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  1. I've also been very fortunate to mate up a Pass Labs XP12 preamp to my xa30.8, and it's a damn fine preamp, and together they make beautiful music!! https://www.passlabs.com/preamplifier/xp-12
  2. I was in a very fortunate position recently to try an xa30.8 against my much loved xa25, and as good as the xa25 is, the xa30.8 was obviously better in all areas, but then again at 2k more, it should be. The upshot is, my xa25 will shortly be up for sale...
  3. I have a 1.5m set of Rothwell The River i'cs sitting around doin nothin. £30 delivered.
  4. Sold, and payment received, thank you.
  5. No internal pics, sorry. If the seals are broken by anyone other than the official service agent, it invalidates the warranty.
  6. For the buyers peace of mind, i have had this checked over today by Mark White at Malvern audio research, who is the official authorised service agent for Lampizator in the UK, and i'm happy to report he could find nothing wrong with it!
  7. Good sounding cable, but my kit no longer has xlr connections. Very well regarded over on AOS forum.
  8. Have a 2m set of Klotz mc5000 with Neutrik xlr connectors, £25 delivered.
  9. Lampizator level 4, gen 5, dac/preamp with remote volume control. Built Feb 2016. Came with 5yr transferable warranty, so this still has 2 years warranty left. 3 digital inputs, usb, spdif/coaxial, and spdif/bnc. 1 analogue input. 2 outputs to power amps. No original packaging, but this will be very well packed, complete with remote control and standard mains cable. Can deliver/meet depending on distance. In excellent condition, sounds amazing! £1750 delivered. Pics to follow...
  10. pockets

    Oppo 105 eu

    Oppo 105 eu for sale, Multiregion for dvd, not multizone for blu-ray. Fantastic picture and sound, complete with all accessories and original packaging, and in immaculate condition. £475 delivered.