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  1. Fletcher memorial home is the best track and certainly tests the system lol
  2. I’ve just started a new thread on the matter 👍🏻
  3. Playing with ideas atm and I have a Cambridge CXN which has all the facilities one could ask for but I want more in the sound stakes. The Cambridge can sample all frequencies via its coax and usb inputs which I don’t want to loose because I intend to eventually run high res from my PC so 192kHz is a must. Anyway, I’m going to keep the Cambridge as a hub and use its digital out Into a new DAC and here lies the challenge, find me a DAC that isn’t hard in sound. Got up to 1k new or used and open to hybrid, solid state or valve with a bit of rack appeal and if it could show a sample rate, even better. ive seen this Luxman DA 200 on offer for £995 but have no idea on sound. I also appreciate that the usb only takes 96kHz but if I play my PC via the CXN then coax to the new DAC so 192kHz should be retained. Any suggestions welcome Amp is Sugden a21a S2
  4. I’m having to endure this seriously compressed digital radio whilst one is preparing the roast lol
  5. I do like playing classical when the mood takes me but in my house, I have west life fans and other crap to play to satisfy ones other half. Lol
  6. Will do.. I had one before my divorce with Harbeths and I preferred it to the other higher priced Sugdens.. yes, the synergy with Harbeths gives you warmth and texture without loosing the detail and dimension. Some will no doubt say it doesn’t measure well with Harbeth but it’s glorious.. I’m not a cable freak but it is better using reasonable cables and it shows. btw, I have had Naim, leema, MF (class a/b) Rega to name a few in the past. I will however, say Copland is good too. It’s not about what you spend either. I could have spent 4K on an amp in the past but this series 2 a21a is a belter in the right kit. My Vinyl is great and if there is anything to improve, it’s the digital front end and I will be looking for a smooth DAC soon
  7. Yes, I love mine and it does everything I’ve wanted and in a modest room size, has plenty of power to drive my Harbeths. I won’t sell it but fancied something with class a/b and power to compare but with some rack appeal lol. just don’t pair it with chord cables, speaker and interconnects.
  8. That’s what I thought so sent a specific email for info and not surprisingly, no reply