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    DIY Lenco/ply plinth
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    DIY Paradise
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  1. df_genius

    Thoughts from a hifi show virgin/my mini review

    Thanks Josh, it was nice to meet you, I liked your test track David.
  2. Which drivers are you using in your FHXL's? My Alpairs took a long time to run in, I agree they are astonishing for a single driver, there are no frequencies lacking aside from subsonic bass and refuse to congest even at high volumes. The Dragon won't be making an appearance, it doesn't sound as good as my 682ZX so I will be taking that. I have been taping a few things with the Nakamichi, Akai GX-77 and Revox A77, they are all working well after recent services. I have made a Bowie mix tape (amongst others), from Hi-rez sources My system is about ready, however I haven't had any setup time with the Axiom's with their ribbon tweeters, here they are though: [ATTACH]14236[/ATTACH]
  3. I am planning on getting there on the Sunday morning, do we have any idea what time we can get in the rooms for, where we get room keys from and whom do we need to contact please when we get there? Can the exhibitors have a contact number for an organiser if there are any queries/issues on the day? Any information like this might be useful in this thread. Cheers, David.
  4. df_genius

    Printed Exhibitors Kit List

    No thanks I will make my own
  5. These are the main components I have to complete, although this will be a second amplifier and pair of speakers. I expect to have them completed in time. [ATTACH]13689[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13690[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]13691[/ATTACH]
  6. Earlier today I glued the main panels for my Goodmans Axiom 201 Onken's together, I am also a couple of hours from completing the Dartzeel clone, the cap multiplier and amp boards are all tested and working, it just needs installing and wiring up. The Lenco re-plinth is nearly done, I just need to re-lubricate the motor and bearing, and drill and paint the arm-board. I will upload some pictures tomorrow. Jobs I am yet to start are build my new Audiomods arm kit (I do have an older one to use as a fallback) and give the tape decks a fettle.
  7. df_genius

    ****2016 Show Badges****

    One please: df_genius David thanks!
  8. df_genius

    Beer money cartridges.

    I don't have one myself, but I believe it's made by AT for Goldring, this link may help: http://www.mds975.co.uk/Content/vinyl02.html
  9. df_genius

    Beer money cartridges.

    How about the OEM version of the Goldring Electra? http://www.edsaunders.com/reded.htm
  10. df_genius

    Plugged a tape deck and heard it. first time in 20+ years

    I really enjoy analogue tape, fixing decks up and making recordings etc. I have put my name down to exhibit at Scalford, and will probably be taking cassette and R2R. Cassette-wise it could be any out of my Nakamichi Dragon, CR-7, 682ZX, CR-4 and Cassette Deck One, those are the main contenders. R2R will be Revox A77 or Akai GX-77
  11. df_genius

    Biggest Surprises of 2012

    I had a great day, it flew by! I was playing The Wall on Reel to Reel, thanks for the comments guys. I'm glad that all of my DIY kit worked without a hitch all day. Was good to meet fellow wammers/pfm'ers. I had about half an hour to have a stroll around, I didn't make it out of the block! Well done to the organisers, despite the hotel's best efforts to make things difficult (by changing room numbers at the last minute) it all went well.
  12. df_genius

    Music Requests

    I plan on taking some Led Zep, Foo Fighters and Black Album (all on vinyl)
  13. df_genius

    Music Requests

    I'll be taking my 1st press of Blue Lines along
  14. df_genius

    Exhibitors and overnight accommodation

    I have a few questions I've not seen answers to thus far. I will be travelling down on the Sunday morning and plan to get there around 8:30 to get set up in time. Here goes: - Will the keys to the rooms be at reception - if so will we need to pay a deposit for the room key? - Do we need to let any Wammers know we are there (so they can keep track if they need to) - Will a contact number for the guys running the show be provided to those showing in case of any issues on the day? Really looking forward to the weekend - the Akai R2R is currently mid-service
  15. df_genius

    What kit do you need to finish for the show?

    I'm just finishing off my Salas phono stage with Teflon caps and the latest regs. It sounds stunning already. Then a few minor mods to my HackerNAP, a couple more to the cd player and then tidy up the speakers. Id love to give the tape recorders another service but it will have to wait.