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  1. billthewiz

    Sale-Arcam rHead headphone amplifier(as new)

    Hi yes still have it
  2. billthewiz

    Sale-Arcam rHead headphone amplifier(as new)

    Up again £150:00 + p&p
  3. billthewiz

    Jas orior grand speakers

    What can’t believe the price of these. I had a pair of jas orsa for years and loved them always wondered what the bigger models sound like.these are a absolute steal 👍
  4. billthewiz

    FS Blok Stax 400

    Looks good for that price 👍
  5. billthewiz

    WTD: Arcam Rhead

    I’ve got a rhead boxed and in mint condition not even run in yet.
  6. billthewiz

    WTD: iCubes LP Storage

    Yeah same here waited over my time for mine as well. I’ve got 2 white unused but I’m in Scotland so long way away.
  7. billthewiz

    Laskys and Tandy

    We had a Tandy in Greenock when I was younger me and my pal bought some stuff.he bought a pair of mach 2 speakers these were big and he had a small room lol and we thought they sounded great 😁I bought realistic speakers about £140 and later a memorex double tape deck for £200 using a old rotel receiver.what I remember it sounded good.i liked to pop in for a look as I was just getting into hifi.
  8. billthewiz

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Source-clearaudio concept with mcru Power supply. Marantz cd6000ose CD player. Amp-Sonneteer Orton mk2 phono stage-heed Quasar + psu speakers Proac D1 on Partington super dreadnoughts. Cables all Jps Labs. Happy chappy.
  9. billthewiz

    Speaker placement problems

    I had this problem as well got some cheap granite boards used sorbothane hemispheres under my stands bit of trial and error but worked for me 👍
  10. billthewiz

    Wtd - spike protectors for speaker stands

    Ok got 2 granite boards put felt type pads on them had some sorbothane(bigger ones)placed them under the stands and.the sound has changed slightly bit more depth to the lower notes which I like not sure how maybe as I have a laminated floor the granite boards is a more solid base so that’s me sorted 👍 thanks to all
  11. billthewiz

    Wtd - spike protectors for speaker stands

    Cheers m8 yeah a lot of good points there you can spend a lot on platforms etc but was thinking of granite boards £5 each 👍
  12. billthewiz

    Wtd - spike protectors for speaker stands

    Ok £1 getting a bit much lol using rubber or similar the stands will wobble.thought the point of using spikes is so they don’t move. Anyways cheers
  13. Hi looking for a set of 8 for my speaker stands(partington super dreadnought)or something similar.