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  1. except for the fact this is basically a spin off of Olympus has fallen which was about terrorists taking over the Whitehouse...
  2. The Night Of. This is adictive viewing and the critics are going nuts for it! " Based on the BBC series "Criminal Justice," HBO's eight-part production "The Night Of" stars John Turturro ("O Brother, Where Art Thou?") and Riz Ahmed ("Nightcrawler") in a story about a complex New York City murder case with cultural and political overtones. A night that begins innocently for Pakistani-American college student Nasir "Naz" Khan turns horrific after he meets a mysterious young woman. In custody and awaiting his formal arraignment, Naz realizes that his survival -- or perhaps his demise -- rests not with his attorney, John Stone, but with a particular inmate at Rikers Island. "
  3. I am late to this party myself, been away on hols so havent been wamming and didnt even make my UFC pick on the fantasy league. I really thought Nate would win this rematch as I didnt see what Conor could do different to overcome Nate's advantages. I didnt count on those leg kicks which IMO won Conor the fight as it really limited Nates attack and power. Nate should have fought smarter though and tried harder to get Conor to the ground and submit him. He shouldnt have left it in the judges hands... That said, I thought the judges scored it correctly. Yep, Rumble is one scary dude but that makes DC's chin even more amazing if you watch the shot he took from Rumble in their first title match! Was a good card alround really. Lorenz Larkin looked fucking scary in the featured early prelim against Neil Magny with some of the most powerful front kicks ive ever seen! Newcomer Mike Perry made a very convincing first impression and Tim Means looked excellent against Homasi. Cody Garbrandt made a very convincing case for him getting a title shot against Dominic Cruz very soon and didnt hurt his chances by calling him out too! Another UFC debutant Vettori also had a very impressive win submitting a BJJ black belt! UFC Fight night Maia v Condit this weekend - not a particularly exciting card by the looks of it but the main and co-main should be excellent
  4. I have a spare Clearer Audio Silver Line HDMI cable that anyone is welcome to borrow to see for themselves if HDMI cables can make a difference for them/in their system. Specs can be found here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0274/4811/files/silver-line_hdmi_specs.pdf?680 http://www.cleareraudio.com/products/silver-line-hdmi-interconnect
  5. Well done Jack for supporting Ben on his ride. I have no idea how Ben has been able to do the things he has done. He is a truly remarkable human being! I know the idea wasn't well received when I floated it here in my thread but have you considered easyfundraising.org as a way to aid Ben's charity? There are loads of wammers (as well as your friends and family im sure) who stop on eBay and Amazon etc all the time so with your encouragement they could all start to use this method of fundraising via online shopping to help Ben's charity. Good luck to you both. I've chucked a few quid in the pot for a very worthy cause. If you want more details of the easyfundraising site check out my thread here:
  6. I admire the dedication of bodybuilders but much prefer watching the strongmen competitions where the guys size actually relates to strength. occasionally you will get strongmen competitors who are not only incredibly strong but whose physiques wouldnt look out of place at a Mr Universe contest ie Mariusz Pudzianowski (6 time winner of Worlds Strongest Man):
  7. thanks for the ideas guys, much appreciated!
  8. Thanks that another idea to consider. Excuse my ignorance but how would you fix the stones in place? Do they need to be mortared together as well as into the ground?
  9. Pretty sure The Killing is Canadian or American? Either way it is a superb series including all subsequent seasons! Same with all the seasons of The Bridge.
  10. what's wrong with waiting until September to find out? Do you turn into a pumpkin on the 31st of August? Is your social schedule for March next year so busy that you have to know all the details of next years show right this very instant? Seriously, give the admin a break and a chance to write the announcment. The less time they spend answering hypothetical questions the more time they have to research and compile the info for their actual announcement. Altenatively, if you arent happy with the way the place is run, may I suggest sir enquire about the vegetarian option...
  11. Anyone with any recommendations for border material? I am looking to create a border between the lawn and some garden beds I want to establish. I have seen this stuff at B&Q and thought it looked the best as the stuff in rolls has large gaps between each upright. Dont really want to spend loads of money and need about 10m of the stuff. cheers
  12. you know why it's impossible to tell - because the announcement hasnt bloody well been made yet! christ on a bike, how about everyone waits until the actual announcement is made before jumping to conclusions and asking loads of questions that the actual announcement will more than likely answer. if you really have so much time on your hands and are struggling to fill in the time until September rolls around, then I suggest you buy a box of kleenex, a tub of vaseline and google 'xhamster'.
  13. most people so far have mentioned employment as the key to reducing poverty. Surely education needs to be first priority if we are to break the cycle?
  14. what would be the point of that discussion? The FACT is that there IS poverty in this country. No point worrying about hypotheticals when there is a real problem at hand.