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  1. It’s one of Russ Collinsons
  2. Was thinking of this to match my Harbeths
  3. Thanks Pete.. they look stunning
  4. Sounds like the LP12 is pretty basic and I’m sure the dealer will recommend loads of upgrades. Have it serviced and listen to it before you make any changes.. a lot depends on what you paid for the whole kit in the first place
  5. No, they are still very popular but servicing by Naim will not increase the value by the extra amount.. both amps are pretty simple designs so shouldn’t be an issue for an approved service outlet. Just don’t modify them as that would be detrimental to their originality. Kendal caps (capacitors) in the poweramp is the only option of improvement I would suggest
  6. Looks like a Russ Collinson plinth too
  7. Absolutely brilliant Pete thanks Have you still got it?
  8. Nice info Dom.. I am steering towards Jelco. interestingly as I am going to have a new plinth, I have thought about having one to take a 12” arm
  9. Hi Sounds like you have acquired some nice things there.. firstly, I think your doing the right thing from your description. Naim fans will always tell you to get it serviced by Naim but they are old enough now to be done by a decent qualified engineer. When the naim kit was newer, it would be good to have a full naim history and original boxes as it adds to the value (a bit like a car with FSH). Do make sure you get a full receipt of work done tho. Quads sound ok to use. The linn is always subjective and always best to use a Linn dealer. For £200, it should be a full service including new springs and grommets, oil change, cartridge check, belt and bench test. what year is the LP12? Does it have a box? What tonearm and cartridge?
  10. It’s a bit like upscaling on a DVD. Having said that, CD players can only process red book std being 16/44.1 regardless of information being sent to the DAC internally. If CD players have a digital in that is reading 192/24 say from a streaming service then it is possible if the inbuilt DAC has the ability. Red Book is what it is 16/44.1
  11. Yes, I’ve looked and had experience with them in the past. Been looking at the 550s but a bit more than what I want to spend unless one day I move it on something else.
  12. Definitely not normal. Did you keep your previous Exact? Rega would look at it, see there is few hours on it and probably do a good will gesture
  13. Far easier to compare with those decks. LP12’s much more complex when changing the arm cable. Swapped cable on both decks to be sure. The standard LP12 Ittok cable is pretty poor. Definitely a big lift changing the stock cable on my old SL1210 throughout
  14. Looks good.. not sure if it will compliment the Denon tho
  15. Yes, thought of the 3009 but wanted to give it a bit of a lift and modernise