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  1. I use cheap Cambridge audio interconnects on that dac,,,,
  2. Dealers and punters who rave about the sound differences between cables. I must have at least average hearing being both a professional musician and piano tuner for over 30 years,, and I can still hear no difference between cables.
  3. michaelgb


    Not seen a mention of this UK company on the wam before,,,,, nice looking amps, nice prices. Anyone tried em yet ? https://www.iotaenterprises.co.uk/collections/amplifier/products/iotavx-audiophile-stereo-amplifier-sa3
  4. So i watched the video of the nice chap below and he seems to honestly believe in the upgraded power strip. I personally can't hear the difference between interconnects and speaker cables but am curious as I've all my gear plugged into a standard cheapo power strip. Would something like the the Lindy mains conditioner power strip at 40 quid be worth it over what i already have ? https://www.lindy.ie/power-c8/6-way-av-mains-conditioner-power-strip-p8835
  5. WOW!!!!!!! look at all that Gold,,,,, must cost a fortune. Is that a big compass or something from a boat on the front??
  6. Experimented with switching between CCA and USB into my DAC,,,,,, On some tracks i could have swore the CCA had more high treble and was a bit leaner, could this be possible ? I seem to prefer the sound of USB unless of course,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am just imagining any difference....................
  7. The PMA-600ME can be had for 320 euros new, , seems like a great bargain. *****sorry,,, maybe i shouldn't mention euros round here*****
  8. Do the Denons tend to have a Signature sound/thing ?
  9. Would be interested to know if anyone has compared this amp to Denons newer offerings, namely the PMA600NE and PMA800NE ? just watched a video of steve guttenburg raving about the PMA600NE so my interest in Denon gear has piqued.
  10. Got an optical cable this morning and now the CAA sounds really good,, definitely a big big improvement over the 3.5 jack to RCA,,,, for 30 euros can't fault it.
  11. Yes it sounds ok to me bearing in mind its only connected via headphone out straight into my amp and would probably sound much better again with an optical cable going into my dac, I don't have a mini-toslink cable lying round to test this, as yet,, tomorrow hopefully. As far as i can gather , you can only cast audio (tidal,spotify) to it from within the windows Chrome browser,,,,,,, not sure if i like this,,,,,, I tend to prefer to use the desktop apps. Also i was hoping to use it for videos but as far as i can tell VLC player wont cast to it (i may be wrong on that), and there's a bit of a lag thing going on with the audio on youtube videos.
  12. Chaps,,, needing some tech support, I'm on windows 10 here. Picked up a CCA earlier today to try it out, just setting up here and i can stream from the chrome browser but not from my desktop apps (tidal,spotify,VLC etc etc) Can i only use the chrome browser to stream content to the CCA ?