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  1. hillbilly

    Jas orior grand speakers

    now sold
  2. hillbilly

    Your Brexit song

  3. hillbilly

    Cognitive Bias

    my psychology teacher (many years ago) never did convince me what " normal " meant. bias is straying from the norm.
  4. hillbilly

    Klipsch heresy 1. Two pairs

    now sold and collected,thanks
  5. hillbilly

    WTD: Michell Argo

    pm sent
  6. hillbilly

    Guess the album cover

  7. hillbilly

    Klipsch heresy 1. Two pairs

    Selling my klipsch heresy 1 speakers with a pair bought as spares ( these are painted red but sounded too good to break up ! ). They come complete with homemade risers and have had replaced rear panel with speaker plugs. Both pairs for £225 collected from Pickering area or can meet up for petrol cost. Will not send. Additional pics available.
  8. hillbilly

    Jas orior grand speakers

    Selling my jas audio orior grand speakers.these are in good working order.one speaker has had repaired cabinet damage that has a Matt finish instead of the gloss finish.tried to show in picture it is on slope part only. In n.yorks but can meet up if needed. Will not send £275.
  9. hillbilly

    Cheapest Roon Core Server

    depends on album collection size, this page gives you an idea https://community.roonlabs.com/t/suggested-hardware/90/20?u=brian
  10. i have qc power supply but this is thread about motor service
  11. hillbilly

    itunes platform to shut down

    the overbloated itunes is to go. good or bad news ?
  12. i have ac powered gyrodec and have not cleaned /lubricated the motor.however i think others do advise this
  13. hillbilly

    2018/19 Football Season

    “Terms have been agreed between us and Mike Ashley; these terms have been reflected in a document, signed by both parties, which has been forwarded to the Premier League.
  14. hillbilly

    octopus energy

    anyone use octopus energy? thinking of switching and know they do a referral code . but are they ok ?
  15. hillbilly

    Amusing registration numbers

    tis a hairstyle