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  1. £975 from RA, must be 'aving a larf!! Out of stock anyway
  2. I've had one of these Sound Improvers for well over 10 years. None of my created CDs have deteriorated. I've listened to disks before and after treatment and I hear an improvement, its a small change mind you but still an improvement. Sometimes even more than the improvement you get swapping cables BTW Streaming is not always better than playing the same music from a CD instead (and using the same DAC)
  3. How can a cable "reduce distortion"? Think about for a moment. Perhaps it may not contribute to an increase in distortion but to actually reduce distortion? Twisted pair is hardly anything new, so long as the individual conductors cross at right-angles, you reduce pick-up from one conductor to the other.
  4. LONG queue? That implies lots of people went. How did it go? was it worth going?
  5. It was from Bristol Parkway, loads of parking spaces there. There's a little motorway between the Parkway and the hotel. I remember being in a coach travelling down it. It was a long time ago, mind you, when a LOT more floors were being used for the exhibition
  6. They used to run free shuttle buses from Bristol Parkway in days gone by
  7. That's £18 if staying over 7 hours!
  8. All the car parks I've seen charge £12 if you stay more than 4 hours
  9. It's this weekend. Many people going? I'm going on the Sunday. I've noticed that the Park & Ride doesn't operate on a Sunday. Is there free on-street parking nearby seeing it will be Sunday?
  10. An alternative for of passive pre is the transformer based type which uses a switch and a transformer with multiple taps They sound better to me compared to the potentiometer type (but cost more) There is a third type which uses a switch and multiple resistors, again better than the pot type but not as good as the transformer type
  11. Pardon my ignorance but could not an Intel i7 NUC be used instead? Then you could install Roon Rock as well. I'm pretty sure you can get fanless cases for nuc's
  12. terrycym

    My Latest Purchase

    My first ever turntable was one of these many years ago Bought from Fairbothams, Stockport. The shop is Richer Sounds now
  13. Amazon sell Audioengine active speakers for 190 odd quid , they're not secondhand either
  14. Big Accuphase article in issue 10 here... https://www.fidelity-magazine.com/