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  1. .. and even then, you can still move your playlist from room-to-room (between Linn and non-Linn devices) as you move about. It's only if you want to group end-points to play together simultaneously that a Linn device won't join the party!
  2. Bit of a shame to see this thread sink so low, so here’s another Schiit-tastic photo to bump it back up the pecking order New Bifrost2 fed with Allo USBridge Signature (with Shanti power supply) as digital source, balanced output to Mjolnir2. Sennheiser HD600’s Vali2 serving ornamental duties at the moment In the background, Roon ROCK on NUC in fanless case, two linear power supplies, one for the NUC, one for the network switch. Secondary system in other room: Modi Multibit, Lyr3, Allo Digione Signature (and second Shanti power supply) and HD650K’s
  3. Thanks for checking BB1, I was going to further investigate XLDs status as 32 or 64 bit on my 2012 Mac mini as I ran the legacy software check a couple of days ago and it wasn’t identified as 32 bit. Looks like I’m good to go!
  4. No problem, thanks for the update
  5. Would you consider an exchange for a similarly excellent pair of Sennheiser HD600’s?
  6. Yep, I remember that photo. Hello Munch! I’m fairly certain though that you and Berlin Fritz were not the same person
  7. One and the same. Munch pre-dates mudcrutch and is his moniker from the old Naim forum
  8. You are Munch and I claim my £5.00 !!! How’s macca these days, haven’t seen him round these parts recently?
  9. Try a free trial of Roon. It should amalgamate music that's stored across multiple locations into a seamless presentation. Multiple copies of the same album but different formats should be presented as a single album with the ability to drill down further into different versions or just play the version you designate as the default version. Less seriously, here's my candidate for worst organised music collection: Sorted by running time. Got 41 minutes 30 seconds to spare? Find just the right album easily.
  10. Price reduced. Now £2,850 + shipping