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  1. I guess the zing was compared to other arms I had at the time. Once heard and noted its difficult to forget and move on from, I do seem to be collecting arms (11 at last count) so anything thats not 'right' gets moved on quickly. I started using extra weight with Audiomods* (they come with shims) and I've now got a couple of arms that are classed as medium/heavy which I think work well with low compliance MC's. Never heard Denon 103 sound so good as on Fidelity Research FR64 fx (20g) I've got the IO on that now, and its great match. The SME and AN have got similar effective mass, 10-11g so adding weight applies to both. I've found the brass nuts convenient way of doing it. If your happy swapping arms, the AN will fit the SME slide, not ideal in a slot, but good enough for quick comparison. I'd use compliant washer as metal to metal is difficult to tighten. *Audiomods V lasted a long time, but despite internet chatter its no match for SME4, IMO
  2. Think I quoted 'zingy' at the time. It did something I wasn't used to/didn't like with cymbals so it had to go. I've got SME4 which I'd describe as lean side of neutral. Very good across the range and lets the cart do its thing. I've not tried my IO on SME, but use heavy brass nuts with Koetsu. Whichever arm you keep I think IO appreciates a bit of extra mass.
  3. Bit of a bargain, in Naim world you'd be looking at Nac52/Nap 300 to get similar performance. I've got the previous gen Voyagers, if the Grad 1 had remote I'd be shuffling kit about!
  4. Ahem, new Audionote arm based on Helius Scorpio. IMG_2459 by mark leatherland, on Flickr My thoughts on the AN are well known, I'd keep the SME.
  5. Same room as last year, sharing with Mickey. Sony TTS8000, Fidelity Research FR64 fx + selection of carts. (Denon 103, AT Art9, ANJ IO2*) IMG_5917 by mark leatherland, on Flickr Paradise phono stage Naim 555 CD + 555DR ps (probably) Naim 82 + Avondale power supplies. Avondale Voyager Monoblocks. Tannoy Eaton + Velodyne DD12. Paradise and Voyagers remain from last year, always try and bring something new and interesting. The Sony's certainly rare, the FR is age appropriate and its removable headshell allows a bit of flexibility. Naim 555 the best CD player ever? Thats the rumour *IO will be locked away if I'm drinking
  6. Didn't know where else to put this question, seems as good a place as any? My sub (Velodyne) does its DSP thing using the TV as screen, can anyone remember if the TV's in the room had (RCA) video input?
  7. divedeepdog

    ATC SCM 10

    Would 25th anniversary make them last century (1999) build?
  8. 12 and 13 weren't allocated to us on 1st view, looks correct now . I'll bring black cat and lucky charms for 13
  9. Just Saturday for us, I can (almost) walk home from the hotel Tim's at work Monday
  10. Koetsu underneath The Arm too ? Tasty
  11. I'd like an extra bedroom with double bed for me and Ms DDD. Micky will stay in the exhibition room 5 so that can stay as it is, till the removal men arrive
  12. Eek indeed Nicked from FB, hope its helpful. Having read about Townsend Glastonbury as a teenager, I dread to think of the weight of those. Steel cabinet lined with plaster??