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  1. as it happens I do have a spare phono amp and integrated amp so when it happens again I'll swap components and see what happens. Thanks for your input guys
  2. Both amps had been on for a couple of hours already by the time I got around to listening to that particular LP.
  3. And it's what I hate most about streaming - I'm constantly frustrated that my seemingly 'intelligent' gadgets can't figure out the proper sequence of tracks.
  4. Listening to an LP the other day I couldn't help noticing how the soundstage was clearly favouring the left channel. I put it down to either my hearing or the recording, only for the balance to suddenly and very noticeably shift to the centre mid-LP. So, I restarted the LP and lo and behold the balance was perfect so it wasn't the LP. I'm wondering what could have caused this - could it be one of the valves in my amps showing signs of wear and tear or could it be the cart? Using an Art Audio Vinyl One valve phono stage, New Audio Frontiers Legend valve integrated and Cartridge Man Music Maker III. Any ideas?
  5. First time listening to this. Fallen in love with her voice all over again !!!!
  6. Shame you also need MC capability because If you could stretch that budget a bit I would definitely recommend the Puresound P10 - fantastic phono stage
  7. I wouldn't class that as a gorgeous gadget - it's a lumbering monster of a turntable
  8. Problem is that some charity shops which used to be a great source of 2nd hand buys are not only charging more, but for records that are frankly not in great nick. But that makes it all the more rewarding when that treasure is found for a decent price I suppose. It's why I got into records in the first place all those years ago - the thrill of the chase!!!
  9. I agree there is much out there that is decidedly below par. So much so that I've become very choosy about which new vinyl pressings I purchase, particularly re-issues and only tend to stick to certain labels that I've had good experiences with - MOFI, Music On Vinyl, Analogue Productions, Speakers Corner spring to mind. I recently bought the Johnny Cash Unearthed box set and the quality control on that seems to have been very poor, loads of surface noise and clicks - I have 40 year old records that sound quieter. And 180g or even 200g is not a guarantee of excellent sound either - a poor recording on 180g is still a poor recording. There are plenty of great recordings from the 80s on much thinner vinyl that sound better.
  10. Ella Fitzgerald - absolutely sublime voice, a supreme vocalist Aretha Frankin Alison Krauss Christine McVie Joni Mitchell Debbie Harry Claudia Brucken
  11. Agreed - expensive carts are definite beneficiaries of a decent record cleaner. The difference a good wet clean made compared to my Knosti Disco Antistat I used to use was night and day, particularly with second hand or older records. I got my Clearaudio Smart Matrix second hand and it was one of my best buys under £500.
  12. Which category do those who buy 'vinyls' and hang them on their wall fit into?
  13. After putting up with bouncy floorboards in my office for the last year or two decided to finally re-instate my TT on it's wall shelf - looking very decent (although perhaps a little small for the Voyd!!)