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  1. I've got what appears to be solid silver ribbons around that length terminated with banana plugs. No idea if they were commercial or value, but the off-chance we may be local enough for you to try? Mark DE72
  2. Japanese Audio Note IO 2, new to me from fellow wammer. Sat on Mission Mechanic and Sony TTS8000
  3. Thanks to Fred and Nicky, great hosts. Small apology from me, I normally contribute kit and home made cake, but between dog sitting an extra woofer and not being home got in the way.
  4. Janet's Foss is nearby. Friend can't make it this year, so I'm looking for extra supporters !
  5. Don't forget the wild swimming for the intrepid nutter
  6. I have the TC120's, got a pair of titanium ones last year but it's a constant search. The woofers were bespoke and I've cooked a couple of those, hoarding (3 pairs) has advantages. * Could you ping an address please
  7. It was mine last year, I'd bring some Revelation's but not sure they'd stand Nicky volume levels, the drivers are unobtanium !
  8. Under offer on eBay, if anyone’s loitering with an offer over £1200 I’ll hold off accepting till 6.30 today.
  9. The VV would be the best option for records in that condition, not an easy job but at least you can set the timer and leave them spinning while the cleaner does its work. Worth experimenting with solutions, I suspect they'll take more than one clean !
  10. I've no idea, they are the correct foam rather than the (longer lasting?) but wrong rubber surrounds seen on the bay.
  11. These are still here and on ebay at £650 (without the stands) Wam-offers always considered.