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  1. how long do they need to be Julian?
  2. heard these when Colin had them on loan. really lovely speakers. i'd have them myself if i had the money. (unless you fancy an LP12 )
  3. that does sound odd Steve, have you tried the high output MC into the MM stage? is that even less gain? if it is i'd say there's something wrong with the stage...
  4. is the vincent able to do mm Steve? it's a nice stage, so perhaps a step up to go with it rather than an new stage? what cart are you using?
  5. yes please Julian, love to hear those speakers!
  6. great bake off, big thanks to Tim, Kate and, world champion, Jack. as is always the case with events chez spider, the food was excellent, and abundant, throughout the day kit was there, happy to listen in any of the rooms, but the sp10 in the main room was the standout for me (sound, not looks. powder blue isn't my thing ) was very impressed with the little Q Accoustic speakers Jack uses in his system. very good sound for very little outlay. and also the slightly odd looking, 'centre', speakers in the smaller room. think they were avondale. not sure about looks, but enjoyed the sounds. nice to see lots of familiar faces, and a few unfamiliar too.
  7. nice one Tim. looking forward to it. have you got enough kit for all the rooms now?
  8. i've got an lp12 you can have for £750. comes without an arm but it's a 1989 lp12 with lingo1. armboard is cut for a mkII Ekos, so i believe it's the same as an Akito? (edit. i'd deliver to cambridgeshire in the price)
  9. woah! a wammer in Hornsea!!!!! i'm over there often if anybody wants this in the leeds area, and prefers not to use the royal mail. almost tempted myself....
  10. i have a broken ortofon rondo red cart, it has no cantilever/stylus. don't think it's worth the fixing cost, so if anybody is looking at buying a new ortofon MC it's apparently worth upto £89 off a new ortofon mc on the exchange scheme
  11. nicely done, i know Nash is silly excited by these stands. and they look great in place, and i'm sure they'll make a big difference to the sound too! very kind offer
  12. Where are you based distorted? If you’re close I have a pair of dynaudio sensor 1’s you’re welcome to a listen too. sound lovely on my Denon ceol
  13. is this for the S500? i upgraded mine to Psvane 5881 power tubes. they're lovely
  14. Sorry guys, I won’t have the spare cash by then. Really kind offer though, much appreciated