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  1. whitehart

    Accuphase Owners Club

    The E470 has gone, but no sign of it's replacements! By all accounts, it's out for delivery, sat in silence in case I miss the doorbell lol! Mac
  2. whitehart

    Accuphase Owners Club

    The deed has been done, funds exchanged, amps arrive on Thursday. Mac
  3. whitehart

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Recognise this track from a certain TV drama? O'Hooley and Tidow from their album The Fragile
  4. whitehart

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Sam Brookes, from his self titled album
  5. whitehart

    Accuphase Owners Club

    ************* I do like Sugden, used to own the IA4 Masterclass and vocals sounded particularly lifelike, but it failed to control the base well enough in my old listening room, plus I got fed up with the heat it gave off. Mac
  6. ****************** The remote for the two Accuphase intigrateds haven't had the option to turn on and off from the remote, so that's not a worry and the question of half the power output, I don't play at really loud levels, so shouldn't be an issue... the power amp has a much higher damping factor than the E470 so should give even better control of the Harbeths. Mac
  7. ************** Have decided to go for pre/power... may not get another chance like this. Will arrive middle of next week. Mac
  8. whitehart

    Accuphase Owners Club

    ************** It's something that has crossed my mind, but I doubt I'll get another chance to buy such a pair of amps at such a great price, so feel I must go for it. Worst comes to the worst, I'm sure I can sell them on without too much loss. Mac
  9. whitehart

    What are you listening to right now?

    Full album stream, Alt J An Awesome Wave
  10. whitehart


    Red Tail Ring Fall Away Blues, CD just dropped through my door
  11. ****************** Of course that goes without saying. As previously mentioned, it's not possible to hear before I buy Mac
  12. *************** The 650 has crossed my mind, but I think it's class A and would end up costing me more than the pre/power Mac
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Sadly, listening before I buy isn't an option on this occasion... looking at the specs between my Accuphase integrated and their pre/power, there should be a significant improvement in sq and knowing the brand as I do, reliability and build quality won't be an issue. I don't really want to become a seriel box swapper and certainly don't have the desire to try valves in the chain, besides Accuphase don't do valves and I intend to stick with that make as long as possible. Mac
  14. Are there any disadvantages apart from footprint size? Reason I'm asking is that have the chance to trade in my E470 for an Accuphase pre/power and a little concerned if it's the right thing to do, as I've never owned pre/power before. Mac