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  1. pure sound


    It was out of their hands for a while, at least until Arsenal beat Utd.
  2. pure sound

    12AU7 Tubes

    I sent these off today. You didn't order the Gold Pin variety though, just the standard version which are still very good valves. Is that what you intended?
  3. pure sound

    Papst motor for Voyd the Voyd turntable

    You'll need to remove the motor pulley which I think was attached with superglue but it should twist off between two fingers and you can re-attach it with superglue when you have cleaned & lubricated the motor.
  4. pure sound

    Papst motor for Voyd the Voyd turntable

    Michell sometimes have them. The earlier Gyrodek used the same motor and some owners changed to the newer DC motor when the company made that change once the Pabst motors ceased to be available. But what is wrong with the old motor? It can be disassembled, cleaned & reassembled.
  5. pure sound

    Puresound-UK hi-fi (?)

    Just to clarify, this venture has nothing to do with me.
  6. pure sound

    Audio Innovations 500 , Help Please

    A couple on this thread can be zoomed in on. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/homebuilt-audio-innovations-500.225184/
  7. pure sound

    Audio Innovations 500 , Help Please

    They aren't plastic plugs. They were black anodised aluminium that had been initially turned from bar. A custom made item.
  8. pure sound

    Audio Innovations 500 , Help Please

    It does have the same dimensions, just different screen printing.
  9. pure sound

    Windsor - Heco Direkt and the hORNS

    Thanks for the comments and also for the details of the other systems, most of which I unfortunately didn't get to see or hear this time.
  10. pure sound

    Scalford 2017

    Something of a clash next march?
  11. pure sound

    North West Audio Show 2016

    No, sad to say I didn't get down there. I listened to the AF2 a fair bit at Scalford & have heard an AF3 at Munich albeit in an entirely different system.
  12. pure sound

    North West Audio Show 2016

    The Pure Sound room did get a mention in Linette's coverage for HiFi Pig Motus TT, Aurorasound Vida & Preda phono & line stages and M845 mono power amps. and the Heco Direkt loudspeakers I do enjoy doing this show. It does have a more relaxed feel than most trade shows & I like that it offers free admission.
  13. pure sound


    Colombia striker Radamel Falcao cost Chelsea £800,000 per shot and £57,000 for every touch of the ball during his time on loan at the club last season. (Daily Telegraph)
  14. pure sound

    The Euros 2016

    He's been terrible & should've been dropped after the Wales game.
  15. pure sound

    The techie is back

    I thought they'd sold the entire production run of this GAE model.