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  1. divedeepdog

    a good unipivot alternative to hadcock288

    Surprisingly I've had Decca SG on Roksan Tabriz, seemed to work well with a lump of blutac between head and arm. Better synergy than Artemiz and Audiomods V and almost as good (as a package) as the Decca in an Aro. Strange things happen and cartridge calculations only tell part of the story, my Kegworth showpiece had arm mass at16g with AudioTechnica MC, which on paper is a poor match...
  2. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    I'll consider offers/swaps. Currently don't have Moving Magnet stage for my Decca cart, and I'm always interested in arms/carts. WHY got?? I've a really nice TT coming to the classified, I'm on a promise with some speakers
  3. divedeepdog

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Temporary plinth this week while I decide which materials are best🤔👍
  4. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    I genuinely believe its at 907 level, obviously quite a bit cheaper, but this is reflection of the original price and how they're sold. Direct from manufacturer without dealers/distributer. ( presume MCRU has a gentleman's agreement) The 907 has a case hewn from a solid billet which is beautiful, the LongDog an adequate case (in memory of Serge ) Anyway, some interest, but still for sale.
  5. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    A side each, the 907 would sound more impressive, having lived with 907 and LDA the valves have that beguiling fluidity that would win long term. I’ve an itch with that Vida too😏
  6. divedeepdog

    LongDog phono stage

    LongDog phono stage. This is the daddy of the latest production. Made around 2014 it’s MC only, 62db gain with loading via phono plugs. It was checked over by LDA last Nov and new rectifying valves installed. I'll include the ECC88’s I’ve got as I don’t see valves in my future Pair of matched Amperex Buggleboys Sovtek silver shields (these are ‘scratchy’ I’ve been told the pins need a clean) but sound really clean and tight. Mullarrd’s mid 60’sNOS I may have put 20 hours on them. This is is the best commercial phono stage I’ve had, it’s on a level with Trilogy 907 I had, different strengths. As you would expect with valves, it majors on vocals but isn’t rose tinted. I thought the 907 a little too exciting. It's a full width box, deep too so would need its own shelf. http://www.longdogaudio.com/moving-coil-direct-input-valve-phono-stage/ I'd like £800 collected from Derby. I’m travelling to Teeside tomorrow 11th April via Leeds if anyone’s en-route.
  7. divedeepdog

    Acoustic Energy AE2 + Atacama HMS 2.1

    Offers or swaps considered.
  8. divedeepdog

    Wtd MiniDsp 2x4

    As title, before I buy a new one, is there one collecting dust? I want to see if it’s any better than the dsp in my sub, and maybe experiment with active 2 way so the basic 2x4 is fine for the job.
  9. divedeepdog

    Thorens TD124 Mk2

  10. divedeepdog

    Thorens TD124 Mk2

    Very nice condition TD124 Mk2, (No, not your's Lawrence) Had this sat idle too long, I cleaned and lubricated when I first got it, and found a belt the right length (there's long thread on PFM where the final solution to noise was the correct belt, not necessarily the one sold in most outlets). New spark suppressor. Between me and Sider we can sort appropriate armboard in either Corian or ply. Mushrooms need to be replaced, I've always prefered hard fixing and not bothered replacing. It all runs smoothly and changes speed as it should. The top platter is flat and the clutch works. A beautifully made thing, but my heart is set on Garrard's. £850 collected from Derby, local delivery or Wam Taxi. I can make a plinth but not for a couple of months.
  11. divedeepdog

    FREE Hi Fi Auction

    Have you noted the Linn has an Ekos SE on it? Listed at £1699 ! Magik price
  12. divedeepdog

    Recommend me a phono stage

    Trilogy 907, beautifully made with lots of cart options. Sounds great and put an end to a long affair with Tichord Diablo/NCPSU.
  13. divedeepdog

    Are two subwoofers better than one in a 2 channel setup?

    My one Velodyne DD12 is better than the pair of Rel Strata 5's I had, as always its never a simple choice. I'd get another DD if it came along, but a newer DD12Plus would be better still.
  14. I'm off J25 M1 if you'r passing. I've got a Feikart clone. edit, Greg, you know with that arm/spu combo all you can measure (thats worthwhile) is overhang? I've got a GM here and there's an alignment protractor with it.