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  1. I owned H2's for many years and tried lots and lots of amps. Favourites were Luxman L550Aii, Perreaux Eloquence 150i, Musical Fidelity A1000 and EAR 534. Dislikes were AVI Lab Series, Meridian 557, Audiolab 8000 C/P. Lots of others were ok but nothing special. I did get a demo of Puresound 845 mono's and L300 pre - jaw dropping, as was the price
  2. The most disturbing thing wasn’t Area 51 but quite a number of the little towns I stopped in - most folk liked like they were from a VERY small gene pool. There were no guard posts or anything like that on the road I went along, just a bunch of signs saying deadly force would be used if you went any further. Being tracked by the remote cameras was a bit spooky.
  3. I went to Area 51 once and thankfully didn’t get shot despite all the warnings but the remote cameras did follow my movements. Visited the Little A’Le’Inn and set the hi score on their PacMan machine.
  4. Audio lab are well aware of the problem, if you contact them and winge enough about the problem they’ll give you a replacement that’ll last another 2 or 3 years. The problem isn’t just with audio equipment, pretty much anything made in China will potentially be built with pretty cheap and nasty components, even if it’s spec’ed to use better components. Every conceivable component is potentially fake for stuff built in China unless you are a big company like Apple, Cisco etc where you have your own people in the manufacturing sites scrutinising what’s going on and the potential loss of multi million $ contracts keeps things on track. I’ve worked in the electronics manufacturing industry for 35 years and the minute you’re not closely watching what’s going on and continually auditing , any old crap will get used.
  5. Common problem, you’re lucky you only had to replace a few, some people have had to change upwards of 20.
  6. Is it maybe the IR receiver that's broken on the CD player if you've tried 2 from Amazon and they don't work? You could use a Logitech Harmony or other programmable handset to confirm the PDS is receiving the signals from the remote. To check a remote is sending a signal, get a digital camera and point the remote's transmitter at the camera while pressing a button on the remote and you should see the transmitter flicker on the camera screen.
  7. Keep posting if you find anything else, as you said, free postage included so probably is about the cheapest around.
  8. Division Bell - Hmmm, isn't that the price it's always been onn Amazon (£24.99)? It's £22.9 at What Records
  10. These were mine, sorely temped to have them back. The crossovers were originally mounted in the bass horn and were falling apart - bits held on with tape and blutak. I rebuild them on to a board which now includes the speaker terminals. I've probably got a photo somewhere of what they look like.
  11. An Edinburgh publican used to have the reg 50 BER
  12. Now that I've looked at the cover, nope!
  13. Is it visage debut album?
  14. Tuga, you need to get a life mate and understand the world doesn't revolve your opinion. By all means have your say but just banging on and on tends to get you alienated and people will, and probably already have, lost respect for your opinion.