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  1. I'm going to be taking the Yams to the same friend's home so his Dad can try them out. I get messages every now and then asking me to sell them. harv and his Mrs get first refusal, ultimately, if I do go down that path. If Sony did a valve amp with red side panels, I'd have one.
  2. If you are ever bored of the Technics DAC, I still want first refusal. I don't know why I didn't pop in and have a listen of the system to be honest. I too don't run my pair of Yams on valves, but hearing my friend's Dad's Leak Stereo 20 on his NS1000s when we took it to him to be inspected/tested was quite an eye opener. Not enough of an eye opener for me to want to go down the valve route as I was very aware we were listening on completely different sources in an unusual room, but even so. Good to have a quick chat with you towards the end of the show, too.
  3. craigmclellan

    Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    People have travelled from abroad to visit the hifi show. Book a hotel if you want to come. Fittingly, it's usually hosted in a hotel - result!!
  4. craigmclellan

    Fitting a new laser...

    I'm confident it won't be a difficult to fix it. Would wager it'd take half the time the QS Sony machine took and that wasn't difficult, especially if you change the drive.
  5. craigmclellan

    Fitting a new laser...

    Rick - looks like you'd be able to buy the entire drive for about £60.00. It's just a standard IDE drive from looking at that image, I'd be damn tempted to try plugging one into it and testing it if that is the case - if you open the transport box, does it have the same connections or have they altered it?
  6. craigmclellan

    Fitting a new laser...

    When I've changed an optical block on one of the Sony machines which uses a puck, I had to desolder two connections on the PCB which are there for prevention of any damage due to static discharge, after that, it was just a case of mounting it and plugging in the ribbon connector. If the machine were an older one like the ES one in my lounge, you would need to use an oscilloscope to calibrate the focus/RF etc which is way out of my remit. What's the model of the player? I'll look it up and see if it is a simple procedure. If it isn't, we can nag Serge, I am sure.
  7. craigmclellan

    Interconnect build advice

    Umm, OK. OP: Interconnect cable you have linked to is perfectly suitable for making interconnects with, it isn't speaker cable.
  8. craigmclellan

    Interconnect build advice

    "Trunky, as a matter of politeness it would be better to say why, in your opinion, something is wrong. Otherwise it comes across as offensive. Do you get that? If you look at the pictures on the website you will see there are two cables in shotgun arrangement. That is typical for loudspeaker wire. One could separate the two and use them as co-axial, but an interconnect is more often made from a signal wire, return wire and a separate shield." There you go, mate.
  9. craigmclellan

    Interconnect build advice

    It ISN'T speaker cable, FFS. The 3rd image clearly shows what the construction of the cable is, consider actually reading/observing properly before taking such a high and mighty stance. OP: Yes, to answer your wiring theory, that is how you need to wire this cable to the plugs. I bought an interconnect terminated with cheapo Neutrik plugs about 15 years ago which uses that cable - it is fine. Pleasingly, it has survived house moves, Scalford shows etc without ever having to be re-terminated, so, kudos to whoever made it and sold it on ebay. I can't say how it compares to other cables because I'm one of the boring people who has never observed/heard any difference with cables unless they aren't "adequate" and effectively do tone control. I use van damme microhphone cable for all of my interconnects now as it is cheap to buy in long lengths, I just don't connect what would be the ground connection in an XLR cable if I am making a phono - phono cable.
  10. I experienced the same last year when exhibiting - even when I wasn't on the hotel wifi and used my own hardware to create a separate network, it didn't work because of the amount of noise as a result of everyone else doing similar things. Never mind. I ended up just using CDs/Vinyl.
  11. Far more suitable venue for a hifi show. The rooms on average sounded far better and were bigger than what Scalford had to offer, which was a mix of tiny, adequate and so big that most systems which were ever shown in them sounded rubbish. The hotel might not be as impressive or quaint to walk around once you learnt what the muddled layout for Scalford Hall was, but I can say, when I first went to the show when I didn't know anyone from the forum, the "charm" didn't outweigh how frustrating the place was to get around. It also didn't outweigh having no lift for getting heavy boxes up and downstairs. Parking seemed to be better, too. I'm interested in exhibiting next year with different gear - the elevator and stairs are just better when you're carrying valuable/heavy equipment. I enjoyed the show and hope it was a success for the team who arranged it.
  12. It was the one my CD broke. No idea of the make and model.
  13. Oh yeah, one highlight was the vinyl-like performance of Rick's CD player. I'd pay numerous pounds for that, like, maybe 6 or 7.
  14. Enjoyed your room plenty. Thanks for letting Edd play the noodly jazz.