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  1. Codec? is that something i need to select on windows ? Got the logitech, worked straight away and sounds good, another reason not to get my skinny ass off the couch. recommended.
  2. Found this on a polish hifi forum, same amp, same problem . Looks like he fixed it by checking and re-soldering all the connections of the little black box pictured near the bottom of the thread. What is that black box, a relay ? https://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/topic2847698.html
  3. Not sure if this is a sign of something serious or not , but on my Harmon Kardon intergrated amp (HK680) i have a problem with the power switch. Most of the time the on/off power switch works fine , i switch it on , hear a click sound, it powers on and sounds like it should, but sometimes i flip the switch, lights go on ok but i get no click sound and silence follows. When this happens i need to hit the button a number of times till the amp clicks on, Any ideas ? i hope shes not on the way out.
  4. Many thanks , that's just the info i'm looking for. The audioengine B1 device looks nice too and is apparently more suited to "Hi-Fi", still its Bluetooth all the same so i wonder how much better it actually is over the logitech.
  5. Sorry forget the Jolida, I should have googled before i asked the question, lazy ass i am. 3 hours of googling later and I'm looking for a bluetooth receiver, something like this that will go into my amp to let me stream audio from my windows laptop https://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Bluetooth-Receiver-Audio-Adapter/dp/B00IJYG4FY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1549845533&sr=8-1&keywords=logitech+bluetooth+reciever Would the logitech be decent enough or does the sound quality suffer a lot ? The chromecast looks good too although its now discontinued by Google.
  6. Chaps, Is there such a bluetooth device that i can connect to my Jolida Dac which receive music from my laptop ?
  7. Just seen this, best used car site is probably donedeal.ie, haven't a clue regarding leasing options.
  8. I drive an old 2002 Diesel Peugeot partner van, no turbo, 160'000 miles on her, I do about 14'000 miles a year, its probably worth nothing at all in money terms. I use it to transport a drum kit to gigs a few days a week and it never has to carry a heavy load. I've replaced a fair few parts in recent years (bushings, disc breaks, fuel pump, exhaust, suspension springs etc etc) nothing really major but there's usually some part that needs replacing every once in a while. Shes driving good at the minute, starts on the button and purrs along nicely, but i have developed a bit of itch to change her, my dad thinks it must be uneconomical to drive an old van , it will need 2 new wishbone bushings and a patch on the exhaust probably soon this year, but my mechanic says its driving well otherwise. My budget at the moment is for a 2011/2012 van, many of them typically have around 80'000 miles on them. I'm guessing 80'000 miles is around the time when parts start to fail , so maybe i'd be better off keeping the old one for a while yet ? Ideas welcome
  9. Jerry, have you tried using the DAC-01A as a pre-amp ?
  10. Sound on my thinkpad T530 with earbuds connected to the headphone out is really piss poor , However it sounds fairly good when running linux, Any ideas, could i install some drivers etc , software appears to be up to date , running windows 10
  11. Stands, speakers, amp, graphic, lights .... all in one package, Steepletone are light years ahead of the game
  12. michaelgb

    More Bass ?

    these are great value, probably make your bass more something http://www.russandrews.com/eu/trifocalxl-speaker-cable-wbt-bananas-32659991010/
  13. michaelgb

    More Bass ?

    You want to stay with the proac sound or don't mind something else different ? I went from the proacs to vandersteen 1C's , completely different sound/presentation of course, voiced differently too, not as much treble detail as the proacs perhaps but I deffo prefer them, highly recommended, if you can get a pair 2nd hand they are great value. I always found the Proacs a little bit balanced in favour of treble with the bass a little recessed, although perhaps that was just down to what i had them partnered with or how i like to listen to music, usually moderate to low volume with the occasional blast.
  14. michaelgb

    More Bass ?

    If you can't play them loud I would change them for something else, I tried a sub with mine and in hindsight it was a pain in the ass adjusting the sub for every cd, you'll be happier with something else I think, great speaks though if you can give them some welly.