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  2. On the stands unique units....the original ones used to have 11mm thick glass as standard... Where as the new ones are a poultry 7mm glass shelving as standard....make what you will of that..
  3. 2010*zuma

    which streamer ?

    Naim ndx with the naim power supply...one word...sublime.
  4. I have my system on the floor with marble slabs under them and think it looks way better than any rack/stand ever could..
  5. He would be more informative giving a tour of the broom cupboard....
  6. That posh guy is so out of touch....he's not connected to the product in any way...
  7. Having owned a few of the recent reference range: 203 203/2 205/2 twice over 207/2 The 207/2 were fairly recent and were made to order (recommissioned). Pick of the bunch for me were the 205/2 Apparently the original 201 to 207 series were behind schedule so basically rushed out to make the deadline for press release. It made some sense hearing this to me because I felt that series wasn't in the same league as the mk ll. (/2).
  8. Is that guy Alan Partridge?........ ...Boris Johnson...... .....or David Brent.... Can't quite put my finger on it..........
  9. There is the £1 final value selling fee on eBay that is the only time I list items I'm selling....they had thousands of pounds off me over the years taking 10%.....I have turned over in excess of 100k of used hifi equipment on there....where if selling as a business I'm pretty sure there wasn't any fees except for the 4% PayPal...
  10. ... Come to think of it I have bought a few pieces of equipment on here over the years......
  11. Has to be fleabay due to the , audience you are reaching....I don't think in the near 10 years on here I have managed to sell any hifi equipment.....Although I did sell a fair amount of vinyl some years back...
  12. There is only one marketplace for selling your HiFi equipment and pretty much anything else for that matter really...
  13. My experience with Dac's is they aren't worth their salt....i've spent out on a few over the years...first being benchmark dac1.... Found it Rather glassy.... Crazy imaging... Steely Dan literally dropping onto the floor coming out of the speaker...wadia in the higher end cdp,'s......just sterile and bland......the last was simaudio moon 380d Streamer/DAC....just took away the music and and didn't add anything from the source running though it....to be honest the only DAC I ever really liked and thought was great was in my audio analogue maestro settenta special edition .....it was the upper end CDP with the internal/external dac.....the micro, macro dynamics and black background it brought along were just superb..stunning....I know its all very much system dependent and most of all synergy but aside from the aa DAC I'm definitely down on them....they just haven't worked....interested to hear other users thoughts on them......