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  1. Eek indeed Nicked from FB, hope its helpful. Having read about Townsend Glastonbury as a teenager, I dread to think of the weight of those. Steel cabinet lined with plaster??
  2. Stick to straight connection for the Din in this build, 90 degree's need not apply
  3. divedeepdog


    I can bring laptop/Dac to save drunken queuing if your amps still there, got an integrated too if your amp sells, just sort a date
  4. Over budget, but new LongDog hybrid stage is fantastic, neutral balance which engages. A bit more detail and PRAT Trilogy 907 can be had around budget 2nd hand. I'm not entirely a SUT believer, we see many stories over the years looking for matching SUT is like bobbing for apples. It takes an element of luck and experimentation to get things singing. A phono stage bake-off would be a good thing to do.
  5. There's nothing anonymous about the VV, its Spider here. Quite a long thread in the DIY room. An enthusiast first and foremost Tim builds them in his shed in Chesterfield *In the interests of transparency, we're close enough to have become friends, however I did spend my own money on a cleaner. It'd been demonstrated as a bake-off. One of my records skipped, it was cleaned and once dry, it played through with barely noticeable pop. Mark
  6. Having used Rick's terminator and its sensitivity to being level, I can't think of a worse deck to sit it on. I'm on about suspended /sprung sub-chassis rather than the make. The C of G will move as the arm crosses the record, and so too the level of the arm carriage . Having said that, the Terminator has sounded spectacular, on the 2 Notts decks particularly.
  7. I listen to the tunes equipment makes, and if I like what it does I keep it, if I don't like it I sell it on. I went to the effort of taking the AN arm to Tim's because I wanted to like it (tis a thing of beauty), and to see if it was something specific to my system/hearing. It was quite easy to hear symbols on the AN arm were presented differently to the other 3 arms. I used the phrase 'zingy' before, and once something's been heard, it can't be unheard. Heard in isolation it may suit, indeed I've heard Arm 2 on Acoustic Solid TT sound fine, but when there's direct comparisons that can be made (I've a bit of an arm collection) it didn't make the cut, for me.
  8. Probably 3 and 401, it was such a surprise I took it along with AM V and Tabriz to Tim's for a mini bake-off on his Acoustic Solid. ( It's really easy to swap arms) He had Audio Origami wired RB250 to complete the quartet. We agreed on the outcome, basically the Audio Note was the least favourite, Audiomods favourite with the Tabriz Zi just trailing. I reckon with the same silver loom the Tabriz would be very close. We had a couple of AT OC9ii which made swapping quicker, if not 100% scientific using the same cart. It was near enough to settle our curiosity. FWIW, that arm bounced around quickly on ebay a few times, so maybe a Friday afternoon one?
  9. I know its an unpopular opinion, but the AN Arm one I had was poor compared to AM V. It lasted a couple of weeks before it was sold on. It's a nicely made thing but I couldn't live with the treble. IMG_2459 by mark leatherland, on Flickr And here with the original, they've got a unique horizontal bearing, it may account for them sounding different/not to my taste?
  10. Is Classic III a new model? That looks just like my old series 5?
  11. Pictures of the inside may help. Naim 4 pin SNAIC supply single 24v supply. If it is single 24v , a Laptop block type supply would get you started with custom cable.
  12. I run my Paradise off Airlink balanced mains transformer. I think it helps. I also run my pre and Dax off it, while the power amps are subject to DC blocker alone.
  13. New tonearm, Audio Origami PU7 12" Signature. Just fits on my Garrard 301. New armboard will be made, although it may end up on my Sony TTS8000.
  14. For Tannoy Eatons, anything around the Midlands or willing to post before I do some woodwork? 500mm tall, maximum top plate 250 x 350.
  15. A very good day, thanks all that attended, we really had the cherry off the cakes... with custard and cream