and freezers dumped on the front lawn.
  11. KevinF

    Sending messages to ET - a good idea?

    I'm with you, Jerry. Advertise life on earth? What could possibly go wrong?
  12. KevinF

    Logburner frustrations.

    Rory - Please read this in the spirit in which it is meant: I wish you well and am anxious for your health I have repeatedly offered the *moderately informed* view in PMs to you, and publicly in this thread, that over-drawing was and is not the issue; that fitting a damper would therefore be waste of time and money, and that you neeed to get a stove expert in and stop trying to guess your way to a solution. You have ignored this advice and done what you said you were minded to do in your first few posts - have your builder fit the damper. In doing so, you have shown that my diagnosis from 200 miles away was correct: the problem was not an overdrawing flue. Unsurprisingly, you also say that the damper has had no effect on the controllability of the stove. Worryingly for those of us here concerned about your tenture on planet earth, you now also report symptoms of CO poisoning. As I have indicated in my PMs to you, and in this thread, I believe that your second-hand stove has a fault - it is not operating as a sealed box, but is leaking, allowing air to enter the firebox even if the controls are closed. If the stove has been refurbished it may well have been re-assembled without sealant or gasket in a critical place, or simply sold having been damaged. Depending upon where the leak is, this could lead to exactly the overall symptoms that you described before the damper was fitted (and which continue to manifest subsequently). It is simply untrue to claim, as you do, that there are "very few pro's available". In a PM to you on November 14 I sent you a link to the Hetas Web site, showing 15 (in the interests of clarity that's fifteen) stove specialists in your geographical area. If you have one of them visit, they should be able to work out where the problem lies, and resolve it for you. It may require two visits. It may require partial dissassembly of the stove and the fitting of a 50p* length of gasket. If a panel or other component is cracked or missing, the cost of rectification will be more than 50p, but my expectaton is that it will be way less than the cost of a new stove. Please, get a specialist in, and do come back here and let us know how things turn out. Wth best wishes. KevinF. *As an example only. It is cheap material, but rather critical to the correct functioning of most stoves!
  13. KevinF

    Logburner frustrations.

    Rory has the names and contact details of more than 10 stove specialists within his region. Shortly before Christmas he had arranged for one to visit and properly diagnose the problem. For some reason he back-tracked on this and had the damper fitted by his builder, rather than have the expert visit. People on here often ask for advice about what audio kit they should buy, and then ignore that advice and get what they were going to get in the first place. The worst consequences of this all rather pointless dance are a dent in the wallet. In this instance the OP asked for advice about a non-performing stove, was urged to get a professional help...and then went ahead and did what he was proposing to do in the beginning. So far so very 'wam. The OP may well be worried about the cost of perhaps having to junk the stove and buy a replacement that actually works, but the possible consequences of staying with the staus quo are rather more grave than a dent to the wallet - a stiff dose of carbon monoxide can permanently bring to an end to all worries about money. My gut feel is that the lack of control might actually be quite cheaply rectified. Whether that is the case will not be clear until the stove is examined by someone who knows what they are doing.
  14. KevinF

    Logburner frustrations.

    I wish you well Rory, but I am dismayed by your latest posting. Remote diagnosis is difficult, but it never felt to me like a problem of over-drawing, and the result of the fitment of the damper confirms that it was not. You have now throtttled a stove that was already not the otherwise mostly airtight box that it should be. Now, in addition to eating wood and not making heat, it is smoking the room and in all likelihood emitting levels of CO that can *compromise* your health. Please stop using it and spent a penny or two on getting the stove expert you have already been in touch with to visit and diagnose the issue.