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  1. Perhaps global sales have fallen off a clip with whats goin on. A lot of businesses wont make it thru.
  2. Bargain alert, price reduced direct from XTZ. these are really tremendous amps. https://www.xtzsound.eu/product/edge-a2-300
  3. I listened to a lovely well recorded solo drum record last night by Nicholas Stocker called "Solo" . Interestingly there is also a video on youtube which shows the mic setup. He plays everything live in the studio and there are no overdubs as far as i can tell. Amazing talent. Now speaking as a drummer myself and hearing things from a performance perspective. Although its a beautiful recording , the sound stage is too wide and unrealistic and does not represent what a drummer would hear from his seat. Don't get me wrong though, its a great sounding record, just not accurate from a drummers seat. Some records are close to what a drummer might hear but microphones tend to hear things differently and the presentation will be different for the most part. I've recorded on many sessions and i always have to check in the control room how the drums sound thru the speakers when getting sounds. Microphones react different to ears on drums so i always have to adjust tunings/muffling etc etc in accordance to what I'm trying to achieve on the recording. or what the producer is trying to achieve. the best recordings are usually when the artist/producer/musician all have the same goal of how something should sound. There's a million and one ways to record drum sounds, its a fascinating endevour. Apologies for the ramble. Update: I've noticed the recording mentioned above sounds much more realistic if my listening chair is about twice the distance away from the speakers. However it looks to have been mixed nearfield. Whatever way you enjoy music is good.
  4. I think pro musicians/studios etc tend to view reliability and robust hard-wearing over anything else. Cables gotta be well made to survive the vigor's of work .
  5. For those who can hear the difference between cables, do you feel that speaker cables or interconnects have more effect ?
  6. Thanks for all the great info guys. Lots to consider. My class D XTZ power amp has a gain knob on the back of it, so i can set it at a safe maximum volume level to match the Dacs output. I'm then adjusting the volume on tidal thru my laptop. Sounds really great, the quietest backgrounds I've ever heard, but I don't have the option of CD with this setup hence the need for a passive. I like the look of the Tisbury and its not really that expensive either and they offer a 14 day trial but the only thing i might miss would be having no remote control. Decisions decisions. I'll swap the HK preamp back in after a few days and see if i'm missing something and go from there.
  7. Many thanks for the offer Bencat .
  8. So let me get this right. If I like the sound of my Dac going straight into a power amp, then adding a passive preamp should not change anything sonically ? Looking at both the Tisbury and Schiit sys.
  9. I would imagine its more likely to be the valves than the converters. I had a dud NOS one a week or 2 ago (no hum though) got it replaced.
  10. Update : Yes the ck5755 are brilliant in this dac. they eventually opened up/more of everything/holographic sound blah blah blaadie blah Very recommended upgrade.
  11. Anyone using the Tascam CD-200 as a transport ? The audiolab is slot loading which i'm not mad about. Interesting discussion here
  12. michaelgb

    Old v New

    I put some very old (like from the 60's) valves in my dac and now it sounds better.
  13. Just to throw another option into the pot. Tascam anyone ? https://www.tascam.eu/en/cd-200.html Its a bit ugly but the mount is removable. Its also gonna be (or should be) very reliable. (I can't hear any difference between cables and i wonder if this amazing ability of mine would also stretch to cd transports)
  14. Thanks Chaps , i really like the look of the Audiolab but its a little over budget at the moment. I might put it on the long finger and see how the finances are looking in a month or 2. I wonder what the Audiolab has over the CA CXC that justifies the price difference.
  15. Obviously I'd love a stable platter but they all fairly old now and i suspect many will be prone to problems. I might take a punt if one comes up cheapish and i can physically inspect it. Is there any makes you wouldn't touch due to known reliability problems ? I like the look of the NAD above but i remember a brother in law had lots of problems with his NAD years ago and its put me off their spinners a little. He was likely just unlucky i guess.