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  1. 2010*zuma

    Wanted - Audio Analogue Puccini amplifier

    I've had the maestro settanta ll se amplifier in black with the built in phono ... Terrific amp. .. lovely wide sound stage.. Paired with kef 203/2's some great vinyl replay... . I had the rather large and hot running Class A SE.... Second to none micro and macro dynamics... Also had the graaf gmb ll valve amp that followed in the AA house sound...lots of power on tap. I think paired well with the right speakers the little puccini really could have something good to offer.... 🧨
  2. 2010*zuma

    Wanted - Audio Analogue Puccini amplifier

    A black se version sold as recently as 4 weeks ago for £350 on the flea.... Was probs a non riaa as no mention.. Was interested myself to see what it could do..
  3. 2010*zuma

    Graaf GM50b mk II for sale --Price Drop

    ... And a fantastic looking beast too, especially the vial window showing the valves light up... The paint finish is incredible, completed by a little known car manufacturer also based in Modena!
  4. 2010*zuma

    Graaf GM50b mk II for sale --Price Drop

    Having owned both of these amps I can attest that the mk ll is for me better, offering a different presentation... You can very much hear the audio analogue sound that's been dialed into this version...plenty of power on tap too... A great amp... Glwts
  5. 2010*zuma

    WTD: 6m Speaker Cables

    I would recommend some van damme studio blue as really good basic cable
  6. 2010*zuma

    Chord Epic Super Twin Speaker Cable - 2 x 2.5m

    I remember popping into an audio excellence say 5 years back asking if he had any speaker cable I may like and the sales guy got pretty enthusiastic asking what system I had saying he had some out the back he could do a great price on... Came out with this cable can't remember the lengths and I thought to myself yes i could see me giving it a go - why not!... Yep he said I can do this for £995!......i was half expecting silliness but was not expecting what I heard.... Nuff said I left the shop and left my van damme studio blue right where it was! Great price BTW!
  7. 2010*zuma

    Tone arm wanted...

    12 month old techno arm with vta - £395..
  8. 2010*zuma

    FS Resolution Audio Opus 21 cr7 player

    Wasn't there somebody on here last month or so looking for one of these?...
  9. 2010*zuma

    Michell ORBE Turntable

  10. 2010*zuma

    NAIM NDX FS. Price drop!

    Great price for the model (bt) and year👍
  11. 2010*zuma

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    Have you tried pm?...
  12. 2010*zuma

    Wtd - Lavardin mains cma cable

  13. Colour really suits these..... Great looking...... Had the sia2 - 150 once would make a great combo...... Glwts
  14. I'm wondering if any wammers have any lavardin cables they are not using or may be looking to sell.... Thanks
  15. 2010*zuma

    Could mods please move as sold... Thanks

    Could Mods please move as sold to help free up classifieds.... Thanks