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  1. Great speakers from the 90s. I had a pair of Tailsman 2 then Crusader 2s fantastic 👍 good luck
  2. Well reading through this post there’s positive and negative reply’s I’ve been busy with other things for now but will maybe give it a try
  3. Well something smallish that doesn’t take up to much space as I’ve got a average size living room. I’ve not had any experience with subs so just looking for some advice.
  4. Hi yeah too me the Orton and the D1s are a great match and sound fantastic. it’s well known that valves and class A amps work well with ProAc Speakers 👍
  5. I’m sure the older Cyrus amps are serviceable and can upgrade with a psx. I had this combo many years ago and really enjoyed it.check out some of the older Nad amps
  6. Thanks guys not made my mind up yet
  7. Just to chip in years ago I had some Kimber 8tc and seen these cables on the bay id never heard of them but decided to go for them Polish company (Albedo monolith pure silver with solid silver spades at each end.this was the mk1 I heard they changed the updated version(spades)as cost to much anyway regards to cables sounding no different these definitely made a difference He had the albedo monolith interconnects as well so bought them too. sadly had to sell them as the spades were to big for my new well 2nd hand Sonneteer Orton. I now use some older JPS cables
  8. Woo these are very imposing speakers also like your setup/listening room 👍a lot of speakers for the money. Good luck with the sale
  9. You would be hard pushed to get better speakers for the dosh. They are fantastic. I had a pair of Talisman 2s really liked them 👍Ruark made great speakers back in the day. If I wasn’t so far away I’d be interested
  10. Hi Sergey ok I’ve ordered 4 cuts of the soft silver wire to give it a try on my proac D1s so hopefully get good results although Have to wait a while for delivery.
  11. mmm they look nice, good luck with the sale 👍
  12. Hi thanks for your input yeah I’m in the will I won’t i but in general I really enjoy the sound but sometimes miss the lower bass. Don’t want to go valves as happy with my Sonneteer. Could try the D2 or as you suggested one of the floorstanding models.
  13. Hi I’m considering using a sub with my D1 speakers for that low bass that’s missing would a Rel T- Zero sub work? as the sub has to be small or am I better moving to floor standing speakers? Anyone else using this combo? My setup is Amp Sonneteer Orton mk2 TT. Clearaudio Concept cheers.
  14. Thanks for the offer but I’ll keep looking for now cheers
  15. Hi looking for these in good condition x 8 size m8 cheers billy.