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  1. Just had a chat with Mickey, is there room (and interest) for his Garrard and my Paradise?
  2. 120 mile Wam taxi, I'm buying them, thanks for the help
  3. For Bigrod, not Cabasse but BW 802. Gives some idea how they're made.
  4. If the Wam taxi request pays off I’ll be trying Vintage Eaton’s with Avondale mono blocks. Any foreseeable issues with (Naim type) SS? Guess they’re around 90 watts, being bespoke there isn’t a spec listed.
  5. Well, I judge equipment on my enjoyment, detail, natural sound. fwiw the 2 most disappointing tonearms I’ve had (bought with my own money) were 12” Jelco, dull, soft, didn’t engage and Audio Note One V2. Had a zing in the top end that stood out as false compared to the others. My opinion backed up by the other attendee at the time. More experienced people than me have suggested the AN suffered ‘batch differences’ but I’ve only had the one.
  6. The answer is Artemiz, mines been to J7 for a silver rewire and it's stunning. Perhaps too revealing, it can sound lean/clinical, but there's nothing does the leading edge of bass notes like it. Shim weight or brass headshell nuts really fill out the sound * *I found the Audiomods was better with heavy shim too.
  7. Audiomods is the best Rega based arm, we had a bake-off with my V, AO modded RB250, Audio Note One V2 and Tabriz Zi. I think a silver wired Tabriz would be up there, but as standard the Audiomods V was best of the day. I'd be interested in hearing the new V6 with Jeff's own tube and headshell. Add to that his customer service is great for not only original buyers but all owners of his arm, they're an easy buy.
  8. It was born when Linn and Naim were friends... If you've ever used one, it definitely needs a 'knack', no proper lift/lower device till the Elevator came along and a bouncy deck. It was far easier to use on my Garrard.
  9. Roksan arms are bargains, I've had them all (still own Tabriz and Artemiz). Had Audiomods V, short audition it shone better than Tabriz, but extended time showed them evenly matched, the Silver wired V giving instant gratification. I'm not a fan of uni's on bouncy decks, Nima, Hadcock and Aro need a steady platform for comfort.
  10. If you like the Lenco, (DIY) PTP with a few mods is as good as they get, otherwise Garrard 401. Personally I prefer the Garrard's, 401 showing a little more refinement than 301. They're no more difficult to maintain although getting one together takes a bit of effort.
  11. Quick search suggests they’re the metal cabinets, even more niche than first appears. I’d love a room big enough for them ...
  12. Me please, and possibly a +1, ladies at bakeoffs is a thang ...
  13. I've just packed up black ash pair V2 11's, I have a few pairs on rotation, but I fancy some 20's. They're very good condition, boxed with covers and grills, still under warranty. PM if your interested.
  14. Homemade selection, pear and blackberry crumble, trifle, pavlova, border tart and baked cheesecake 😍