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  1. rick had these with a Musical Fidelity Trivista (300 maybe?) awesome!
  2. the audio note iq3 is a very nice partner to the audio note arms. shipbroker Steve has one on his techy. sounds great. i don't know the dynavector, but if you like it then maybe the 10x5 high output mc? not sure how it matches with the arm, but....
  3. great dac this, heard it when Brumjam had a streamer in. sure it's been upgraded since then too.... i'd have it in a heartbeat if i had the cash.
  4. thanks Carl, looking for a black box really. not sure why but i have a real issue with silver boxes....
  5. every cloud has a silver lining my friend
  6. is that a question Phil, or for my benefit? i saw the advert, buy can't find mention of a Musical Fidelity M DAC. there's the M1DAC, the M6DAC, the MX-DAC, no M DAC. (there is an audiolab M DAC though....) hence my question
  7. big thanks to Fred and Nicky for hosting. great day out, good food, good company and good music (on occasion... ) was a bit unsure of the main speakers at the start of the day, probably just a size/shape thing... but by the end of the day was thoroughly enjoying them with the krell.
  8. That filled up quick! Yes please Tim. Lee too
  9. Des, not sure if there’s any kind of subs bench type thing, but lee can’t make it tomorrow, and Shipbastard is on holiday too...
  10. Cowboy junkies, Kurt vile and rem automatic for the people please Ian
  11. nah mate. just if you needed one. happy to leave it at home looking forward to it, but don't expect any festiveness!!!....
  12. Ps. I can bring the techie if required? Maybe even the psu too!