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  1. radiant red

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Sounds like that you have done the best you can there 👍🏻 Other than what I said above, it’s difficult to know what to suggest without hearing the noise... phonostage? Gain set too high? If you have one...
  2. radiant red

    vintage speakers

    I have some Keesonic Kubs packed away.. Will not part with them... built in my hometown
  3. radiant red

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Firstly, a turntable is one big resonator if not properly supported or isolated... any tapping of the deck will feedback to the arm and inevitably the cartridge. This worsens when the volume is higher of course.. what deck is it and how do you isolate it and how far from the speakers is it?
  4. radiant red

    New Planar 2... a couple questions?

    Regarding the VTA .... what cartridge do you have?
  5. radiant red

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Alan seems a decent chap, lots of exchanges via email.. just ordered tonight and look forward to receiving them
  6. radiant red

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Thanks for that 👍🏻 I’m just about to order the TDB8’s... not that my Rega’s are not up to it but eventually will have two systems so will decide which go where. 21 day return so its worth the punt.. I shall post when I have them
  7. radiant red

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Few months past, how are you getting on with these?
  8. radiant red

    WTD Harbeth C7es-3

    Looking for a decent pair with original boxes..
  9. radiant red

    What are you listening to right now?

    Played it earlier on original vinyl hence remembering how old it was 👍🏻
  10. radiant red

    40 years old this year!

    Was an extremely political album which you like or dislike but it woke up many artists to the world of expression..
  11. radiant red

    40 years old this year!

    I was 15 years old when the Wall hit.. the concert was awesome and truly memorable, one of my first if you exclude having to accompany mother to a Cliff Richard concert lol.
  12. radiant red

    40 years old this year!

    I know it’s not directly a two channel subject but certainly a two channel playable piece of history from 1979 Happy 40th anniversary to the Wall!
  13. radiant red

    Krell ksa 100 mk 2

    KSA50 is in my top three amps of all time 👍🏻 And one of the best stand alone heaters too 😜 brilliant amp but keep it in tip top serviceable condition and it will reward every time
  14. radiant red

    Neat motive sx2

    I’m no fan of Naim as a whole but have owned a few of their amps but I do think there is a synergy with Neat and Harbeth. I don’t think Arcam will reward with the same dynamics as Naim
  15. radiant red

    Neat motive sx2

    Hi, Neat work very well with Naim amps.. look at used Naits.. - 5i or XS if your budget stretches however I am extremely impressed with the amp I have at the mo, Rega Elex-R. Nothing like the older Regas and it’s extremely well balanced in sound and can deliver a pretty good punch when required. A tad over your budget used, around £700 but well worth it imo.