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  1. It’s ok bud.. I saw the above on the XL but just needed some large moving strong containers and these are generally good value so still a top tip bud 👍🏻 I got some record cases a few weeks back
  2. I had a 114 years ago sounded ok. Similar to the Pioneers of the day. The 116 has more power so it may suit better. I think for £80, you could sell on for a profit later. Apparently the main caps may show signs of leakage so worth checking
  3. Good call above.. I’ll be moving soon... now only £24 for 3. I’ve just ordered 6 😊
  4. No, it just didn’t make sense lol... we move on.... 🤪
  5. It was a joke Tony.. I’ll explain for you.. As Katie Price likes all things pink, cars, horse boxes etc, but has just been made bankrupt so cancelled order.. get it? Lol
  6. They must have been a cancelled order for Katie Price
  7. That’s a lot of TT for the money @Weeman1973. Good luck (not that you will need it)
  8. Agreed.. bold and brave to have colour but I think it’s paid off.. great sound to go with it.. lovely @HouseElf
  9. radiant red

    Naim pricing

    I spent ages learning the development of Mercs EQC and I think someone has put the frighteners on regarding supply if there is increased prices on components. It’s more of an excuse or reason to inflate the price.. Mind you, we do live in a blame culture society
  10. radiant red

    Naim pricing

    Perhaps I should tell the R&D department at Mercedes to start putting valves on the Dash of the EQC then we are really screwed lol. seriously, electric car production does NOT have an impact on a network player or amp.. I haven’t seen Kendal caps go up in price! If Naim have genuinely made that statement about electric cars, they need shooting.
  11. radiant red

    Naim pricing

    So a company who have always increased prices April Ist since I can remember have suddenly announced its feb 1st the day after Brexit is not a coincidence or marketing ploy and get the dealers to send emails out to buy before the increase and put pressure on customers is fair? Hmmmm. I don’t see other manufacturers doing that but hey, as you say, it’s up to them.. we don’t have to buy. interestingly, if a dealer has taken stock before the increase, he has paid pre price rise prices but can charge an extra 4% margin from Feb isn’t fair but it happens.
  12. radiant red

    Naim pricing

    I don’t think it’s a poke, it’s a fact. The pound is stronger than last year so the hike at 4% is unjustified. It’s also a marketing ploy. As stated earlier, it’s a coincidence this year being 1 day after Brexit rather than April 1st 😜