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  1. Hi Shan I've just bought Phil's (hifinutt) Bel Canto 3.5 vbs DAC which is half the size of the Marantz and will finally enable me to get everything on the rack. I have been running with my largish tt power supply on the floor for ages and it just adds to the clutter. Whether I will regret it sound wise I am not so sure. They are both very revealing but the Marantz has a slightly warmer signature which certainly suits my Esoteric CDP as it can be a bit "in yer face". Graeme
  2. Thanks for those comments Jamie they are much appreciated. I agree that the sound quality on this is exceptional, I know that they laboured long and hard over the USB input a connection which is not obviously suited to high quality audio transmission. I took their advice and ran it this way for a long while and certainly felt that it was the best SQ that I had heard through USB. More recently I have been using coaxial into an Audiophilleo1 Mark II spdif converter and that is even better. Mind you they are £949 new! I am currently signed up for a Tidal Masters free trial and I have been very pleasantly surprised. I have left the Marantz in the system for the moment whilst it is up for sale and the combination of Tidal and the Marantz is producing the most enjoyable streaming from the internet that I have had. However I really do need to down size and I have a "new" half size DAC waiting to slot in so this has to go.
  3. Bump. The rear doesn't really look weird, it's just the photo!
  4. Giving Tidal Masters a go with a 6o day free trial. I must say that I am quite impressed, at a purely subjective level it seems to sound much better than Spotify Premium which I auditioned earlier in the year. Currently listening to this: which as the title indicates is a nice compilation of some of her best songs.
  5. Right that seems to have sorted it, so here are three more pictures. Rear Right side Left side
  6. As promised here are some photos of the unit - all taken yesterday. Ah. I seem to have reached my upload limit so I will have to delete some old pictures before I can put some more on. Anyway in the meantime here is a nice picture of the front.
  7. Ken Ishiwata designed Marantz NA-11S1 Reference Audio Player and DAC for sale at £1099 plus postage. I have owned this from new in 2014 when it retailed for £3499. It is still in excellent condition with no dings or scratches and in full working order. This is a highly versatile music player, media server and DAC which was very favourably reviewed on release. It can be connected to a local area network and can accept audio data streamed from any uPnP compatible server it finds on the network as well as allowing access to online music services such as Spotify and internet radio stations. Reviews indicate that the incorporated DAC "compares very well with units costing much more". It was certainly a substantial upgrade from my previous Wadia DAC. It can be controlled either from the onboard front controls, or by an excellent heavyweight remote (I will miss this!) or via a dedicated web page or by an Apple or Android remote App. The Player supports a wide range of audio file types including FLAC, WAV and Mp3 at rates up to 24 bit resolution and sampling frequency of 192kHz. You will find many positive reviews online but this is the one which most piqued my interest when I was doing my research before purchase: For the moment here is a stock photo. I will upload some pictures of the actual unit later.
  8. I was tempted for a minute then I realised that I already had quite a nice power amp . Buy with confidence from Ron who is a super guy to deal with. GLWTS Graeme
  9. Sorry to be lazy but I got to the end of page 2 and then just posted. I hope that I haven't missed anything mega and I may troll (oops) trawl through the rest later. So here's my take. I hate the megastore and now very rarely look at it - bring back the classifieds, with a proper reply and response format. The rest I don't mind at all, I've got used to it and the fact that it looks different from other forums is no bad thing. My main concern however is that the baby has kind of been thrown out with the bathwater, many many contributors who made me laugh or snarl have gone and with them has gone a lot of the Wam's heart and soul.
  10. Well that's a big shock. Jack gave me help and advice on more than one occasion and I didn't even buy my Modwright pre from him. If you happen to read this Jack I know that high end hi-fi has been a difficult business for some time so I wish you all the best for your future projects. Graeme
  11. I've just seen this, what a shame he was a lovely man, courteous, friendly and always interested in anything that you had to say. For a while we had the same CDP and record deck and he could never understand why I sold my Electrocompaniet CDP. The way that he spoke about his speakers you could see that they were something special. My condolences to his family and friends. Graeme
  12. Like many others made a 7:00am decision to abort this morning. I was up for it but sons who were coming with me were both doubtful. Pah, younger generation no bottle! Or just maybe more sense than septagenarian Dad.