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  1. divedeepdog

    Naim ARO

    No need to worry, get it to the correct pivot to spindle position and there’s nothing to adjust. They were designed with Linn carts, from memory that’s where the shorter pivot to spindle comes from (210 point something) which is common dimension. I found nearer 212 with AT carts worked, but as you can’t alter the offset I found best answer not to worry too much 🤔
  2. divedeepdog

    Garrard 301 + Ply/Corian plinth

    Bump, still here. Very good condition 301, I've had a few through my hands and this is by far least used and fresh.
  3. divedeepdog

    For sale New or nearyl new Vinyl albums

    Blackfield ‘Welcome to my DNA’ 2 x LP Ltd Ed 1397/2000 nMint £20 Blackfield ‘Blackfield V’ still sealed £20 please
  4. divedeepdog

    WTB - Phono Stage

    I'd suggest the best phono stage will reap rewards from any cart you get. The Vida is flexible enough to be the heart of your system for a good while. In addition, the stage won't wear out and be at risk of a woolly jumper.
  5. divedeepdog

    Asking for 401 mat recommendations..

    I'm not convinced about heavy mat, or hat on the original bearing. I have got a copper mat that I used sparingly, but now have a 3rd party bearing to ease my worries. I tend to stick with Funk Acromat.
  6. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    Sold, thanks for all the interest
  7. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

  8. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    Under offer on ebay Sunday only offer £750
  9. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    Offer on the bay, would rather keep it in the wam if there's lurking interest??
  10. divedeepdog

    Audiomods Series 5 bead blasted

  11. divedeepdog

    15 inches

    My memory suggests thats what 12" arms were designed for, and the 15" were used to extend recording time. Before magnetic tape records were the only way to make an archive . There's a scene in the film Kings speech where they record straight to disk. *All very early recollection, I'll await an expert to confirm
  12. divedeepdog

    Garrard 301 + Ply/Corian plinth

    I'd consider splitting this, or adding the Audiomods Series V I've just listed. There'd be a good price on the package
  13. divedeepdog

    Audiomods Series 5 bead blasted

    Audiomods arm, the best Rega based arm I've heard. Silver wired from tags to plugs in a single piece of wire. Its not micrometer but VTA very easy to adjust. Comes complete with box, 2 different counterweights and 3 different headshell shims. £550 ono, collection /dem in Derby, or posted. It should be light enough to use RMSD under 2kg.
  14. divedeepdog

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Work in progress, Multiplex Beech ply will be stained black and French Polished, the Corian finished off too. I've a void to fill with resin, but can't resist playing it.
  15. Garrard 301 in fantastic condition, spent all its life built in and hadn't been used for 20 years. I've replaced the spark suppressor and lubricated/serviced it. I've had a dozen 301's through my hands, and it's clearly the least used/most pristine. If it wasn't for a slight dustbug shadow it would've passed as NOS. Plinth is built by me, and was shown at Kegworth show (different 301). Its 4 layers of Baltic Birch ply, then French Polished. Corian top plate with removable armboards. Currently there's a 9"SME fitted (not included) but I will make another armboard for any arm for new purchaser. It will cover Linn geometry (212mm) up to Fidelity research (230mm). Correct paperwork and original mat is included. £1400 collected from Derby, Wam taxi delivery by discussion.