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  1. i'd go ART9 too, but i know Tim had an ART9, not sure if he's looking for a change. i'd be interested to hear the new AT-OC9XSL, which appears to be the new version of my OC9 III Ltd. £660, so buys a few records with the change if you're very careful, feel free to put my ltd on your sp10, see how it sounds....
  2. belloire


    i'd love to come along, make sure there is no misery! (i'm sure Lee would too...)
  3. thanks for that. i'll go get it
  4. thinking about buying an A20 from a friend. i'm using an audio innovations S500, but need to go solid state for a bit due to size constraints. what's the general consensus on the A20?
  5. Can’t believe I missed her. Wonderful voice!
  6. Lots of good ones here. i'll add: Liz Phair Brody Dalle Jill Sobule Courtney Barnett
  7. find a good aquatics shop and buy RO water. good ones will be 0.00 TDS for £2.50-£3.00 for 25l alternatively search spotless water. they have filling stations all over and it can be as little as 4p for a litre. depends if one is nearby though
  8. many thanks to Julian and Diane for a cracking bake off. lovely kit in both rooms, good people to chat to, great curry and chili for lunch (made even better with the addition of chips ). not much more you can ask for.
  9. how long do they need to be Julian?
  10. heard these when Colin had them on loan. really lovely speakers. i'd have them myself if i had the money. (unless you fancy an LP12 )
  11. that does sound odd Steve, have you tried the high output MC into the MM stage? is that even less gain? if it is i'd say there's something wrong with the stage...
  12. is the vincent able to do mm Steve? it's a nice stage, so perhaps a step up to go with it rather than an new stage? what cart are you using?
  13. yes please Julian, love to hear those speakers!