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  1. Used in perfect working order 1 x SR BLUE 13amp 240v mains plug fuse..£90.00 inc recorded post..pp gift or bank transfer ta.
  2. as per title boxed in nice used condition...£175 posted...
  3. yeah....just came across the box....they are on AOS too....
  4. as per title in good used condition...lettering faded...I put the the 2 gold arrows back on...and the red indicator bands on...1 mtr RCA pair for £95.00 inc signed for postage..ovno...........pp friends or family or bank transfer ta..
  5. You don't seem to be able to receive messages Andy...unless of course you have blocked everyone?? the other Andy is trying to contact you...GNINNAMAG...Peter has been trying to contact you too...and I've just tried to send you a pm..on behalf of tother Andy
  6. On 01/05/2019 at 18:39, lostwin said: Yep, me too. It feels as though it has been quite a journey over the last 6 months or so trying the various upgrades and fine tuning. I must have pulled the Gyro apart at least 20 times. One thing I would like to do at some point is to put the Gyro back to factory standard just to remind myself of where we have come from. Maybe one day, but right now it all sounds so good listening to music is all that matters. Yeah...I wouldn't bother either.... I've already done this exercise....wasted my time...the deck died on its backside....I soon had the mods back in place and my Gyrodec is wonderful again....
  7. It is an absolute bargain...cannot believe it is still up for sale.....
  8. mad-moon

    Mains Cables

    Good prices Vince,,,surprised you're selling the Red Wave's....superb cable...It's near £100 a meter just for the cable...and there's some nice plugs on there too...glws..
  9. mad-moon

    Wanted : Vibrapods

    Vibrapods received Myles...excellent ...many thanks.... stil looking for 2 x sets of 4...model 5 ta....
  10. mad-moon

    Wanted : Vibrapods

    Sorted with one set of 3 thanks to Myles Could use 2 sets of 4...of the model 5's if anyone has any cheeers..
  11. mad-moon

    Wanted : Vibrapods

    pm sent Myles cheers...
  12. The rubber mounts are available here...from a UK seller.....cheaper than french fries and quick post and boy do these inexpensive tweak, with big returns in less surface noise from the record and the sound quality is improved a good way too...less noise, more of the music gets through..