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    Shanling CD100 SE
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    Music Hall CD A25.2
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    Bryston BDA1
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    Music Hall A25.2
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    Lyrita DHT Line pre
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    Quicksilver Mid Mono
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    Thiel CS1.6/ Epos5i
  1. srinisundar

    Emotiva: UK Dealer?

    I have personally used emotiva DAC Pre and never ever suggest to anybody and dont like the sound itself. May be it may sound better with their own chain of equipments. Please skip it. Regards
  2. srinisundar

    Well done guys

    Superb photos Fernando, all the photos are lively and make us feel that we are there.
  3. srinisundar

    Best wishes to all for 2013

    Wishing a happy and healthy 2013 to all Wammers.
  4. srinisundar

    What DAC for 2013.

    I have heard/used following DAC and presently in the rig is Bryston BDA-1 and not decided what to go next. May be i will try some tube based DAC. Suggestion are welcome. 1) Music hall A15.2 2) Emotiva XDA-1 3) Donn know this can added in DAC category- HRT Streamer -II:dunno: 4) Acoustic Portrait Music hall tends to reduce the bass but increase the music flavor. I can rate Emotiva as an pass thru DAC:nup:. With my krell + Thiel it has not made a bit of difference. HRT Streamer is for convenience in my office based secondary system and found to be good for the price. Acoustic Portrait is very good.
  5. srinisundar

    puresound L10

    That is an nice short review and awesome lineup of 7 Pre-amplifiers you have owned in a span of 13 months ? Crazy to hear that too.
  6. Best wishes and good luck Paul.
  7. srinisundar

    Just become a dad! Woohoo.

    Congrats on the birth of your daughter..
  8. srinisundar

    Squeezebox as source for high end system

    I use my Squeezebox touch for my main stereo setup consists of Krell 400xi with Thiel CS1.6 and I am happy with the performance.
  9. srinisundar

    Best way to post equipment overseas?

    Whether they are any giving any discount from rack rates for members + do you compare the rates with other shippers any time while you send the parcel thru ups? regards
  10. srinisundar

    Best way to post equipment overseas?

    Yes , you are absolutely right about the UPS. I got my MF Pre held in London for a week and then I have to reship it via TNT. Regards - - - Updated - - - I have searched almost every shippers rate prior and transglobal rates were best online ( I am not connected with transglobal but as an customer enjoying their best prices )
  11. srinisundar

    Best way to post equipment overseas?

    It is better if you could share where you have got the rates.. regards
  12. srinisundar

    Best way to post equipment overseas?

    I have picked items from UK to India and found transglobal rate is cheaper than any other shippers. They give good discount for DHL/FedEx/ TNT.
  13. srinisundar

    A thumbs up for a Courier Service. Makes a change.

    Yep, UPS / DHL/ TNT is reliable from UK, on-time delivered to India and moreover picked up on convenient time of shipper from UK, but FedEx i am Fed-up with.
  14. srinisundar

    Blimey.... mad parachute jump

    Hope the god will help him:^
  15. srinisundar

    At least he won...

    Awesome contest in a reptile shop to get rid of cockroaches and also an python:doh: