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  1. I've tried all kinds under the feet and the turntable sounds better straight to the volcanic granite...the granite is stood on 4 x silicone mixed with lead shot filled half squash balls....onto the glass shelf of the Atacama rack...a really good combination...which just works, exceptionally well.
  2. Oh...I forgot about the main bearing and the tower bearings...they've also been replaced too...with the ceramic bearings...another fabulous tweak...a lot less noise from the tt.....which again lets more of the music to your ears....I'm loving it...haven't had the streamer on for over a week....I'm just loving the vinyl...
  3. a long hard journey Peter...which in the end has been a huge the final version of your suspension is superb...I for one appreciate all the work you have put in. I bet your wallet has taken a big hit to get this brilliant upgrade to this point......well done Peter...Big Al...
  4. joking aside...I've tried all the variations of Peter,s suspensin...the hooked versions...3 hook and 6 hook...the 6 hook version is excellent....but this hookless version is something else.....I was a little sceptical in the beginning, but stuck with this, as I wanted rid of the springs.....a wise decision as these are sublime...and as far as the price goes....they are a no'd also be wise to look at Peter's other low cost upgrades too...because they all bring more to the music...much more!
  5. Noooooo !!!! the suspension is designed to put the original caps back the deck looks standard...but it's turbo charged under the
  6. Been using Peters suspension for a few days now...absolutely outstanding..I'm getting superb sound...a wonderful sound stage, separation, lovely imaging, crisp clear detail, fast musical bass with superb depth quality, forward vocals and a near studio sound ..this suspension is the answer I've been looking for...I always thought the springs were a poor idea, with an excess amount of bounce, the coils being far too thin and also having an aluminium base. These towers utilise the original adjuster from Michell which is another big plus for me as for obvious reasons, I can still get the adjusment for level setting of the turntable. Also just to add. The table cannot swing, nor can it twist, but it still has a small amount of bounce albeit very muted, which suits me fine. hand on heart, I haven't listened to so much vinyl for a long time, and this has given me a kick up the backside, prompting me to have my 600+ record collection cleaned on a professional record cleaner....a work in progress.
  7. as title in good used condition...£200.00 inc next day special delivery NOR by alan moon, on Flickr
  8. mad-moon

    Speaker help please

    Yeah...I may have to do just that...thanks for your input...
  9. mad-moon

    What English do you actually speak?

    I think you are inebriated with the exuberance of your own verbosity.
  10. mad-moon

    Speaker help please

  11. mad-moon

    Speaker help please

    the speaker repair shop don't do one for a Kef B200 SP1054..It's difficult to get hold of them for this driver and I still haven't found any....and thought maybe someone on the site may know where I could get a pair....perhaps someone might have a pair in a cupboard from days gone by..or know of someone who has...or could suggest a very close alternative...the best someone has come up with is an Acoustic Research's a foam ring...but I would prefer the butyl rubber if I can get them