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  1. Shannon Lay, title track from her new album out today
  2. ************* Great storywriter and brilliant album Mac
  3. ****************** Good find Mike... if you like her, look up Liza Anne The Colder Months. Mac
  4. Fay Hield, Green Gravel from her album Old Adam
  5. Really like this version of Hares on the Mountain by Crooked Weather
  6. A track from a superb album by The Brothers Gillespie, The Fell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouUa1AWkTy4
  7. ******************** Found a siteyesterday where I could listen to samples of each track... sounded promising. Mac
  8. ************* Excellent! any idea when the album is due for release? Mac
  9. Debra Cowan, track from her album Fond Desire Farewell
  10. ************************ Not sure why you bother keeping the Harbeths, as you're obviously quite contemptuous of Mr Shaw. I did in fact ask you to clarify if it was a question of cutting down on box count or you wanted an improvement in SQ, but you chose not to answer the question, just ranted on about the creater of one of the best brands of speakers in the World. and a man who is not so blinkered as not to listen to others in his team... not sure what you're talking about more detail either, with every upgrade in the SHL5 line, the improvement has been totally balanced whether it be in highs, mids or base. Good luck with your search Mac
  11. Roo Panes, Sketches of Summer from his Quiet Man album
  12. I've never seen that quote from AS anywhere... I've owned SHL5 SHL5+ and now the anniversaries and I can assure you the improvement in SQ will be greater than any change in amp of the price range you are looking at. Mac
  13. Have you thought about upgrading your Harbeths to the plus model, or even the 40th anniversaries, or is this just a case of reducing box count and not necessarily improving SQ? Mac
  14. Progressive Folk outfit, Iamthemorning, from their stunning album The Bell
  15. whitehart

    Celtic Folk

    Karine Polwart, from her new albumout today, Scottish Songbook