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  1. And this - just arrived this afternoon - talk about synchronicity!
  2. This is a bargain - I’ve had one for a year now and it’s great: a significant step up from the Aries Mini I had before. Google the reviews - all fantastically positive. Build quality is first rate, sound quality superb, ease of use with Lightning DS app a cinch. Amazed it’s not sold yet.
  3. If it’s of interest, I have the Octave V40 se entry-level model, which looks closer to the original V70 with two rather than three pre-amp valves as with this V70 se. I’ve found it superb - drives my Harbeth 30.1 speakers with great ease, never needed volume more than at 9 o’clock (i.e. barely quarter way round) to produce a very room-filling sound (and it’s a big room). The Black Box is a real bonus, enhances soundstage, texture, bass etc. There’s some very good reviews of the V40 se and the V70 / se if you google them. I went from a high-quality pre and monos to this, and no regrets - if anything to my ears an improvement in SQ overall. I would imagine that this V70 would be at least as good as the current V40 se, plus it’s had the factory se upgrade which will be a very high quality one knowing Octave a bit. At this price it’s a a bargain in my view - especially with the Black Box. Oh - and build quality is second to none.
  4. Had one of these - super amplifier, true dual-mono, very powerful, beautifully made - at bargain price here.
  5. Yes - sold to a very nice Dane at a bargain price on eBay - you win some and lose some but gone to a good home it seems! Thanks for friendly interest!
  6. Hi - I have two lengths of Cable Talk 3.1 (the green version) - think they are around 5.5 metres with bananas. (Used on Crofts with Harbeths - sound good.)
  7. Weekend bump - now on eBay.
  8. Just to mention that this works very well as a pre-amp as well as its excellent dac performance. It’s the most versatile and flexible dac I’ve had the pleasure of using.
  9. Superb, mind-blowing dac - had one of these and loved it!
  10. Many thanks! (Afraid my pasting went a bit awry!)
  11. Here's the current blurb, awards, price etc: Price reduction to £1,250 - surely a good deal?
  12. It's been pointed out to me that the Vega dac records usage - so since new it's got 691 hours on the clock, which seems pretty low to me. It's a latish S/N - 5964.
  13. Another review:
  14. For sale is my Auralic Vega dac - exceptionally good dac for pcm, dsd and also works well as a pre-amplifier. I use it for streaming, and to improve CD player and tuner. In excellent condition, boxed with remote control and manual (still has original film over display) no visible marks I can detect. I'm the second owner; have used this for a year and it's performed exquisitely and faultlessly - only changing because looking at integrated with built-in dac. I've used many dacs - M2Tech, Chord, Metrum Acoustics, Lampizator, etc., and this overall has been the best because of its flexibility, multiple features and sound quality - in my view the Lampizator was its equal sound-wise - if different, but it did not offer the range of options on the Vega. The dac is around three years old - it is a late serial number. New cost was £2,900. Some helpful reviews:£2890 Looking for £1,300 plus delivery or can be collected in Liverpool, or could deliver within reasonable distance.