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  1. Leo James, from his excellent album High Times and Bad Weather
  2. The RME ADI2 DAC... incredible for the money Mac
  3. ************ Shame, that MBL would have been the last amp you'd ever buy Mac
  4. *************** I wish I'd seen this before splashing out on the Accuphase pre/power https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/mbl-7006-integrated-amplifier-20435-p.asp absolute bargain and the guys from AE will always let you try before you buy Mac
  5. Smoke Fairies, Storm Song, from Through Low Light and Trees
  6. A powerful track from Lucy Ward called Lion... about a British soldier due to be shot at dawn
  7. whitehart


    Track from a new artist to me, Nat Johnson, from her album Neighbour of the Year
  8. Have any of you good Folkies ever come across the band called Suntrap? if not you need to check them out. Here's a track from their latest album Northern Lights
  9. *********** Hmm, strange, just tried 5 live and it's working again, excellent! Mac
  10. Now can't play BBC stations via Sonos, had notification from Tune in Mac
  11. Lady Maisery, from their album Weave and Spin
  12. The brilliant Pentangle with Let No Man Steal Your Time
  13. ********* That's alright,I'll pay him more to make me some Mac
  14. Title track from Charlie Dore's album Sleep All Day
  15. Top of the range in Accuphase amps and CDP with Harbeth 40.2 annies Mac